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Hi Guys,

I just wanted to let you know that I have a new email system.  This will serve you much better and get emails out to you very quickly.

Please, if you would, take a moment to update your information so you don't miss out on future emails by clicking the link below.


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  • Miss Syanmthia L Cooper Tupelo,MS

    Hello Mr. Tyler Perry. I have followed your for years, and I love your work YOU ARE AWESOME. I have a vision, and a dream to produce my own reality show, but Im so tired of struggling, and straining. I have a seizure disorder, and I try not to allow that to hinder me from getting up every morning caring for my daughter, and working part time. I would love too meet you, and just sit down, and have a conversation with you. I want to things the right way I trust God, AND I HAVE FAITH IB HIM, and I trust that soon I will meet you one day soon in JESUS NAME AMEN. I also want you too know that your shows play in HEAVY ROTATION in my home my moms my sisters H*** EVERYBODIES. The Have and the Have Nots OMG THE BOMB, If Loving you is wrong WOW.YOUR MOVIES U are so blessed. PLEASE REACH BACK OUT TOO ME THANKS MUCH MISS. COOPER LOVE U MUCH.

  • Ola Gipson

    Mr Perry, please call me. I have a movie idea I KNOW YOU ARE GONNA LOVE. BY THE WAY, YOU ARE AN AWESOME MAN OF GOD!

  • laura United States

    Tyler Perry if you could please email me I would like to ask you a few questions I'm a mother of four and a victim of abuse please contact me

    • laura #2105633

      My email is

  • Melinda Askew Pittsburgh Pa

    Hello Mr Tyler Perry. .I don't know if you will get this letter or someone who can help me get it to you. ...I wanted to do something special for my grandma and because she has always been there for us so I saved up my money since last year to do something special for grandma I am 14 years old and I do chores and stuff to make extra money...to make a long story short I bought her two tickets to your show in Baltimore at the Lyrics center. On May 9th... because grandma love your shows and act just like you but I love her so much...my grandma live in Pittsburgh she drove down to Baltimore on Friday the 8th and stayed at the Days Inn hotel in Baltimore ...on Saturday morning my grandma was not able to print the tickets off line because she left the prepaid credit card in Pa so she called Ticket M***** to be able to pick them up at the box office with the proper I'd at that time the lady at ticket m***** told her that the tickets purchased was for May 8th. .....not the 9th I just started crying when she told me I just knew they were for the 9th ....but I guess not....my grand grandma asked the lady from ticket m***** if she can do anything to be able to see the show Saturday night or even Sunday night she said it didn't have to be the good seats I purchased just any seat ...Mr Perry it cost me One hundred and minty something dollars that took so long to save....Grandma got a email back on Saturday say nothing could be done s......I am very sad she didn't get to see your show and wanted to know if maybe she can get some tickets to any other show that May be close enough for her to drive to ...I am sorry I don't have two hundred dollars to buy more....I do have the email and the receipt of purchases she was to sit in orchestra u seat 127 and 128 the tickets was never picked up or printed........Mr Perry I can send you proof of everything. ..I just wanted and still want to do something special for my grandma. ...thank you for reading

  • Ashlynn Jacksonville, FL

    Hi!! I would be so beyond grateful if you read this message. I first want to say that you are amazing in everything you do! I have one enormous recomendation and request. Could you please find some way to do a movie with Eddie Murphy?! A movie with Madea and Resputia (probably spelt that wrong) would be the most amazing thing ever and I believe that it would make comedy history. Norbit is one of the worlds most hilarious movies, along with any Madea movie made by you. It only makes sense that those two charcters should be paired up in a movie together. I know this is a huge request but its only a suggestion and I would 110% appreciate you even considering it. Please think about it!! -Ashlynn

