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I just wanted to let you know that I have a new email system.  This will serve you much better and get emails out to you very quickly.

Please, if you would, take a moment to update your information so you don't miss out on future emails by clicking the link below.


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  • Mrs. McMillon Memphis Tn

    It's a great day Mr. Perry, my son, Brandon is having his first play on November 8, 2015 here in Memphis, title : Here Cone The Jackson's. The word of GOD says, " You have not because you ask not. I'm asking you in the name of Jesus that you attend his show for the benefit of young men that are trying to make a different in such a mean society. Thank Yoy Mr. Perry. God' Speed!!!

  • Pretty Harare Zimbabwe

    Hie Mr Tyler Perry. Its my pleasure to send to you this comment hoping that you will reply me. Thank you. My name is Pretty and i am from Zimbabwe. I want to start a small business here in Zim to sustain my family so i wanet to ask you if you can help me with a soft loan to start my business Mr Tyler. I am your biggest fan and i have watch all the episodes you used to help other people in need hope you will do as much as for me. God bless you

  • Jane Mamotse Mpholo south africa

    Greetings I am writing just for the sake of feeling better. Chances are you might not be able to even read this but it is ok because it helps me. My name is Jane Mamotse Mpholo.....a professional theatre actress, writer and author. I never even dreamt of being in the arts until the arts chose me. You see I lost both my parents at the age of 17. They both fell ill suddenly and two days after burying my father, my mom passed on too. I like to call it true love, not even death could do them part. ‎I had my sister and her husband take care of me. After my second year of varsity at the age of 19 I fell into major depression and dropped out. It was then that I found myself bored and making up stories to pass time. That had been the best thing ever as I found my passion for acting. Well my sister and husband had always supported me and my dreams. With tears in my eyes I write this email to you because I know you are more like a mother to me, you understand. All was going ok until last year ‎when my brother in law set him and my sister on fire in a car. He died on the spot and my sister died the next day leaving behind their cute, strong 10year old boy. You see there had always been signs, he tried to kill her before but she always went back to him. I am a strong woman and with my brother's step son by my side I am holding on. I have to be a rock to my nephew. Although my sister supported me and was always proud to see me on stage, sometimes I feel like giving up. I feel like getting a 9-5 job just so that I can guarantee my nephew a bright future. My half brother and the wife are taking care of him.just so that I can hustle but I feel like I am failing him. He trully wants to be with me. It is already hard for him..... Wow. All the more reason for me to keep pushing hey. I guess I am doing good after all. Why do I feel like I am not doing enough? Would I rather not know when my next salary is coming and remain happy? Or have a 9-5 be miserable ‎ but have my nephew by my side? Life, life Thank you for reading this I just needed to share my thoughts *smile* Jane Mpholo

    • Ursula Suarez Miami #2148444

      Hello Jane, Don't give up!!!!life sometimes takes twisted turns and we have to endure pain to be able to be wiser in our decisions , life will take you to the path you are meant to be. The good news is you came a long way , not everyone can find their vocation and used it like you did. Now you become stronger ,wiser,kinder and more compassionate. Do what your heart tells you, don't give up on your dreams, this life is to short not to be able to do what we are passionate for. Don't just exist, start living!!!!!(Tylor Perry's quote) Good luck from a friend

  • Lisa jo Sarro Brunswick Georgia

    Tyler Perry:) First off I know you hear this a lot but I am one of your biggest fans no joke When I heard my son was filming with you I started crying, This is his greatest passion modeling/acting It has been his dream to meet you and film in one of your movies, He is so set at making his dreams come true he is sleeping in his car in ATL Had been for almost 3 weeks just to be close to set, he lost his job because they terminated his position :( he said if Tyler made it and had to sleep in his car I can to! He is a survivor of CANCER! He was in the stage 4 and survived praise GOD! He told me at the age of 3 yrs old that GOD healed him! I am on disability from agent orange exposure and he said to me, Mom my goal is to make it so I can take care of you because of all your hard work and sacrifices I don't want you to have to live off $1,100 monthly I want you to have NO worries ever again! I pray daily for GOD to clear a path and allow him to succeed in his dream. I am writing you this letter Tyler because I want you to know how dedicated my son is to being there filming with you, he called me crying when he found out he was in your film, His name is Phillip Michael Sarro he Lives GOD and wants to succeed so bad! my cell My email: cell Thank you so much for all you do! You are my hero! Lisa jo Sarro

