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Hi Guys,

I just wanted to let you know that I have a new email system.  This will serve you much better and get emails out to you very quickly.

Please, if you would, take a moment to update your information so you don't miss out on future emails by clicking the link below.


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  • camiio patton denver co

    Hello mr perry i had gotten your email.thnk u i have just become a writer for a non profit organization named divine america..we deal with film and all kind of other projects.our goal..is simply helping these kids know that they are worth somthing.if u have time look us up and email me any advice u may have for me.thank you sir

  • Clarence Brookins Indianapolis, IN

    I am big fan and dont take this the wrong way but i know you do a lot great things and provide a lot of your time to worth while chairties now my son and me are trying to raise money for my mother that just passed away and she didnt have any insureance no i not begging for money cause not going to the family its going to sweet god fearing woman that never ask for anything for anybody but did everything for anybody so i just ask for your support cause you a great person and you tell the truth when the lord speaks to you and thats what i like about you please time is of essance.

  • Anonymous Bahamas

    Dear: Tyler Perry I am 25 years old not working need help at the age of 16 I was kick out of high school low self esteem start to take me over I end up doing stuff what I am not supposed to do I end up going to college but I never finish because I don't have the funds And I really need help can you really pray on my behalf that I get a job to make money and go back to college to finish my career and also I want help my mother out with bills because she is not working and I want see things turn around for me and my family after my sister get murder it feel like my life was destroy after that because it hurt me to hear my sister get killed been gone for 9 years and the person out on bail walking the street free but justice will be serve

  • Lareatha Payne United States

    Payne - Hi Tyler: I am a 72 year old mother, grandmother, great grandmother, 17 year breast cancer survivor, and new playwright. And, I still look good! Just want to share with you that a lifelong dream is being fulfilled on Saturday, September 19, 2015 - 7:00 pm at the Franklin High School Auditorium in Somerset, New Jersey. A play that I wrote thirty years ago and recently updated, is being performed. The events leading up to this very day are totally amazing and loaded with miracles. God is the Executive Producer - He has perfect timing. I heard the story of your plight to enter the entertainment business, and how your DETERMINATION paid off. Your fulfilled dream is an inspiration to so many people, young and old. Through the years, I've watched just about everything you've done and I patterned my play using your technique of addressing serious issues through humor. Your tapes helped me laugh through some tough times in my life. My overall message is that no matter how old you are, or what obstacles you face, you can still dream dreams, set new goals, learn, and witness miracles. I'm having an exciting time with my new career, not without challenges, but also with wonder and thanksgiving. I wish you much success with your New York show on September 19th, and God's continued blessings on every aspect of your life.

  • Zonita Talley Highland Park, Mi

    Dear Mr. Tyler, I am writing concerning asking for your help. I am a 49 year old survivor of dysfunction From childhood sexual, physical abuse to drug abuse. I am no longer a victim, I am a survivor. My story is one that I plan to put out to the world at some point, right now I m still working towards adjusting to a new way of life. I had a setback a week ago that the old me would have used to self destruct. The woman God is molding me to be believes in her heart that this problem can be solved the right way. I can be in depth yet I wanted to be sure that Mr. Perry actually will get to hear my situation. I prayed before doing this so I believe this is a push from God to put me in the right direction. My story is a human interest story, yet it also is a story that one day will get told, and reach those who can openly relate as well as those who can secretively relate. My hope the secretive one can be inspired to know there not alone. At this point I ask that you don't bypass me and allow me to tell you my situation and hopefully you can help me get pass the current obstacles and give my story the ending that your movies always conclude with. Thank you. Respectfully submitted.



  • Will Charlotte, NC

    Mr. Perry, My wife (Cheryl) and I have enjoyed your works for years! We would like to thank you for the many laughs that always bring joy. We pray God's blessings upon you; your continued success and that he will continue to use you to inspire others. If, you find the time please check out Cheryl's debut novel entitled, "And, Not Only That" I am sure you will be blessed!

  • Tara Givens Augusta GA

    Mr. Perry let me get straight to the point I know of a real life story that would make an awesome MOVIE, I am an above the average black woman and I would watch this movie if made. I know of people who are going to jail (average black people) actually a whole family that TAX EVATION/MUSIC INDUSTRY/MOVIE INDUSTRY/ has destroyed and only God can help them. I mean really I have stayed up all night long many nights jut listening to this stuff..........................................it's truly unbelievable but actual and factual. Talk about good black people being lost this story is soooo juicy. You are the only one with the talent to tell this story I love all your work.........well GOD will not bless what we don't do, so I'm putting it out there faithfully I will hear from you stay blessed love you.

  • Anita B. Maryland

    Good day Tyler Perry. I have a story that i know would make a great movie. I hope to get the opportunity to share it. Thank you.

  • Elena Ghita Bay area

    Dear Tyler Perry, I love all of your films, some i laughed and most of them made me cry because they touched me but most importantly your films are very relaxing and a joy to watch because their real life stories and i would love to tell you my story. I came to the united states twenty three years ago and i had a lot of dreams that came true but one of them havnt came true yet but just god and hopfully you can make it happen. I wanted to make a story about my life in america as an immigrant, I know im nobody but being a immigrant in america is something many people don't understand and is a struggle at first but in the end its all worth it. The hardest moments when i came into this county is now the funny part when i look back. I wish to share with you my life story and hopefully for it to become a movie that all people can enjoy and learn from. I hope to hear back from you, God Bless!!!

  • Virginia Pittman Norcross, GA

    Hi Mr. Perry, my name is Virginia and I live in Norcross, GA, I moved here from Houston, TX 3yrs ago and now I'm stepping out on faith praying one day you will come across this post. I don't have a fancy background to impress you with. All I have at this point is my faith in God, and a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Project Management. I have been working for the government for 19yrs now and feel like my accomplishments have been a slow progress. I don't have any acting or TV experience but I love watching everything you produce or play in, you have been such a inspiration in my life which brings me to this point in writing to you. I'm not looking for a hand out, but an opportunity to share my skills and experience on the administrative level within your company, if not you, someone who is connected to you. I was always told to go for my dreams and this my first step in doing so. I pray that God allows you to come across this message just see I'm no one special, just a person with hopes and dreams. If you do get to read this, thank you so much for your time. God bless you always.

  • Luther Curtis Perry Burkburnett, Texas

    Hello Mr. Perry, I am 16 yr old African-American male with quite a unique story to tell: I am writing this message to you, not of a particular cliché, as in that I am writing on your website not for myself, but to represent my sister, who was born with cerebral palsy, and brain damage on the left side of her brain, and is not able to write this herself. Her name is Rae'Ven and she is currently a senior in our high school, and has struggled throughout her whole life, through various surgeries, academic studies, and personal rehabilitation. But through all those struggles the one consistent thing she has been able to rely on are your Plays, TV Shows, and Feature films, In fact it is the only thing that she desires to watch at all! It has helped sustain her and also myself through difficult times, when are mother passed away at thirty-nine years of age, when our grandfather passed away from cancer, and countless other trials and tribulations in life. The wisdom of your plays has always allowed us to see these things through, with both laughter and tears.But in conclusion, it would make my sister's world to meet or even speak to you for a few seconds , the closest large metropolitan area we are close to is Dallas, and would appreciate that the next time you are in that area, to please call or email us your schedule for a hopeful meeting.Thanks for reading and have a blessed day.

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