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Hi Guys,

I just wanted to let you know that I have a new email system.  This will serve you much better and get emails out to you very quickly.

Please, if you would, take a moment to update your information so you don't miss out on future emails by clicking the link below.


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  • Rachel Williams Cleveland, Mississippi

    Hey Mr. Tyler Perry I'm a big fan of your work. I wrote a script myself and was wondering would you be interested in directing it. It's called Madea's Family Vacation. I'm telling you it's going to big a big hit cause it's filled with laughter. If you give me a chance to let you read it I know you will love it as much as I do. Hope to hear from you soon. -Rachel

    • Glenda French Albany, Georgia #2160417

      Hi Mr. Perry, I am 60 years old and need some financial help can you please help me?

  • Lonnie Chicago ill

    Hi tyler I am a fan I wanted to ask you if yiu would give me a blessing ? Starting a help the homeless Ministry im a young adult minister God bless

  • Christine Gordon Augusta,Ga

    Frist of all Mr. Perry I love your testimony. Your journey is one only God has ordained! We hear about and celebrate The N**** League but what about those that paved the way for there to be A N**** League? I am privileged to have access to the story of some of the men, the best of the best baseball players before Jackie Robinson, before the N**** League . These are some of the trail blazers of Baseball, alive and well. Please help me tell a true story from men that lived and played in that era.Their story should be told! Thank You in Advance

  • TAMIKA BROWN Wilmington Delaware

    Dec 7, 2015 Hello my name is Tamika brown I'm a 28yr old struggling mother of three girls I have to live at home with my mother due to multiple health issues that leaves me not able to work the state only gives me $75 an $194 to feed my children if I could get help I would buy a home for me an my kids an put money away for their education find new doctor's cause the one that did surgery on me left me messed up I've been suffering for 6yrs an no doctor would help me I believe it malpractice but no lawyer will take my side. I suffer from chronic pain an nausea after I had a gastric bypass that almost killed me .I had multiple blood clots to my lungs ,stomach, an leg where I had to learn how to walk again I spent months in the ICU, I had open heart surgery ,my coronary artery wasn't connected to my heart the doctors don't know if I was born like that but they said I was lucky to have lived all my life like that, I also suffer from something called syncope/vertigo I guess its some disorder that causes you to pass out without an warning.. I've passed out a few time's, I've had a hernia in my belly button, I currently have an iv port in my chest I am on iv nutrition feedings at home .I'm am unable to eat an hold thing's down so I get my vitamins, protein, iron from my iv infusion. I recently had to have surgery to have all 30 teeth removed because they got bad from all the medicine I'm on an from the throwing up made them rotten an they we're breaking off in my gums causing bad infection's, my life has been so hard since I've been so sick I have three girl's that look up to me an it hurts that I can't give them the life they deserve because of my health I spend more time in the hospital then with them an I see in their face that it bothers them. Please please help me ..I don't like to beg but this would really help an change our lives. I'm tired of begging for my kids to get fed or have Christmas ,or have anything they deserve.. I feel bad I can’t give them anything they want my little brother was killed last year in new Jersey he was hit by a tractor trailer truck he leaves behind a baby boy that I must make sure he’s taken care of his mom is 18 years old an I need help to support these kid’s..I pray this message reaches you .an please know this is coming from my heart not someone looking for a payday but someone seeking help for my family.. Much love IMA huge fan have a wonderful day. Hope to hear from you!! PLEASE HELP ME I CAN'T AFFORD TO GIVE MY CHILDREN A CHRISTMAS

    • L.A Dillon SC #2158321

      I have been trying to get touch with you, for a long time seen like I just reach you please call me please please call.

  • M. Randolph Alabama

    My name is Coach Randolph and I am the director of a nonprofit organization called the Alabama Avatars. Our objective is to become the positive change we want to see and be in the world, be the honest difference we want made, and to become the strength of courage needed in a fearful situation. Avatars do not hesitate at the start of a new journey; they embrace the road and possibilities that lay ahead. They become stronger, they become wiser, they become better and they become one; with their communities, with their families and with their team. These are a group of gifted, talented, intelligent and athletic young ladies wanting to make a difference and needing a difference made in their lives. Through competition of their God given abilities; college becomes more attainable and affordable. We need assistance via sponsorship. Sponsorship packet is available upon request. Thank you for your time, consideration and response. God Bless.

  • Crystal United States

    My kids aunt have custody of them but want let me see them I really want them back please help me

  • A sad black woman Jamaica

    My husband just beat me just because i wanted fifteen minutes of his time i have no friends to tell all my friends are fake my life is sad my baby father use to beat me now my 19 years old husband im proud of being a teenage mother and i wont regret that day i became a mom. I wish i woke up being happy my life is sad miserable i feel like going crazy my husband says i ruined is life because we got married young her took up a iron to hit me with it he treats me bad when im broke i know an important man like you wont reply to a raggedy Sad black woman like me i dont need your money i juat need your advice i believe in GOD and have faith if you dont i know he will send someone else.

  • Ruby Robinson Aventura, FL

    Hello can you please advise how I submit a show to your studios? Thanks in advance! Ruby

  • Deanna Sanders Atlanta ga

    Hey you I don't have time to tell you a life story cause mine is a movie I emailed you years back pouring my heart out to you about my life trauma I received no response so I just to decided to give up yes I was heart broken but to make a long story short I'm a thirty six year old woman that was born and suffer with MS and I decided not to have surgery and take pain medication but the point I'm trying to make is my friends and family suggested that i contact you once more due to the fact reguargless of my condition they think I'm hilarious funny love to dance and sing my life was taken and I'm taken it back I'm not a Facebook tweet tweet internet person but God woke me up at five am this morning and said just do it and see cause me personally don't care about this cause famous people don't give a Samuel l Jackson about these post God bless

  • verlisa fairburn ga 30213

    Hi tyler my name is verlisa i no a lot of people ask for help and really dont need it but i set up a gofundme account under my name verlisa Anderson asking for just $1.00 to get it started iam trying to make Christmas and my daughter birthday and pay bills for the month of December thanks.

  • pamela Florida

    Hi Tyler. I want to ask you something. I have asked alot of the others like yourself but no one has replied. Tyler I am in some AWFUL AWFUL pain! I have no insurance & don't qualify for anything I have tried more than once. I BADLY need a hip replacement that also has BAD scyatica running right through it and into my groin area. The pain is so bad suicide flickers in & out my mind. But im a Christian so im batteling this demon. But you see they wont touch me until I lose nearly 200 pounds. There is a company who does free hip replacements. I just need someone willing to pay the Dr for me a Gastric Bypass to help get this weight off. There is no way I can do it on my own esp with this pain. I want to use Dr. Robert Marema in Saint Augustine Florida if there is any chance under the sun would you arrange with them to pay for the surgery? Im not asking for any cash just help getting this surgery. Losing the weight is going to help me ALOT with the pain by itself. Dr. Marema I think charges $25,000 for self pay patients. I know there are others worse off than myself but I have to ask because it is really this bad. To think of taking your life because you don't have what seems like a measley $25,000 to end this pain just isnt right. PLEASE I beg you to help me. Im an only child & now looking after my dad who is 72 and has dementia. I need to be able to care for him as well. I only have 2 kids and they cant help me. Thank you & God Bless! Ps. My Birthday is March 4th not to mention Christmas is soon here. Love you even if you say no! PLEASE MAKE MORE MORE MORE Madiea movies!

  • mohogany brown 303 w 59th st n

    Meet the alexanders...AND THE BROWNS Boy o boy... U need to film my family RAW AND UNCUT FOR REAL TULSA OKLAHOMA

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