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My new Email system

Hi Guys,

I just wanted to let you know that I have a new email system.  This will serve you much better and get emails out to you very quickly.

Please, if you would, take a moment to update your information so you don't miss out on future emails by clicking the link below.


Talk soon,


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  • Melissa prewitt Chicago Illinois

    Hello Mr Perry. My name is Melissa prewitt and I've always been one of your biggest fans. I am the parent of two teenage kids and their father is in their life twice a year. Its been two years since I've lost my husband. I moved to Ohio where my mom resided to help her and she helped me as well. We have all moved back to Illinois within the last 6 months, and she has found an apartment. But I have had to move in with my kids father and my kids and I share one bedroom.I am in desperant need of having a place for my kids and I. Can you please find it in your heart to help me and get a house for me and my two kids. I deeply appreciate anything you can do for us. Thank you in advanced. And I LOVE madea.

  • Melissa prewitt Chicago


  • Nicholas Bennett Jackson Michigan

    Hi my name is Nicholas Bennett and I have great idea for a movie I'm from from Jamaica so I know it will be strong and good thank you

  • Ellen Mamushi Meje South África

    Hi Tyler my name is Ellen from south África i would like to Tank you for the go work ur doing.i Realy need your help i wrote two script and i cant find the right person to help me the last1 was stolen from me, i just so it playing on tv and it was so sad for me and i Realy love my story. and i have a hope that you will help me achive my dream as a movie writer Only if i can get 1 of my script on going i will be happy. hope to hare from you soon and may God bless you and your fimely Tanks my regards Ellen Meje

    • beverley Robb United States #2049221

      Happy New Year to you and your team. I enjoy all your stories and think you are an excellent writer with a lot of humor and soul. There was a time when I saw myself as a writer just waiting to be published or as an actress just waiting to be discovered. Please discover me ......lol

  • Pamela Garner Naples, FL

    This is regarding Terrance Williams and Felipe Santos who are still missing. These men need to be found. Help me put together search parties so we can find them. The deputy ... Well lets be frank here that killed these two men belongs in prison. Their families need closure and these two men deserve a proper burial. Thank you

  • mona florida

    I need to be in the next project

  • Abdul Malik Washington dc

    Hello first of all let me thank u for inspiring me to be a writer.hope u have a chance to email me or call I've email you for years but I know with many fans and things to do its hard to keep everybody when you are one man happy trust me when I started I got down and step or wanted to believing in self but it was also my mother who inspires me I lost my grandma and I wanted her to be here until I completed. My goal/dream but she reached me to rejoice so with that I leave u this all I have is a faith just like you and if u have time I need help but like I said I've tried to keep p.u.s.h meaning pray until something happen my email is at the top and a number if this comment reaches u personal I am saying that to say this I wrote my first play and u can checkout what I've done on YouTube I know it took me a long time to get to the point but I have to give credit were credit is do so with that Bering said and I type until my fingers fall off lol u got the youtube part type in why do all good men go bad and hope u like and we talk soon much love my brother from another mother and stay truly blessed.my name is Abdul malik by the way it means servant of the King

  • Rashaud Polk United States

    So often forms of media are used as a tools to divide. We are on a mission to use media as a tool for healing and restoration. We want to unite communities all over the nation through documentaries, short stories, and public service announcements (PSAs). Our first venture is to produce powerful, encouraging PSAs for communities nationwide. In our own community, Canton, OH, we joined forces with community partners and our law enforcement to send a positive message. This message being, ALL LIVES MATTER. Click below for the link to our video. Thank you for your support! Concerned Citizens of the Community (C3) Please feel free to contact Kalee Smith at or email us at .

  • Danyell greensbo

    I do know how could u pad lock out on Christmas so hurt I can't get my cloths are nothing I need some rent money ..

  • Natasha Clark Covington,ga

    if anybody want donate call me at my number

  • Natasha Clark Covington,ga

    how are you doing Tyler Perry I just lost my mom we going through a struggle with my mom she just pass away Sunday and my grandmother have insurance on my mom but the funeral ppl claim she dont have none my family teally need some help. cause the funeral home ppl that have her body want work with us. he said we need to put down 2500 we don't have that. I come from a family that been struggling from poor. we trying to have her funeral Sunday at 2:30 please we need your help. we been doing the best that we can do.

  • Louis Straford cy

    hi tyler perry new play act Christmas know boy baby

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