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My new Email system

Hi Guys,

I just wanted to let you know that I have a new email system.  This will serve you much better and get emails out to you very quickly.

Please, if you would, take a moment to update your information so you don't miss out on future emails by clicking the link below.


Talk soon,


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  • yvonne south africa

    Dear tyler I'm Yvonne from south Africa, I'm always inspired by your movies. the reason I write this email I need you to help me, I'm a young women who grow in tembisa child welfare, I'm 24 years old I'm not sure about my age.my mother die when I was a little girl, I don't my real family, my real father he does not want anything to do with but I never saw him in my life, all I need is you to help to further my studies I alive with my brother just two for us. tembisa child welfare still help me where they can, I'm not writing this as a orphan but I need you to help me to go further in life, I also want to inspire young women out their too. like you do

  • bianca bates Shreveport la

    Hey Mr.perry I would like to 1st say your a wonderful person I am not here ask for any donations but I'm here to tell you I am a former person who was lost in the streets now I'm here at the Shreveport job corp center and I would like to if you would like to give me some advice for to help my peers to have the best life even my mother loves you

  • Shavonna Herron Raleigh, NC

    MAKE A DREAM A REALITY…… 3D opened in 2010 as a cleaning service, each year thereafter we have successfully grown the business by branching out and offering various services to our clientele. In 2015 we would like to see 3D reach the goal of obtaining its general contracting license, nonprofit status (501 (c) (3) ) and the purchasing of the adequate supplies to start this great new nonprofit venture. 3D has implanted a strategic plan to launch a nonprofit organization, 3D Community Development Inc, which will support and provide services to distressed communities and families across the United States. Lastly, in order to achieve our goal we know that with the generous continued support from family, friends and the community that our DREAM to help families across the U.S. can be a REALITY! This will take some time; however, we are in the beginning phases. Please help us FUND our DREAM!!! Thank You Please click on the link below. If one million individuals came together as a whole and donated $1 we could save a family in your community! We ask that you share this email with everyone in your contact list. Are you up for the challenge to make a difference in your community? Donate today!

  • Reicia North United States

    Hello Mr. Perry, My name is Reicia North and I am currently a freshman at Tuskegee University. I play tennis for the school and I am majoring in biology. The school is in need of money, well the athletic programs and I am currently trying to figure out ways to raise money for my HBCU. I was wondering if you could help me with raising money and getting the word out that Tuskegee could use the money. If you could email me or give me a call it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

  • La Fonda Atlanta

    Greetings Mr. Perry, I am trying to reach out to the public on behalf of a Church, who feeds the homeless, community, and their church family. Currently, they are short of 200 Turkey's and, im am asking on their behalf if you possibly can assist? Thank you! Blessings. La Fonda Photographer

  • Steve Nebraska

    I understand that Made a has made you rich. But upon seeing the movie 'Exodus' trailer and seeing Hollywood portray history with white skin. Isn't it time to make a movie showing the true black heroes in our country, AND the world?

  • Peter Campbell

    Mr Perry I have a 212 Acres of land 4 sale 60 acres are river front call me 4 details

  • Debra Bradley New Orleans, Louisiana

    Hello Tyler Perry, my name is Debra Bradley and I wrote a stage play and performed it for the first time on November 8th. For my first show, it was great. Any advise for me on playwright business.

  • Wesley Madison, Al

    Please contact me

  • Tina

    Please help our family. We are from Greensburg. I contacted you previously but there was no further communication. Please help!!!

  • Veronica Minor Minor Conyers Georgia 30012

    Mr Perry I was writing you about a two county small track club. Southeast Striders with about 15 to 20 track members. These boys and girls are student's in school with good grade and nothing to do after school. Coach B.J.Kennedy pulled all of his resources together to start this club up for our youths. Coach B J isn't well but he's still hanging in here for the children. Now this year we had a couple of kids to make the Nationals in Houston Texas but was unable to go due to finicial problems. So what I'm really asking is, Would you be interested in sponsoring our kids? What we need most is winter gear for them to train and practice in and help getting transportation for their out of state meets. Please Mr. Perry help our kids they are our future. There are several kids with goal of being in the Olympics one day

  • barbara jones henrico va 23294

    hey TYIER iwas glad to receive your story about the man sorry that happen to you but I was written hope you didn't forget about helping me and my family struggling please help long story I will tell you all about it in my next letter but I want to make sure you received this one THANKS BARBARA JONES