  • Dotty California

    Hello Tyler Just wanted to let you know I enjoy all your programs. Yes I watch them all! Wishing one day I could have a part on one of your shows! I truly admire all that you do. I just wish I could have some of your talent! I have walked hard all my life and I am a single parent of three working 2 jobs at a time trying to provide for my family. I even went back to school and received my Bachelors Degree in Management but it is still is hard to find a job. I have been working in Emergency Services for the past 12 years and that is sporadic I only work when there are disasters so at times I am off work for months at a time. I hope you would consider giving me a chance to act in one of your shows. Thank you again for all your great shows The Haves and The Have Nots is my favorite and For Better or Worse is second and Love Thy Neighbor is great also.

  • Rod and Peaches Oakland California

    Hi Tyler Perry We hope You get this message in time We my wife and I were hoping to meet and great with You this Sunday Oct.18th.2015 after your show in our town so that we can share a photo we took last year at the same venue of your performers Love They Neighbor Dawn and Linda my wife is in the middle how much more great it would be for us if we can have a photo with you we will be at your show this Sunday and hope there will be a meet and great cause we Love MtotheDEA love RodandPeaches

  • Clyde Dye

    Mr.Tyler, My 22year old Autistic son, Nathan, wants desperately wants to visit your studio and meet you. He had so hoped to meet you, while you were here in Augusta recently for your live play, Madea On The Run. He was so thrilled to be there! I'm praying God will let it happen! We love you!

  • sheerine trinidad

    Hi Mr.tyler perry firstly I would like thank you for all those inspiring movies,they are indeed my inspiration,because of that I now know how to be a good wife and mother to my family.I have never been to the us maybe some time in the future I may have the opportunity to come visit and meet you in person.P.S you are indeed my role model.

  • LaKenya MO

    Here is the link to his new book....it is on amazon Epic: Book 2: The Science Fair Dilemma by Joshua Taylor Lakenya

  • LaKenya MO

    Hello Mr. Perry, My son Joshua's (15 year old) new book (3rd book) was just published. Check it out. He is so excited.

  • Gabby

    I really think you should make a diary of a mad black women 2 with the sane characters. It would be so good ya thank bye

  • Shanah holland California

    Hi Mr Tyler Perry first off I wanted to let you know that I look up to you. You inspire me that keeps me going and staying strong for my kids everyday believing that one day things will change my life has been a rollercoaster I have 4 kids 3 boys and 1 girl and my daughter passed away 5years ago I think that was the worst day of my life but I had to stay strong for the rest of my kids I'm a single mother of three little boys we've lived in cars with family friends and relatives it seems like when you're at your worst that's when you find out who really has your back I've lost my kids through CPS and got them back and always seem to manage to get back on my feet for a little while and get a job before things stared to fall back down lol but I maintain to try to keep a smile on my face like these things don't hurt but they really do because I'm still hurt inside about my daughter passing away and you have no one to turn to or to talk to about it because I've held it in for so long and I think now that it's starting to eat me up in the inside now I'm a 37 year old black woman not on drugs and never did drugs or alcohol really don't have too much family all I have is my mother my dad passed away and my mother has been homeless like me for about 10 years now we've been in and out of relative homes and living different places for a while now but I was just telling you a little about myself and I believe in if you pulled through it I believe that I will be able to pull through it to thank you so much keep up the good work you have a lot of great fans out here who really love you God bless

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