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Hi Guys,

I just wanted to let you know that I have a new email system.  This will serve you much better and get emails out to you very quickly.

Please, if you would, take a moment to update your information so you don't miss out on future emails by clicking the link below.


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  • Lorraine Barbados

    Hi there! Love all of your shows. You are extra ordinary and blessed in Jesus's Name. I need to reach you urgently. I have been praying about a situation and you are constantly in the midst of my thoughts. Every time I try to deal with it a voice keeps saying "Contact Tyler Perry." I have never experienced anything like it before so please please please I need to hear from you as soon as possible. This is extremely urgent. I wish you could come to my beautiful island Barbados so I could speak with you face to face. Please contact me. GOD BLESS YOU.

  • Natasha trinidad west Indies

    Hi Mr Tyler Perry i would like to get some advice on a personal problem that has been affecting my entire life.I am praying hoping the answer would come soon.I am inspired by you and would appreciate if you can send me an email or contact me.I will truly appreciate this.Anybody reading this may think im crazy cause you are a very busy person but i believe that God is great and there is always hope.Thank you

  • larietha strong

    Gm Tyler Perry, i have a true story based on two young men who was in prison for mistaken identity and never been before so i went over in beyond to get them out and I won without a court date. Please call me i need your help

  • Shontique Bishop United States

    Hello Mr. Perry I am really going through some things in my life and would really love to be able to communicate with you. I need to tell my story and get some encouraging words and some guidance as to how to move on. Some days are much harder than others. I'm currently suffering from depression and anxiety and some days my mind takes me on a world wind. Some days I really wish that I wouldn't wake up but then I think about my two beautiful children who need me. What would make my thanksgiving worth giving thanks for is to communicate with you. As I watch your movies and your plays the messages are so real. I really feel that you could help me become a better me. I really pray to hear from you soon because I don't know where else or who else I could be more inspired by. God bless you

  • Marilyn

    Dear Tyler Perry, "I need to tell my story!" Please contact me via email. One of your fans posted when where you going to create Why Did I Get Married #3. Talk about injustice? My story would make a great movie base on a true story. It takes place in AZ ( I know you like t0 relax at Canyon Ranch & attend a movie at Park Place). Thank you in advanced, Marilyn

  • Sgt. Priscilla Zimmerman Florence South Carolina 29505

    Dear. Mr Perfy, I'm a deputy with the Florence county sheriff office,my job is to act as the crime prevention ,youth liaison ,and public relations . I'm sure this message may very unexpected and this is commi g to with the prayer that you will answer but I reaised to believe you can't e en fail until you try . My numbers or 39 (cell) office ext387 or my home .I sincerly hope to hear from you .Thanks so much Sgt. Priscilla Zimmerman Crime prevention and Public Relations o Officer .

  • William Facey Kennesaw, GA

    Mr Perry I have this ministry to the homeless of Atlanta, GA. My website is named changemakingchangeministries.com. I would like prayer for the homeless in Atlanta, and that God would move on individuals who have plenty in this world to build a nice state of the art shelter for the homeless. I need prayer for wisdom and guidance in all that I do for the Lord. His servant! william

  • Brionna Cunningham Kingstree, SC

    Hi, Mr. Tyler Perry. I am a very big fan of your work. I love everything you do and every production you have ever made. I know you are a very busy man, and was wondering when are you going to make a "Why Did I Get Married 3"? I love that movie like all the rest but Angela & Marcus of course stands out. I would just love it, if you got back with me. I do have hope that it will be a Part 3. Hopefully in late 2015 or mid 2016.

  • Carolyn Mowry Greensboro,NC

    Dear Mr.Perry, Sometimes good people need help so I hope you will take a minute and read my story. Over a year ago I tripped and it resulted in multiple injuries but I could not get the medical treatment that I needed because I had no insurance. Now I have Medicare so my knee surgery will be soon with a shoulder and spine surgery to follow.I will also be getting a year of physical therapy to help me through the recovery. A few months back my voice went horse so I was sent to a ENT at Duke.I am now recovering from vocal cord surgery and my voice is a little above whisper.I hope the ENT will release me soon so the other surgeries can begin.I am on social secu rity and that does not cover every day expenses.I drive a SUV that is 15 years old.Mr.Perry anything helps me and I so appreciate it.This is a true story and a long road to recovery.I use to live in Atlanta and I miss it. Love watching Madea. Happy Holidays,Carolyn

  • Sonia Kerr Fayetteville NC

    Hello Tyler Perry This is a very personal message !! I hope to hear from you. To talk to you about what I have to say !!! Thanks in advance !! I will be waiting to hear from you!!

  • Reginald Lithonia

    How's it going Tyler. I hope all is well. I almost don't want to make my comment after reading some of these other posts but I am going to anyway. I don't have a super sad story like some of these that I've read on here and may God bless everyone one on here with there problems, issues and aspirations. I wish I had the power and the money to help all of you because I certainly would. Life is tough but we have to take the good with the bad and the bad with the good. I am a 48 year old black man that had dreams of being a professional athlete and an entrepreneur. I think I was good enough but things didn't fall in place like that so I have been working and trying to survive and trying to be a husband and father to my son. He is a awesome kid and God has truly blessed me with him. He's a great student athlete and what keeps me motivated through the tough times. Right now I am dealing with an eviction and trying to figure out what to do. I am looking for work but haven't had any luck so far but I am still remaining positive, it can be tough sometimes though. My son doesn't know about it and every time I look at him I just keep saying to myself I can't let this happen but nothing has come up yet. I am a good person with a good heart and I like to help people when I can so sometimes I wonder why am I going through this. If you can just lift me and my family up in your prayers I would greatly appreciate it. Also if you or anybody that you know is hiring I would definitely appreciate the connect. I have done everything from office work to security to having my own business. GOD Bless, Reginald

  • DeAnna Weems Monroeville, Pa

    Mr. Perry, I am trying to contact you for not only prayers but to tell you about my daughters story and to see where I go from here. My 15 year old daughter that 32 weeks pregnant was shot four times in May of this year by another 15 year old boy that targeted my home because we were not from the town that we moved to and he did not like the town we came from, he had someone knock at my door and when my daughter opened the door the boy that knocked on my door stepped aside and the 15 year old shooter stepped up and shot her four times at close range, twice in her stomach which one of the bullets went through my grandson fatally wounding him and once in her hand, and once in her arm/elbow. As a result of this event my family has lost everything including our home, our car, our furniture, our clothes, my job and everything that we owned because we could not go back to our home in fear for our lives because we were getting death threats from the friends and family of the shooter because they said that we were snitching on him and cooperating with the police! We have been homeless since this happened going from family members houses, to hotels and now finally was able to move into a home in the suburbs of Pittsburgh with nothing to put in it that belonged to us, our previous landlord threw everything we owned away before we had a chance to get it, so all we had was what we were able to buy as far as clothes and toiletries. Kind people have been trying to donate things to us to help us out, and yes I got a home but I don't know how I am going to afford after the free rent paid by The Victims of Violent Crime being I lost my job and cannot go back because I did Home Health Care and all of my clients live in the same neighborhood my daughter was shot! I know you have been in the position of being homeless before and maybe you can give me some ideas of how we can survive in the position that we're in? If you can give me some type of hope I would really appreciate it, I definitely will never lose my faith in God and I will continue to keep thanking Him for sparing my daughters life even though my grandson lost his and for waking us up every day, I just need some guidance and help getting back on track! My cell phone number is and my email address is really hope to hear from you soon, thank you for taking time out to hear my story!