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My new Email system

Hi Guys,

I just wanted to let you know that I have a new email system.  This will serve you much better and get emails out to you very quickly.

Please, if you would, take a moment to update your information so you don't miss out on future emails by clicking the link below.


Talk soon,


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  • Earl Miranda Hayward,California

    Hi,Mr.Perry. My name is Earl Miranda,Im one of your biggest fans,my brother Henry , and I have a Puerto Rican Style Salsa band,called,the (LRB)Latin Rhythm Boys,we are performing live at Stanford University"Springfest"Thursday May.21,2015,from 11am through 1:30pm,with three time Grammy Award singer member of Spanish Harlem Orq.We would love to have you there as a special guest.We are not signed to any record labels,we are hard working,and we have our own original tunes.We qualified for four Grammy nominations,but didnt get voted for,we have youtube videos, and a website latinrhythmboys.com,we hope to play live for you one day soon,take care , and God be with you always, Mr.Perry Sincereley with much Love and Respect,Earl Miranda

  • Jonsha

    Hello mr. Perry, I hope this letter reaches you, I recently been asked to prom and me not thinking about how close it is said yes... I only have 40 dollars which is going towards my dress could you please help me get at lease 300!!! I will do what ever it take just to get it!!!

  • Geraldine Graves Baltimore maryland

    Hello Mr. Perry I truly hope this message reaches you. You granted a wish a few years ago for the make a wish foundation. Anthony Spann Pack's last wish was to meet Tyler Perry and you made that wish come true for him. With a heavy heart I wanted to inform you that April 8,2015 Anthony lost his battle with cancer. My family just wanted to thank you so much for making a difference in his life.

  • Ta'Leon Goffney New Jersey

    My name is Ta'Leon Goffney...and here's my story: I'm a real person, who has made some mistakes...and I'm just looking for a chance to make things right!!! Not just for myself, but for everyone. #BelieveInMe #TellTheWorldAboutMe: and most recently: and by Crew Magazine: I can make a difference!!! why: and also:

  • beatrie miami, florida

    dear mr. perry, i am a great fan of yours, i love your movies and the meaning behind them. i think you should maybe think about doing a movie with madea and a latin madea (lol) one of the old latin grandmothers, i think it will be hilarious. i wanted to ask, i am a nurse and i have a co worker getting married in august and she loves you just as much. it would be great if you can make an appearance at her wedding. i know you have a busy schedule, but we always talk about madea. they always said i could be madea or belong to the mafia wives. LOL. well hope you thin k about it. thanks

  • Allen broom Dacula ga

    Dear Mr.perry my name is Allen,I love!!! Your movies you are the bomb!!bro for real.I also would like to mention that you know my 1st cousin on my father side.His name is Timon kylee Durrett,he played on your play the marriage counseler.and thank you for allowing him to work with you too.I also would love to mention that I too am interested in acting.thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to read this email.PS please respond back,thanks again.

  • Gwendoline Mdoda South Africa

    Greetings Mr Perry Trust you are well. Please I need your assistance, we are great fans of all your movies at home. My daughter of 20 wants to study film directing in a Christian University. Can you please assist us and she will pay back all your expenses as soon as she finishes or work for your company until all your expenses are paid. Please Mr Tyler this is a plea coming from a very desperate parent. Best regards Gwendoline Mdoda +27 78

  • Eric Houston

    I randomly think of what ifs, and this latest one I thought if anyone could put this together it would be you. As much of a staple as The Wiz is to our generation (35-50yrs of age), I believe a remake would definitely be something to look into. Random suggestions like Chris Brown as the Scarecrow, Cee-Low as the cowardly lion, and Usher or Ne-Yo as the Tin Man would definitely attract......maybe Beyoncé as Glenda the good witch and Monique playing the opposite....Kevin Hart as the Wizard. I'm still on the fence for Dorothy. lol Thanks for your time, Eric

  • Jeanene Richards Loganville, GA

    Hello Mr. Tyler Perry, My name is Jeanene Richards. I was accepted into Ross University school of medicine, in Dominica, to start May 4, 2015. Unfortunately I am having some difficulty coming up with funding for tuition. To begin with I am a Canadian citizen reapplying for a green card (permanent residency). i was denied permanent status due to my age, although the application process started when I was 17. I am ineligible for loans in Canada because I need a cosigner and my parents are living in Georgia. Subsequently, I am ineligible for American loans because I am Canadian attending a foreign school, I wanted to ask if you are aware of any non traditional lending institutions that have more flexible lending criteria or any other funding options that I could apply for, Any assistance you could provide would be greatly appreciated.I also wanted to inquire if you are willing to provide me with a student loan. I know this is an unusual request but I believe that a powerful business man such as yourself would see the benefit of aiding an individual that wants to give back to the community. I have exhausted many options and I am continuing to research ways I can pay for medical school. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns and I hope to hear from you. Thanks in advance, Jeanene Richards

  • Christian Turner New Orleans, Louisiana

    Dear Mr. Perry, My name is Christian Turner and 18 years old. I am from New Orleans, Louisiana as you are; I am a graduate of Eleanor McMain Secondary high school and I am writing you for guidance. I have lived through a lot but have recently realized that I have dreams of becoming a successful film director. This is why I am writing you. Not because I want you to give me anything, yet I would be honored for the Opportunity to learn from you. I am optimistic that you can offer me guidance on what steps to take to become a film director. I have the passion, determination, and creativity to pursue this dream, but I hope you can simply guide me in the correct direction. Although, I am inexperienced when it comes to actually filming, i am ecstatic of learning new all that I need to know to become knowledgeable, I'm constantly working on new ideas and researching articles on how to improve . I do understand that the journey may be rough, but I'm willing to make sacrifices and stay focus throughout my career. Thank you for your time and I hope to hear back from you soon.

  • Kiandrea Nelson Florida

  • Linda J. McDuffie Morrow, Ga

    Hello Mr. Perry, My name is Linda McDuffie and I had taken the time to write a screen play that I think you'll like. If you would please give it a look over. I have a registered number and will be happy to attach it with a copy of the script. My email contact is look forward to hearing from you.

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