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  • Dee Brown III California

    Hello Mr. Perry, I have three very interesting stories to tell and I believe these stories will help a lot of people out.Im trying to reach out to a few people that I feel will turn these stories into a real Sucess not just for me but for others as well.This is a Dream that I have had for over 5 years. I hope that I get a opportunity to share these stories with you or your team please be a listening ear if you can I have to get this out to the world. Also I am a licensed Cosmetoligist of over 10 years and this is something I have been working on in my spare time.One story is based on a young life bringing a young life in the world. The other story is based on a life of a female life growing up without a father. And the third one is based on a life with a Street Hustler..And I have many more Mr.Perry Thank you for your time. Dee Brown III

  • Lona Fowler Eatonton, GA

    I have an idea for a movie for you. I drive a school bus for Putnam County Georgia. I drive a special needs deaf child from Eatonton GA to the Atlanta Area School for the Deaf every day I have been driving her since she was in kindergarten started out taking her to Macon then here 4years ago. Needless to say we are very attached to each other. I am also a trainer I train people to get their CDL’s to drive a bus. There is A LOT more to it than sitting behind a wheel. The story I would like for you to tell is how the public has NO regard for school busses on neither the road nor the children they are carrying. They story would go something like this… A bus driver carrying a bus load full of children about the third stop, stops to unload a child she watches him cross the road with her stop sign out light flashing and a car fly’s out around her hits the child (the sad part is the child does not survive) the story would show the impact that this has on the driver the remaining children on the bus that witnessed this. It can show the effect that this has on the lives of all involved especially the driver who was helpless had to sit there and watch this happen to the child she has transported for several years then goes through ridicule from the public faces possible charges then is cleared and the family that has lost a child. The mother of the child and the driver teams up to launch a crusade starts follow buses and filming these incidents happening trying to bring public awareness. The reason I’m coming to you with this is because I know you are a christen person who cares deeply for children. People running the stops signs (on both sides of the bus) is a BIG problem all over the country children are die or get seriously hurt by this every day.. You can go on youtube and look up cars running stop signs on busses and see what I mean. I would really like to talk to you or a representative for you on this manner. I am hoping and praying someone gets back to me. People need to open their eyes to this problem. NO child should be afraid to ride a school bus. Thank you for your time, Lona Fowler

  • Kim Clark Los Angeles, CA

    I recall hearing you state that you were thankful to God for giving you a platform where you can glorify Him and express His name. Yet, it seems your projects are starting to turn to everything but godly. Everyone is in the bedroom, including the Christians. All of the women seem to have to do a nude scene, adultery or just a plain old slut. What happened to reaching the masses for good? Being a godly influence. I'm concerned that your projects are looking like the world's, there seems to be no differentiation.

  • willie mae gray baker,Louisiana

    Mr.Perry I am 58 yes old and I stopped watching soap opera's in1990 but now that I have started watching the haves and have nots I am totally sprung I have never contacted any producer or show in my entire life but I fine myself so hooked on this show that it borders on obsession please keep up the good work keep it comin I love the cliffhangers you have such a great Artist I can't wait until the next episode thank you so much for the entertainment love willIe Mae !!!

  • Pat Crawley

    Dear Mr Perry, I was reading your story about your grandma quilt. I remember I was looking at one episode of Family Matter when Laura sold her grandma quilt because she did know the story behind the patches. After she found out she was hurt. But she found the lady and was able to get it back.

  • Chasya Baton Rouge, La

    Dear Mr. Perry, I am posting for prayers and for anyone to repost my husband's Go Fund Me page. He was diagnosed with Lung Cancer..Stage IV....in Oct of 2014 just a few days before his 30th birthday. With Medicaid and Disability pending and me currently being laid off, we are struggling to pay medications and bills are piling up. So, I am asking if any of you out there are able to assist financially, we appreciate it, but just sharing the story would be enough. Thanks and God bless. Gofundme.com/ke45gc

  • Alyssa Media, Pa

    Please make Madea's Tough Love into a TV show.