  • Cache Texarkana, Ar

    Greetings to all! My name is Cache' Dotson. I am an outgoing, smart and very intelligent young woman. My hobbies are designing, singing, writing, public speaking and making a positive impact on people's lives. I am the CEO of a campaign called the #Free Dante Brazile Movement. The reason I started this campaign is because there is an innocent man whose voice needs to be heard. Back in February 23rd of 2001 there were four men that were involved in a robbery. At the time of the robbery Dante was at home sleep about to get up and get ready for work. On April 26, 2001, the police came to the residence of Dante and arrested him. With Dante thinking he was being arrested for unpaid tickets, he found out the day he was arrested that he was being charged with robbery. When Dante was at lineup the victim, who was intoxicated at the time of the robbery, stated that Dante was one of the men who robbed him. Before he knew it he life took a turn of change. Dante knew that this was a mistaken identity and was determined and ready to fight this case in court. Due to his finances, he was unable to hire a lawyer to represent him in court; therefore he was given a court appointed lawyer. Dante was very displeased with the work that his lawyer did and he did not help him fight the case at all. All because of a mistaken identity, Dante was charged a 30 year sentence for aggravated robbery. None of the men that were involved confessed and told the truth that Dante had nothing to do with the robbery. Dante made few mistakes in his life; but try to correct his actions. He had a good job and was working hard to provide for his three beautiful daugthers. Dante has already served 14 years in prison and has 16 more years to go. This innocent man is serving time for a crime that he did not commit. There were fingerprints and evidence of all the other men that were actually involved; but none of Dante's. This man was charged thirty years all because of the mistake that a man stated and blamed it on him. The community of Clinton Park in Houston, Texas has been conducting fundraisers. A petition and support letter has been written and signed by the community of Clinton Park to help Dante. My goal is to raise money to help Dante get the best appeal lawyer of Houston, Texas so that we can get his case put back in court. When Dante was first sentenced in 2002 he attempted to file an appeal; but it was denied. He also wrote the mayor of Houston, the NAACP, and the Innocent Project of Texas and never received a response. We feel that he did not get Justice. Dante did not receive a fair trail. People are quick to judge; but are slow to correct themselves. Dante has a story to tell and I Cache' Dotson will be one of the supporters to help tell his story. I hope that all of you that are reading this take what I have told you into consideration and let's all help make a difference. #Free Dante Brazile! A RUSH TO JUDGMENT DESTROYS A LIFE! -MLK JR.


      I thank God for you reaching out to Mr. Tyler Perry and all others giving us more to pray for and special for Bro. Dante Brazile. It hurts me in hearing so many times about innocent people being in prison and innocent. I belong to many prayer lines and will ask for his name to be placed on our prayer line list. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. I am not unmindful that some of you have come here out of great trials and tribulations. Some of you have come fresh from narrow jail cells. Some of you have come from areas where your quest for freedom left you battered by storms of persecution and staggered by the winds of police brutality. You have been the veterans of creative suffering. Continue to work with faith that unearned suffering is redemptive. These are words of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

  • cawanna steubenville Ohio

    Hi Mr . Tyler Perry my name is cawanna and I'm writing you because i am reaching out to someone with a merciful heart my family has suffered a great loss of our 70 year old grandmother and 2year old son in a tragic fire and i currently have two of my brotherchildrens we lost everything we need help please please

  • katrina VA

    Hi Tyler, I have so much respect for you and I love what you are doing. I also have a few things going for me if we could talk or email to discuss, and maybe get some pointers. talk too you soon. Thanks

  • Mitra Miami

    Tyler, God has given you a most intriguing gift. It is as though you are able to 'peek into the minds' of a large segment of the world's population and extract those elements with which everyone could identify in a great or small way. Isn't it fascinating, that despite language, socio-economic, religious or cultural differences, the common denominator of all variables is "the human element-man's psyche," which remains constant. I am certain if a survey was to be conducted on emergencies or disruptions during any of your shows, results would reveal a high frequency in favor of persons anxious/rushing to resume watching the show. Finally, I admire your allegiance first and foremost to your Creator for this special gift, and to Him we owe "All the Glory" if only for the little space and time we have on earth to make a difference in a the lives of many. Hopefully, one of these days when you decide to present a few documentaries, we shall connect, as there is a true story I would like to share, regarding a prominent figure in our society. The story, like yours, emanates from low, humble, beginnings. It is certain to inspire all.

