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Hi Guys,

I just wanted to let you know that I have a new email system.  This will serve you much better and get emails out to you very quickly.

Please, if you would, take a moment to update your information so you don't miss out on future emails by clicking the link below.


Talk soon,


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  • kaylisha keys Riverdale

    Another thing my name is kaylisha anderson but they call me keys because I play piano I know it might sound weird but hey. I'm 15 years young and I see a greater future for myself I sing in my praise team at church I go to harvest time apostolic ministries in Riverdale every time we sing out Choir blows the roof off I want to get connected with you and I hope you will be able to email me back stay blessed Mr. Perry

  • kaylisha keys Riverdale georgia

    Hey Mr. Perry if I may I just wanted to know if your doing any acting or modeling auditions people have told me wow your very beautiful and your a great actress you should get into something like that so I said ok well I'll just see what's new. I'm also very talented at playing piano I've been playing for 4 years now so that's that please email me I would love to talk to you stay prayerful Thank you!!!

  • Chiquila Pirtle Lithonia Georgia

    Hi Mr.Perry, I am a 37 year old lady. My dreams have always been big. I am at my end of college year. I will graduate December 5, 2015, Bachelor of Business Management. My dream of big is owning my own business one day. I am a firm believer that I will. I want to be able to live comfortable and I do not want to be rich. You really is a good role model for me and I believe in myself. I just need some inputs on how start a business and what I need to do. I would really appreciation it...Thanks soooooo much.

  • SYGUINCY MITCHEL charleston sc

    Hi Mr. Perry i am writing to see if you could help my cuz out. Ok on Dec 12 2014 while she was living in Charlotte NC she was shoot 7 time by her live-in boyfriend of 15 years.she has 5 kid age 3 to 18.i she is in a wheel chair and cant used her left arm.i just think she should receive help with her kids.she is living with her mother now.but she need help with a place for her and her kids to really call home. I know these kids have been thought a lot and just wanted to know if you could help her with any kind .It don't matter what you could help her with i know she would apprecation it.AGAIN THANKS A WHOLE LOT

  • Marcell Barrett Los Angeles California

    Hello Mr Perry my name is Marcell Barrett i'm 22 years old i live in Los Angeles California and i have been a huge fan of yours i love all of your why did i get married movies as well as the have and have nots, if loving you is wrong, and for better or for worse. I go to school at el camino college as well as Los Angeles Southwest college i know you are busy and have alot going on but i wanted to know if i could interview you and publish it in our school newspaper "The Word" there are so many things going on currently at Los Angeles southwest college and you have such a positive impact and influence on the community as well as young people if you don't have the time it's okay i understand but i have always wanted to meet you and write about you and hopefully one day i will have that chance

  • Marlo Houser Los Angeles

    Hello Mr Perry, I went to the show at the Dolby Theater Saturday October 24, 2015 at 8:00pm. First I was in panic mode because I had to bring my grandtwins (boys) 1 1/2 years old. I thought I was going to have to miss the show so the first thing I asked when I got to window was could I speak to Madea. I explained to the ticket agent what was going on and I was able to exchange my floor seat tickets for balcony tickets and take my grandtwins into the show. I was able to speak to some of the actors and actresses of the shows they were so nice. Eddie, from If Loving You Is Wrong, came over to try to get my one of the twins to come to him and I explained to him that he was hungry and Eddie went and got sandwiches for my grandtwins. I was so thankful because you know that food wass very expensive. My grandtwins were able to eat. I just wanted to let you know that Eddie was a blessing to my grandtwins. I spoke to Wyatt in the line and he was so nice. I was able to speak to Maggie, Selene and Cocoa Brown. They were very nice. I did not ask for pictures because I did not want to intrude and I wanted to respect their privacy. I am just glad that they spoke and was very friendly and personable. I really enjoyed the show. What began as a crisis turned into a memorable and wonderful evening for me and my family. I want to thank you and the casts for that.

  • Lisa Johnson Houston, Texas

    Breaking News! Ray Scott sentenced to 99years on a 13 year old Assault Case out of the small Texas town of Godsons Texas. My name is Lisa Johnson sister to Ray Scott and founder of The Justice and Freedom Committee for Ray Scott. Please listen to my interview on The Ferrell Phelps Show on YouTube. Titled Social Injustices. Email . #freerayscott

  • Neela Hannah Kamali Los Angeles

    UNTOLD STORY OF A EUROPEAN SINGEL MOTHER WITH BABY BORN IN CA with no immigration status,cant work,but yet i have taking good care of my baby that was born here in CA.I am so afraid of losing her,she is my soul,she knows 3 langues already she is 1 year and 8 months.Her father is out of the picture cuz of abusive relashionship.Pro bono lawyers has denied my case.I dont know what to do,my fear of losing her is a lot.I`m so desperate for answers.I came here as a international student.Been homeless at shelters,denied to help cuz of immigration status. I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO BESIDES TELLING MY STORY!

  • kendra mayweather woodbridge,va

    I am writing this email to request financial aid for tuition at Norfolk State University, Norfolk , Virginia. the tuition is for the spring semester of 2016 and summer of 2016. Due to financial constraints with my family (mother); we are seeking assistance from your good office. Should you need any confirmation on addition requirements to be fulfilled. Please contact me or my mom at and (mom) and email us at you for your time and patience and hope to from you in the future. Please help me Best Regards, Kendra L. Mayweather

  • Marlisha Best Wilson Nc

    Hi Mr Tyler, Hope all is well with you. I am a big woman (madea size lol ) and have trouble finding things for myself and i think that you may kno a website or a place that may be able to help me. If you are able and wouldnt mind helping may you please contact me. Email will work. Thanks so much.... Be Blessed!!!

    • gabeiel manchester ct #2151341

      Dear Tyler Perry: . I have been abused for sixteen years, my pearnts would raise knifes to my neck, come home drunk and beat me, through hot coffee my face , tell me that they are better than me and I would be nothing but a pice a s**** But today on November 1, 2015 I saw for the first time Nabors From H*** I'm 18 and I would exclude my self from friends and people who just wanted to help. I did not no that untill it was to late because I was I was tought was hate b*** today my eyes has opened and I would like to thank you for making that play it helped alot to realize that I am loved I'm loved by God and that is all I need it's been four years since I've been to church but after that play I want nothing but god thank you o don't think that you are going to get this but thank you anyway

  • Devin Charlotte Nc

    Hello I am a local photographer and wanted to show you some of my work I am 17 and just started doing photography here is my web site please view it hope you like it.

  • Sylvia Hardin California

    I just hope someone in board is ready to write my true story because I'm ready to give it to someone. It vary inspirational,consisting of the black house holds people don't get the chance to here about because it's without much sound. Other then that I think the company is doing a great job and I'm waiting for your call.

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