  • dijon toledo

    Hey Mr.Perry my name is Dijon young black man from Toledo Oh I'm 23 years old and I have a story to tell I'm working on my book called (The Skin I'm in) it is still in working progress but I also looking forward for it to be a movie.. Everyone has a story to tell and I'm ready to tell mines with the world even though I'm young I also know what I want in my heart its sad to say that some people look at the g** society and think that we are bad people but we are not an that we are being guided wrong if love is blind then I do not want to see anymore I been through a lot in my time just being only 23 but I still manage to pull through without having father in my life and to watch my mother struggling with her sickness but always find a way to get things done. My book talks about how I was raised and my life growing up an comin to with a single parent and my brother with no father and yes I'm g** g** but we all do not snap are fingers ok I'm still a young man who feels loved by the same sex and sex has nothing to do with it it goes beyond that no I wasn't rapped or bothered as child from what I can remember and to my knowledge I have no I just have love for the same sex and have no feelings toward women nothing bad or against them its just that its not what my heart wants. It also talks about how it is hard to come out from begin g** and who accepts you and whom don't its scary I talked to many around the world that are older than me who still hides the fact that they are G** or scared of what might happen and I'm here to tell them that it is ok. I want to help those whom are afraid of being neglected disrespected shun out do to there sexual preference and give them an Insite of what I been through and what I'm still going through... I AM NOT AFRAID OF WHO I AM !!!! I AM WHO I AM AN NO ONE CAN CHANGE THAT I DONT CARE IF PEOPLE DISLIKE OR HATE MY CHOICES I MADE BUT I WANT THEM TO RESPECT ME NOT ONLY ME BUT TO OTHERS OUT THERE LIKE ME . Would like to chat on a personal level of advice and insights on a little of your history to try an help me along in this project at your convenience

    • Violet L Lee Lawton #2058340

      Just reading your statement made me stop and thank God for giving me the insight to know that God loves all people and there is no sin that we can commit that will stop him from loving us. People have a tendency to try and categorize sin. Big sin, little sin, i.e. he/she is going to h*** for that. NEWS FLASH.............. there's no little sin or big sin, it's just categorized as SIN...... I too fall short sometimes and find myself doing things I know is not right and I am so thankful for God's grace and mercy. One day, God hung out on an old rugged cross for past sins, present sins and future sins. The debt has been paid with his blood and that blood still works today. Young man, do know that God loves you just as much as he loves anyone else. I want to encourage you to hold your head high, treat everyone the way you want to be treated, love your enemies and when you get the chance help someone else on his or her way. Jesus said "the world will know we belong to him by the way we treat each other." I close by saying God loves you and he got you in the palm of his hand. Much love.

  • natasha alexander chicago

    do you know how it feels to be trapped in your own pain do you know how it feels to be un heard I have song inside of me mr perry I have a story and the only thing I can do is is cry help me please ive kept it in so long its destroying me my kids my kids my soul cryies out my body speaks im alone in my head know body can hear me where is he god where is he can he hear me I don't know this world this is my hurt this is my pain

  • natasha alexander chicago

    hello my name is Natasha alexander mr perry I have a life story that will make a good book help me please

  • sephine woods wilson,nc

    Dear Mr. Perry My name is Sephine Woods and I am seeking your help.When i say help it can be spiritually,emotionally or etc. I am a 22yr old single women who's tired of failing. I had a difficult childhood so at the age of 16 family started to become distant until there were/are years of distance and silence. I graduated highschool on my own, went to recieve my clinical medical assistant license on my own,and had my first an only child in a shelter on my own. Moving from state to state,from house to house living with whoever with hopes of getting the help I need to get on my feet. Everyone promises me help until its time to do so. I work,have worked an never minded working,ever but i need help with childcare,buying work uniforms,lactose sensitive milk for my daughter,diapers,wipes and etc. Its hard doing it alone,especially when i try so hard to do everything the right way,no criminal records,no drug or tobacco habits,no accholic habits and no habits of clubing or partying. I feel like im trying my best but my best isnt enough. In my younger days my mother didnt have to worry about me sneaking off with boys or me not doing any chores,i did all the chores. I had my daughter Jordyn on my 21st birthday last yr. I just cant see what im doing wrong that i still cant even just get my foot in the door. Please help me gain some stability in my life,for both me an my daughter. Thank you for listening,Sephine!

  • crystal new jersey

    I am in a horrible verbally abusive relationship (loosely used) and I thought that you would be able to get my story out and it may help other woman looking for help...im still trying to get out...but i feel trapped...i just pray every second....god is good and my children and I will be free one day..I understand if you cant….god bless...