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My new Email system

Hi Guys,

I just wanted to let you know that I have a new email system.  This will serve you much better and get emails out to you very quickly.

Please, if you would, take a moment to update your information so you don't miss out on future emails by clicking the link below.


Talk soon,


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  • Barbara Jackson New Jersey

    Hello mr. Perry my name is Barbara Jackson I enjoy watching Loving You Is Wrong I want to know how I ordered the beginning to the end I want to put it in my collection I want to know how much will it cost for a whole collection

  • tina bell lakecity pa 16423

    Hi brother perry please listen to our album on the sayles singers utube its gospel i am sue you will enjoy it i wrote these songs this album never went any where since the death of my brother elder ron sayles dont we bless those who need our help please listen to jesus will make away and others you wont regret it i rally need aboost right now i am one of those poor singers with a gift from god thank you so much may god strengthen and keep you in his loving arms your sister in christ tina

  • Dominique Rosedale, MD

    I post once a year ... One day we shall work together ... I have God who is my faith and I have potential that's a blessing alone...

  • Yvette Otasowie Covington, Tn

    Hello Mr. Tyler Perry

  • Dee (NJ) New Jersey

    Hello Mr. Perry, how are you. Not sure how to write this but I will just go for it. I am a 55 year old mother of 2 teenage kids. My husband and i have worked all our lives. recently we fell into some hard times and is in the process of losing our home. we have had to take our daughter out of college because we could not afford it anymore. that was very heartbreaking for us. we have tried with our Mortgage Co. for a loan modification with no luck. Our home is currently in foreclosure and we are fighting to keep it as we have no place to go. My faith right now is in the Lord that something will work out by May 16th. we have never seeked help from anyone, but our backs are against the wall right now. Please I ask if you can help us in some way. and as I pray everyday whatever help I receive, I will pay it forward . To God be the Glory. Thank you.

  • Darrell Goolsby Conyers, Georgia

    Are you working on a Harriet Tub man movie yet?

  • Naysha Atlanta, Ga

    Greeting Mr. Perry, I know so many people write to you with needs, but I figured I would take a shot in the dark for my families sake. I recently lost my job in marketing and I am 3 days away from being evicted. I have reached out to everyone I know seeking help, but even if they have a heart to give. Financially they cannot. My biggest fear is to see my children and I without a home, because I have worked so hard to establish a good life for them. They are wonderful hard working children, who understand we are struggling and are a much needed support. I have knock on every door I can think of to no avail. If you or any of your organizations could help. I would be forever grateful. Many blessings to you

  • Dee Orlando

    I know you probably seen it and heard it all. We all want that chance to show you ideas this is a long shot I haven't heard any one on here that has been heard.if you do see this and decide to hear what I would like to share with you.I know you would like it.

  • Shea

    Hello Mr. Perry, I hope all is well with you. Understanding that you are very busy, I'm asking for 2 minutes. I have Myelodysplastic Syndrome and need stem cell transplant. Thank you for listening. Take care~

  • keith b waller Youngtown ohio

    Mr .Perry anti pairing bootleg device company that help me build it is called enhance development company if anyone out there no how to get in touch with Mr . Perry tell him please.I am a young black man with good news. From God.Thank you God Bless

  • keith B Waller Youngtown ohio 44505

    Hi Mr . Perry Are God gave me an invention I won't you to see it is anti pirating Device it stop boot leg in movie theaters I no that it would help you. And others it is hear now it will STOP! I won't you to see it and help me if you can i trying to reach sony and you there is benefits involved call

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