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Hi Guys,

I just wanted to let you know that I have a new email system.  This will serve you much better and get emails out to you very quickly.

Please, if you would, take a moment to update your information so you don't miss out on future emails by clicking the link below.


Talk soon,


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  • Deborah Hopkins Aurora. IL

    I just wanted you to know my accomplishment! You play a big part in my life as I go through this Parkinsons journey. Thank you! I was able to complete the Parkinson's Walk-A-Thon! You can go to my page on Facebook if you want to. There are pictures also. My one dream that I have is being able to meet you in person but I know you are very busy. Deb

  • Sharon James Pennsylvania

    Hi Tyler: This letter is in reference to my daughter. She is a student at Trinity University Washington, DC. She is in her Senior Year with a 3.6 gpa. This year has been difficult for our family because my husband was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. My daughter was supposed to go back to school, and she is in Washington now. Because she has a 6800 dollar balance they will not allow her to finish her last year. If you will please help her to go back, we would appreciate it. She is past her registration date 9/8/14. So, we will need whatever help you can give ASAP. She has worked this Summer to get her book and items for school. Now she can't go. She is devastated. Just wants an education. We tried a loan, family, friends, but no help. Thank you for whatever you can do to help her.



  • Keira Rhodes Chicago

    Hello Mr. Perry, I'm a young single mother living in Chicago. I'm one class away from receiving my BA in psychology and when I went to register they told me my funds were gone. I'm not looking for any handouts. I just wanted to know is there any suggestions. I want to go for my masters also. I have looked into loans and gotten a few I could do on my own, but with both parents gone that's not an option. I can't give up because of my daughter so I'm pushing through. I have been emailing and writing alot of people for opinions. If you have any advice please give. I wrote you mainly because I know you know what it feels like to start from the bottom. Thanks for reading this and letting me vent becuase its hard always being the strong one.

  • Phindile Mkhize Durban South Africa

    Hi Mr Tyler I just wanna thank you for All the movies that you've produced, because All of them are different but All of them teaches you how you supposed to leave Life and what to do and what not to do. I'm a Singer Actress and i would Love to audition and be part of The people who had experience to work with you it will Make My dream come through. Thank you for your inspiration we've learn a lots from you. Keep on Blessing us. God Bless you more. Much Love Kind Regards Phindile Mkhize

  • David Hutzel Mason City, IA

    Mr. Perry I have enjoyed each one of your movies and will continue to as they come out I buy them. I would really like to get the Madea's Christmas Movie one and not the play version. Do you have a date when that movie will be released to the public ? I know several people that would also like to get a copy. Thank you

  • linda Albany, GA

    i just love you Tyler

  • linda Albany, GA


  • ferlondo UK

    Hi Tyler Perry. I am your biggest UK fan. Thank you for make some beautiful plays and awesome movie. My life has not always been easy but I know when I watch something you made it give me the energy to keep going and give up no matter what. Kind regards Ferlondo

  • Carmen Brown

    Please consider screen actors guild member Carmen Brown as a work for higher. Youtube CarmenBrown"Judge Me"

  • shun smith dallas texas

    Dear Mr. Perry, I hav watched your plays for years and i just love your characters. And just coming where I am from and what i have seen and been apart of in my life it gives me hope. Mr. Perry my mother became a crack addict when i was thirteen. at first it was i guess just occassional and then it just became unreal. By the time i was in high school,she had and was doing some of everything. I have a younger sister and we are 6 years apart and I know i have watched and even took care of my sister for as long as i can remember. And my mom today is still on drugs and just have no kind of memory of what h*** she put me through. I am not bitter or mad sometime I just want her to acknowledge just some of the thing she did to just me. She have tried to w**** me out sell me off and even jumped on me because i spoke up when she was doing this. But after all that i still go to see her. I love you your shows, and characters that give me hope and the strength to smile.

  • J** Graboff Greenbriar - Continental Colony

    There was a time when I would never buy your bootlegs. It just didn't seem right. For all of our loyalty over the years, I figure you owe us the truth. Simply put, is there any truth to the press that you are using any of your movie and TV proceeds to fund Governor Deal's reelection? Regardless if this is tied to the Ft McPherson deal or not, I simply cannot believe that you would support Deal, not even if it benefited TPS. Google it. Tyler Perry Governor Deal. Wow. The Haves and the Have Not's? We all have 1 vote, that is unless there is money involved. Withholding my movies proceeds and judgment until you speak to this. Silence is acceptance..... no comment.....

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