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I just wanted to let you know that I have a new email system.  This will serve you much better and get emails out to you very quickly.

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  • christine birmingham, al 35215

    h ello, tyler perry, really enjoying your shows, the have and the have nots, really a for real show because that is really the way the world is. as i was watching your show, i thought of you and i said in my mind he knows how to really put forth these shows because of the experience you had in your life. it is a blessing that the Lord gifted you to come back and really let people see the realness of this on tv. i often say if you want to see just how people are watch tyler perry movies, you will definitely learn something. i never been rich in things, but in Christ, i am, i know how to be with and without, so that i can always feel people. one thing i ask God as a very young girl and that was let me never not care about people because thats so valuable in life, is to be there when we realize that things are not our distination, but to be there when no one else is there. love you tyler perry ,keep up the good work and never forget the man above. bye christine

  • Tonya Atlanta, GA

    Mr. Perry, Many would agree that women are the backbone to a lot of families. My husband and I always wanted to do something that would let us be capable to help our families, friends, and community. So two years ago we embarked on this incredible journey and started our own business. Of course with all businesses there are rough times, but we have always managed to help our friends, families, and even donate to different groups in our community. I use to work seven days a week and worked 90+ hours, but after having a baby I was no longer able to help my husband in the store because I am now raising our beautiful baby. My husband has been pulling this enormous load of work. He is very exhausted and wants to give up he has worked for two years without a break I do go in to work to help lighten the load, but I feel as if I do not do enough. I know it is very hard for him and I wish I could be that backbone for him. I see him and it makes me want to cry, I see the stress, the depression. He is working hard to keep our dream alive in helping others in their time of need. I try and be supportive and to keep him going but I do not know if I can tell him to continue this dream as I see the exhaustion set in and his spirits slowing dewindeling away, I just want to tell him to give it up. The question I really need some help with is how do I once again become that backbone for him and how do we become more successful in the dreams that we want to achieve in our lifetime?

  • Erica Winfrey Stroudsburg, PA

    Mr. Perry Our town as recently had a tragedy that ended in the death of a four year old girl. The whole story line behind this tragedy is one I feel you could make hit home if made into a movie. Let me know if you are interested. Have a great day, Erica

  • R. Harris long island , new york

    Hello Mr Perry I know a young lady who has 5 kids she just had a set of twins and their father has abandoned her , just a few weeks from giving birth to her twins she was evicted not due to her own but because the landlord lost the house due to back taxes , she suffers with anxiety and panic attacks in which she is receiving therapy for , I know people have mentioned on her that you you are not a welfare office which is down right mean for someone to see who is suffering . The bible says we are blessed to be a blessing and it is our job to help people in need and know everyone has something going on in their lives some people really need the help are kids ages are 8,5,2, the twins born on 12/8/14 trust me child support is working on the case. So if the spirit of the Almighty God leads you to help God bless and if you don't God bless you still

  • Hugh E Butler III columbus,ohio

    Happy New Year, I just want to say thank you again for being there in the time of need. Your movies hit home a lot and most people don't believe until they see it. I have stories that I would like to submit if that would be ok?

  • zorlisa savannah ga

    Hey Mr Perry,I just wanted to take time out and thank you for the lyrics to the song you sent,It helped more than you know. Remember keep god first in all you do. Be blessed you and yours.

  • Malcolm United States

    Good Evening Mr. Perry,

  • Sultanah Allah conyers, ga

    Hello Mr.Perry I'm getting married in April so I was wondering if you could give me a starting point on doing the wedding theme "paris in the spring time ". In the movie it was amazing.

  • rita pipkin chicago il

    Hi!!!!!! I no that u r powerful in everthing u do & touch if you could please!!!! Get in touch with me when ever you get the time I feel like you could really help me I am crying out for help

  • La'Shaye Watson United States

    I love you Tyler Perry so much. you give me so much hope. You went after your dreams and you are so talented. I want to research and help with the cure for cancer but its so hard to finish ky education because because I don't have the money to stay in school which starts Monday. You give me so much hope, Thank you for your great. I love and support you Mr.Perry. Please come to Philadelphia whenever you can and congrats on the new baby.

  • Tanisha Hereast Staten Island NY

    Hello! I absolutely am a fan of all you movies! "Madea goes to Jail" and "Diary of a Mad Black Woman" are my Favorite. I am an aspiring actress always in search for a great opportunity for exposure and a chance to learn and work with talented people. I would love to play something like the "Candy" role in "Madea goes to Jail." Is there any way that I can be involved in any auditions etc. I am also interested in Print modeling.

  • Sherron United States

    I am amazed at the number of people writing on this post asking for money. It truly behooves me to think that because Tyler Perry has a good heart, people actually think he will send money. People, he is not the local welfare office. He has worked long, and hard to earn his money. Get a life!! wake up and try helping yourselves.

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