  • delores andrews Monroeville Alabama

    Hi Tyler. I am not writing you because I need financial assistance or have a sad story to tell. I admire you and your movies I just have a suggestion for a theme in your future movies. All your movies can relate to our black families but being from the south I feel that I have a idea for your next movie based on how I grew up. I grew up in a family where we had a mother and a father married to each other. It was six kids four girls and two boys. We migrated from Alabama to Detroit in the early 70's for a better life. In all honesty my father whom we all loved dearly was an alcoholic and refused to work. He had a college education and had been in the military but when my mother who came from a poor family and with very little education met him they married and he was discharged from the military. Anyways my mother was our provider and worked as a seamstress for many years. I remember growing up we had little but we appreciated everything. We would play in the yard because we couldn't go pass the grass. My mother would make miracles when our kitchen was bare ( teacakes and peanut butter cookies). She would use her extra money or extra fabric from her job to make all her girls dresses for church. She was a beautiful women but never bought herself anything. I tell this story with pride because for us children it was a great time. We appreciated our parents and what we had. We never complained and learned that love was more important than materials. My father has passed but my mother is still our foundation. Although she is no longer working she still manages to be a superstar for us and her grandchildren. To me she is the Harriet Tubman and Martin Luther King. Please think of writing a story on struggling families where respect, acceptance and loyalty overcome obstacles. Just a thought, Delores Andrews

  • Mario Marcel Los Angeles, CA

    My Hail Mary Dear Tyler Perry, My name is Mario Marcel and I am a 42 year old African American living in Woodland Hills California trying to become a Certified Public Accountant which is by far the most difficult task I have ever put myself through. I am reaching out to you because I am in serious financial despair. I have been determined to pass CPA exams for the last 2 years now and I have almost completed this goal by passing 3 out of the 4 parts but unfortunately it has come with a price to pay and that is struggling to pay rent and other major bills. After being fired from my job I decided to focus on finishing up my CPA exams to make myself a stronger candidate in my career choice of accounting and that meant studying full time to pass the rest of the CPA exams instead of looking for work. The main reason I decided to not work was because you have to complete the rest of the exams in a certain time period or lose credit for the ones you have already passed. I was able to live off of unemployment for 6 months and also rent out my personal car for a good 4 to 5 months but unfortunately my luck ran out as unemployment ran out and it became difficult to find someone else to rent my car. At this point my car has been repossessed and I have about 2 weeks before it gets sold to the public May 26, 2015. My credit cards have also gone into default status which is now reflecting on my credit report. I am so afraid that when I am finally done with CPA exams that no company will hire me because of a poor credit report. If I don’t get my car back before the bank sells it then I will be in even worse shape. I am currently studying for the last part of the CPA exam (Audit) which I plan on taking the first week of July 2015 but I am also currently looking for a job as well because July rent is coming up and I need to find a way to get my car back before it’s gone for good. I feel like once I get over this obstacle I can finally get my life in order and move forward in my career without the extra financial burden and I am just reaching out to you to see if you are able to help me with about $10,000 or any amount you able to offer. I am sorry for asking for so much but this will honestly change my life because I know I am going to be a CPA and put it to good use for the rest of my life. I really want you to know from the bottom of my heart, I feel numb right now by reaching out to you and asking for a favor but as I woke up this morning, I realize this is something I want so bad and that miracles can happen and just maybe God will bless me with a miracle. I am so thankful for you to even take the time to read this as I am not expecting anything but it doesn’t hurt to try. This is the longest Hail Mary I have ever thrown and I am praying that you just so happen to look up and have it fall in your arms. Thank you so much for your time Mister Perry and God Bless. Mario Marcel

  • LaKiesha Shevokas Jacksonville fl

    Please help my dad..... gofundme.com / helpavetsmile. Thank you very much

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