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Hi Guys,

I just wanted to let you know that I have a new email system.  This will serve you much better and get emails out to you very quickly.

Please, if you would, take a moment to update your information so you don't miss out on future emails by clicking the link below.


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  • Louis Straford cy

    hi tyler perry new play act Christmas know boy baby

  • Donna Miami fl

    I have a granddaughter who want to become a actress, Shehas had some former training in school and took some acting Classes. If you could just give her a break I would be so grateful thanks

  • Danyell Greensboro

    Why is so hard to get help with anything in the world ,And I always help everyone out and now I need help I can't getting it from no one but I told a family in when they didn't have a place to go to cause they have kids and I can't see kids out on the streets but were is the help at and the ones that need help we can't get it at. But the one that get help really don't need it ,I just tired of our generation getting over on the ones can use the help let them get it I know you to crawl before you can walk but when is it my time I try to good for everybody but I cant do nothing for myself .

    • Bee New Jersey #2043151

      God had promised to see if through every situation. It may seem like there is no way out but trust and believe in him and he will direct your path. I've been there and dealing with it right now but my faith and trust in god is seeing me through. The devil wants you to give up but don't give in. God sees every tear you've cried he's preparing your for greater. Hold on! Your break through is near and satan doesn't want you to win. Claim the victory because the battle is already one.

  • Danyell Greensboro

    Chandler I'm a 36 young lady and Im in need of help I'm about kick out my house they about pad lock my door cause I lost my job and I went to get help with my rent but won't no one help me and I'm ask god what have I done to get done like this,I heart is set to help everyone out in need but when I need help I can't get I just don't know what to do looking at your movies and plays keep me going but I don't know where to turn to me no moreI feel like I am a disgrace I know I have on my side but I feel like given up and this is Christmas where are they going to me now I don't I'm tired of crying that's all I can do right now no one care if I live on the streets all I don't what take from my mother she is trying herself to live

  • Marquise Dimar Stokes Baltimore, Maryland

    Hello Mr.Perry I'm a average African American 22 you old guy or atleast that's how I've been feeling lately. I used to feel one of kind, that my way of thinking m, personality & unusually strong sense of family Values made me unique & different I felt alsnost like a mistake to be born when the level of compassion and sense of entitlement that I have, that maybe no one was ever meant to feel so deeply. But all my life I've been hallenges and my personality, morals & beliefs have taken a beating I can only describe closely to that of the whipping of Jesus becuase I still love those who condemned me to the life long suffering in the first place. But I'm reaching out for this average mans story to be heard before I finally break as most of your movies and plays are about the struggles of average African Americans I figured you o be the one I reached out to for help, I don't have much Sanity left, I wanted to post the events here but it'll probably take up this entire page, so I'll wait for a response to this then I'll share it with you, don't get me wrong I'm not looking for pitty only understanding from another black man who has suffered and still made a way but without ever abandoning the problems that got him where he is.

    • Marquise Dimar Stokes Baltimore maryland #2042736

      Sorry I meant 22 year old guy, not "you old guy."

  • Beverly Stone Mountain, GA 30083

    Please support the Atlanta Public School 12 Defendants as they fight for their good reputations and their professional lives. Know the facts. Facebook- www.facebook.com/justiceforaps12 Like our page and our posts/ Share our page and our posts 12 Follow us on Twitter. Retweet our posts using #justiceforaps12 12 Follow us on Instagram. Like our pictures. Repost using #justiceforaps12

  • Brenda Whirl-Patterson Houston, TX

    Congratulations on your first born, a son. I want to thank you for sharing that beautiful rendition of Mary did you know. I truly enjoyed listening to the two of them singing and the chills that it gave me.

  • Sarah Brooks DAYTON ohio

    Hello, Mr. Tyler Perry I've been searching all over trying to get in contact with you because I have a testimony that should be detected as a script and published as a book but I don't know where to begin it's so much to my story I know that your the only person that can get my story out and change other's lives today trust me I won't waste your time sir.

  • Tyler perry Baltimore, Maryland

    Mr. Perry I just got my car repossessed four days b4 Xmas I am basically homeless and I work full time I pray everyday not just for myself but my children and girlfriend. My heart hurts right now because I'm trying so hard but seem to never get ahead. I know u worked very hard to get to where ur at but if u could please help me and my children have better days !

  • Christina Keene Bronx NY

    Hello Mr. Perry congratulations on your first born. I am writing to you as a cancer survivor. I am 27 years old and have also been diagnosed with juvenile mioclin epilepsey. My mom is a very hard working person she works her b*** off to make sure me and my little brother have any and everything we need. She strives so hard. 5 months ago her engine shut down in her car and the jeep has been in the shop in mount Vernon New York and they have not worked on it yet. Everyday it's a different excuse or a different thing that needs to been done to the vechile now my mom has to way to get back and forth to work or around to get anything I need including my medication. We live in the Bronx New York and she works in Mount Vernon New York. All I ask for is help for her to get a new engine in her vechile to help get her back and forth around.....please please help me sincerely Christina Keene

  • Peggy Daniels United States

    Hello Mr. Perry. Congratulations on your new baby. Also congrats on buying the base to build another studio. You are going to need a lot of help cleaning and building and getting the studio ready. I have a way to help you and homeless men at the same time. I have a non profit that helps homeless men find jobs and become self-sufficient. That would be cheap labor for you and help for them to earn money and get out of the cold. We will also be teaching them how to handle money and not get back in the same condition. We don't want to just feed them we won't to help them turn their lives around. Please give me a call and I can send you more information. The website is www.algieshouse.webs.com. You can see the work we are doing. Thank you for your help and Merry Christmas

  • Joseph P Lucas Phenix City, AL

    Dear Tyler Perry , I'm a retired servicemen that has a story that I think you would like to make a Movie out of, I thought about this for three years, its about when my wife came to America. I 'm a black man (from Ohio) that speak fluent Spanish for over 30 years , and to know if you would take just a little time out of your busy day to share this with you? Born again Christian, and will only speak the truth. This is a story that has never been done, but its all true that happen to me and my wife I know you will really enjoy to hear. Sincerely Joseph Lucas

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