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I just wanted to let you know that I have a new email system.  This will serve you much better and get emails out to you very quickly.

Please, if you would, take a moment to update your information so you don't miss out on future emails by clicking the link below.


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  • Lynn Maryland

    Good day Tyler, You have been an incredible source of inspiration. Two years ago I lost my mother and grandmother within a month. The journey to find myself began at this point for me to discover myself and give life to the voice (being) who had always wanted to be free. Life has brought me amazing stories (some very difficult to bare) but has given me life to the full. I've have been writing the story of my mother funeral. It is incredibly tough to prepare for her death, her burial but the ending so amazingly funny I couldn't think of any one else who could produce it and bring value to everyone else. Two years later I am happily married and going after my dreams. Please look at my wedding video attached to this email. May it inspire you. I would be honored to bring my life's story to life with you as the director. Many blessings, Lynn

  • Isaiac Streeter birmingham al

    Hey my name is isaiacstreeter I like laughed at your stage play they are so funny I have tears come out my eyes I sad one day I want open my restaurants one day it god hand and love my church always pay my titles god come first so that why it in god hand he will all the way just trust in believe in him

  • Tiffany Rae Rivera San Antonio

    Hi this is Tiffany. I need your help.I don't have any money. I just lefft a guy who hit and beat me and my daughter for 3 years. I am also pregnant with this guys kid. I love singing and I want to make millions one day singing. Can you help me like you have helpewd tons of people? I lost everything my apartment, my money, my mind , my family wont talk to me and on top of that I live in a place that doesnt have an ac and I was abused by my mom for 15 years as a child. My e-mail is help me get my life and child back. I have a 5 year old daughter who is with a couple that wants to adopt her. My phone number is .

  • Shalise Benjamin Sacramento CA

    My name is Shalise Benjamin and I am a recent graduate from FIDM San Francisco, (Fashion Institute Design Merchandise). I am looking for an opportunity to shadow you, “A day in the life of Tyler Perry”. I admire your passion to motivate and empower young women and men across the world to follow their dreams. I watch all of your productions and I must say it inspires me to reach out and take a chance Mr. Perry it would be an honor to be able to shadow you as a successful African American entrepreneur who has branded himself to success. I am an aspiring entrepreneur with many interest; fashion/entertainment industry, public relations, event planning, management, and much more. I am currently interning with a PR company called Glass House Communication gaining experience in PR, Brand management, Mobile Marketing, and so much more. Though I have many dreams and goals, I am proud to say I have accomplished one of my biggest goals, graduating college. I am a first-generation college student and graduate. I dedicated myself to breaking the family cycle of not pushing forward with dreams and life goals, which has existed for many generations. Now I am able to inspire my family and those around me, that a college degree is attainable through perseverance and determination. As a child, I dreamed of becoming successful and I knew finishing school was the first way I could make this dream a reality. Between graduating high school and attending college, I got pregnant and though many believed my dreams would come to a halt; however I pushed forward and allowed my son to motivate me even more to have a successful life. After having my healthy baby boy, I returned to school and 12 months later I completed my A.A degree in Merchandise Marketing and now I am pursing my career. I have big dreams that may seem impossible, but with my determination, I plan to go far in my career goals and dreams. Thankfully, -- Best Regards, Shalise Benjamin

  • Amy Echols Birmingham AL

    Hi Tyler, I don't have a sob story to give you and I am not begging for money or fame. but I wanted to share with you a dream I had this year with you in it. It started with you and me sitting in a Business office with a Director. The Director had a snobby disposition and acted as if his time was so precious. I started to explain to you that even though I don't have any acting experience I just wanted the opportunity to try and that I would do whatever needed as far as improvements and dedication. The Director in the dream tried to belittle you and what you stand for but I quickly corrected him. You told me to write down my information and you would give me a try, as I begin to write it down my hand begin to shake so bad that I couldn't write but I was determined to keep trying and the more I tried the harder it got. You then begin to walk outside . I caught you getting in your car and I asked if you could just give me a little more time. I kept trying to write, I grabbed every piece of paper I could hoping I could write on it and I still couldn't:/and that was the end of the dream. Because of that dream I now ride around with my information in my glove compartment just in case. However I am not writing you for myself but for my husband Sylvester, He is an amazing actor but he has been sheltered and living in Birmingham way to long. I am not just a wife who pumps her husband up just cause. But I truly mean this man is awesome at memorizing lines and the most important thing is its his passion he loves doing it!!! at this point in our lives we are considering relocating next year to Cali. All I am asking for is a opportunity to see what he has to offer. thank you for your time.

  • Yvette New York

    Please, please, please do not let anything happen between David and Maggie. Let him remain the strong respectable black man that loves his wife and respect his marriage. Do not make him violate his wedding vows by giving in to the temptation. Don't make Veronica right.

  • Cynthia Austin, TX

    I am writing in regards to a certified letter that was sent to your studios, directly addressed to you regarding unjustly government treatment, done to me, in exchange for now receiving disability benefits. It was certified mailed to you on 07/21/2014. I am trying to get an update to see if you received my letter. Thank You Kindly Sir, Cynthia

  • kelsea anderson laurinburg, nc

    Hello Tyler this is kelsea Anderson, I really want to thank you for the comments you made on our short film stage fright with naacp.

  • ejoyce Tyler, Tx

    Dear Mr. Tyler Perry, I can't say that me and my mother is not a fan, cause we are. we have every movie and every play you have ever made.but that's not the reason y i'm writting you. My mother always wanted me to write you.but i never care too a til now. Idk y i' m doing this.but here it goes. On July 14,2014 at 10:26 p.m. my one and only Little brother was killed by a hit and run driver. he was born and raised in Tyler,tx and he was only 23. This passed Saturday i had to watch him be put into the ground. No one has come forward on his killing and it doesn't seem like Tyler police is really trying to help find his killer.for the passed week or so ive been blaming god for my losted. but i understand that he makes no mistakes. This has caused me and my mother deeply pain to lose a son and a brother. ive been fighting to bring my brother killer forward so that me and my mom can finally get some peace.but no one will come forward. no winesses or nothing. tyler police is treating this like its just another case.when to me its more than just a case. my brother was my heart. i wont rest nor sleep til i find his killer. i just can't understand what human being would do a hit and run with a car and keep going. Don't even stop to see if the person is ok or noting. i know that you probbly won't read this and that you are a very busy man/famous guy. but i thought i would finally write you and share a little of my story. I've had so much pain in my life, but this is a pain that i cant get over.my heart is numb and my tears fall day by day. i guess pain has always been a friend to me

  • Sarah Malanga Bronx NY

    Hi Mr.Perry. My name is Sarah Malanga. I was inspired by you and all your accomplishments in life and decided to write a book. I am asking if you would please support me. Please purchase my book, " Little Girl's Dream" Thank you.

  • Berlis Love Las Vegas, NV

    Dear Mr. Tyler Perry: You are cordially invited to Las Vegas, NV on 9/5/14 for a super skit titled Glory Train on opening night. We are excited and would love to have you hear knowing that you love theater at True Love Missionary Baptist Church. If you would like to stay, we would gladly put you up for the night with home cooking just like Big Mama's House. I would love to see you face to face.

  • Trentevius Crosby 11144 Lakewood pointe apt 101

    Hey Mr. Perry, I have the idea for you to make a new Madea movie, I was thinking "Madea's Childhood" please call me to talk about it

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