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My new Email system

Hi Guys,

I just wanted to let you know that I have a new email system.  This will serve you much better and get emails out to you very quickly.

Please, if you would, take a moment to update your information so you don't miss out on future emails by clicking the link below.


Talk soon,


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  • Aisha Chantel Stewart Boston, MA

    Please email me! I have a strong passion for the entertainment industry, and I would LOVE to be apart of the Tyler Perry Studios team and family.

  • Lauren Edwards Los Angeles, CA

    Hi Mr. Perry, I read a book that is a black thiller that I would love to see you put in on the big screen. I am sure you will love the idea. In fact I am positive. The book itself is one of those you would have a hard time putting down. I think Boris Kodjoe would do well playing the lead. That is, if he could pull of an ethiopian accent. The female lead would probably work best with a new young actress. Please have someone on your staff contact me. I am very excited about this. Sincerely, Lauren Edwards

  • Pamela Mack Fresno ca

    Hey there Mr. Tyler my name is Pam Mack I'm a pastor in freon ca , I'm contacting you to let you know we enjoy your work and all the wonderful things you have going . I'd appreciate it if you could go look up my dear friend Michelle d Perkins c d called "stay with me " ( Gospel ) it's a world wide and is doing very well , Michelle is living in uk right now and was interested in auditioning in one of your plays please respond GOD bless you !

  • Marina Streep El Paso, Texas, USA

    Mr. Perry: I am from Honduras. I have been living in the US for 24 years. I am married with two sons at the university. I thank God for writers and directors like you. All of your movies have a message for our society. I really enjoy your plots. Please keep up the great work. Thank you for providing opportunities to latin aspiring actors. The lessons learned are priceless. May God continue to bless you and your family. Sincerely, Your fan, Marina Streep

  • aleesha new york

    Tyler I came across this video going around the Web about an experiment that was conducted by a few teens about homeless people being generous compared to others. It really touched me in an unexplainable way. And when I saw it I want to help this humble person. Would you be able to assist me in this? There is no other person I sought to ask but you. I don't have much I am a student trying to get through college. But this person made a difference in my life and I want to help I really do. Asking Strangers For Food! Social Experiment - OC…:

  • tavon cormack md

    i have a great movie idea Madea meets big momma use my info and hit me asap

  • Craig Johnson Baton Rouge

    Hi my names Craig I'm 22 years of age. I have a 1 year old that is so beautiful that she should be in your shows. The reason I'm writing is because so many people from different races stop us everywhere and ask why isn't she a model she should be in movies and on bill boards etc.. If you would like a pic or pics of her you have my email I would upload he to here but I don't think it's possible. Okay thanks for your time.

  • Deanna Lyn Holmes Lawrenceville, GA

    Dear Mr, Perry, I have just moved here to Georgia to start a new life. There is something i wanted to tell you about my life, but i can't put it on the web. I heard you tell Michael and Kelly on their show that you like hand written letters. I would like to write a hand written letter so that my personal business won't go to the "cloud". I would really like to have a job. That is what most of this is about. I know you are a VERY busy person, but it would be awesome if you could help me out and help me get back on my feet. I would love to work for your company no matter what it is.

  • Pele South Africa

    Hello Mr. Tyler My name is Pele and I am working with a non-profit organization in South Africa with disadvantaged kids, those victim from HIV AIDS and disable. I v

    • Pele South Africa #2018142

      Mr Perry, our non-profit organisation in South Africa need your Help. Kids need your help if you can. Our website is www.aulda.org May God Bless you.

  • Sandra Hesperia, CA

    God Bless: Mr. Tyler Perry, I'm in a job situation, Joseph place, and jacob struggle right now but still I praise God, and when I look at your plays movies it's inspiring how you let the love of God show through not only you but your work. I look at the one better fit what i'm going through and hold on to hope as dear life. Tyler God gave you all this talent for a reason and I hope you continue on in the dream that many regardless how some feel keep the dream alive, many are still being touch and believe in favor of will one day fall up on them as to myself Prayer is the Key, Faith Unlocks the Door.

  • Valerie Columbia, SC

    Hi Mr. Perry and friends. First, I want to say Mr. Perry we looooooove your work. You have such a brillant mind, and it shows in her writing of your plays and tv shows. However, we need help from you and your fans. Please go to www.gofundme.com/g127n8 to help my 10 year old daughter follow her dreams of becoming an actor, singer and a model. We really need your help. Our story is on the website. If you need to contact me, please do so on Facebook or e-mail me. Thanks and I cannot wait to hear from you guys.

  • Lamont Atlanta GA

    Mr Perry I am writing to address you awriting an idea but an experience I endure when I first moved to Atlanta. My wife was pregnant living in and her and I were both homeless. I am writing this to you because I believe somebodies life can be touched. By my real life experience. I also believe what I endured will help contribute to stop the belief that most black men are deadbeats who abandon their families. We as black men need to show the other black men that are trying to be good fathers to their kids. I by telling my experience maybe it will bring hope to others.