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My new Email system

Hi Guys,

I just wanted to let you know that I have a new email system.  This will serve you much better and get emails out to you very quickly.

Please, if you would, take a moment to update your information so you don't miss out on future emails by clicking the link below.


Talk soon,


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  • Sandra Hesperia, CA

    God Bless: Mr. Tyler Perry, I'm in a job situation, Joseph place, and jacob struggle right now but still I praise God, and when I look at your plays movies it's inspiring how you let the love of God show through not only you but your work. I look at the one better fit what i'm going through and hold on to hope as dear life. Tyler God gave you all this talent for a reason and I hope you continue on in the dream that many regardless how some feel keep the dream alive, many are still being touch and believe in favor of will one day fall up on them as to myself Prayer is the Key, Faith Unlocks the Door.

  • Valerie Columbia, SC

    Hi Mr. Perry and friends. First, I want to say Mr. Perry we looooooove your work. You have such a brillant mind, and it shows in her writing of your plays and tv shows. However, we need help from you and your fans. Please go to www.gofundme.com/g127n8 to help my 10 year old daughter follow her dreams of becoming an actor, singer and a model. We really need your help. Our story is on the website. If you need to contact me, please do so on Facebook or e-mail me. Thanks and I cannot wait to hear from you guys.

  • Lamont Atlanta GA

    Mr Perry I am writing to address you awriting an idea but an experience I endure when I first moved to Atlanta. My wife was pregnant living in and her and I were both homeless. I am writing this to you because I believe somebodies life can be touched. By my real life experience. I also believe what I endured will help contribute to stop the belief that most black men are deadbeats who abandon their families. We as black men need to show the other black men that are trying to be good fathers to their kids. I by telling my experience maybe it will bring hope to others.

  • Reilly Jackson Calumet city Illinois

    Everyone please watch my motivational video !

  • C California

    Hi tyler, please tell me there is a positive message. On the show"when loving you is wrong" how come the brother has the fine sister and still lusts after the blonde hair. I'm just not getting it! Please inspire! Thank you!

    • Rashana #2016247

      I guess you are not watching closely and Tuesday14/10/2014 i learned You dont know true love until you have loved someone that is wrong for you... this hit me so hard... be patient and criticize after the season has finished as what you see in the sitcom all those thing are possible and are all happening...

  • CorDonna Collier Hinesville Georgia

    I have a great idea for a movie and or book everyone of my friends and family has told we to write you and it's taken me months to do so. Well here it is and I hope I've made the right choice. I can only trust in God in hopes of things working out. Thank you Mr. Perry

  • shanikaharrington jackson ms

    hi i just want to say you really have bless my life and many ways and i would love to work with you it been a dream i have jeld on to ever sence i saw you on tv i love to make people life i love lifting them up when there down please contact me at my email please thank and god bless

  • Dwayne Blackman Minnesota

    I think your my dad

  • lisa faye the Gambia

    Hi mr Tyler am a great fan of u my full name is Chucha Sadia Lisa Faye i am a young lady who love acting have i have not got the chance to do what my heart desire here in my country our movie production is not that good and all my life i dream of becoming a great actress but i am afraid that will not happen with the poor production we have here so i am begging u to hwlp us our i know my people will be very happy and greatful to have a great man in the movie produon to come and help us out i will love to work with u

  • Roland Thomas South Carolina

    Dear Mr. Perry, This is pretty simple, I just saw your new " plant your seed" message and it falls right on time with the seed I'm trying to plant before I die from the Severe COPD I received from the WTC on 911. I written three unpublished books on Obama and with the time left I wish to convert the material into a play. That being said, I know nothing about writing and I d*** sure know nothing about writing a play. Will you help me PLANT MY SEED BEFORE I LEAVE? The Play: Obama's Daily Briefings,( The Transparency of Racism in America). I would love to E-Mail you the first 2 pages. Seed now planted, thanking you in advance for any consideration you may give to this matter!

  • aevans raleigh nc

    I have an idea for a movie. I love good movies with drama and the element of surprise.

  • Jussiye Hammock Harlem, NY

    Hey Tyler just wantedbto see if you eeally check these emails.... Anyway My lil brother is 25 and will be 26 Dec 16th. He has downs syndrome and he is your biggest fan. Needless to say he will be attending your play this thursday and would be surprised if you came out to take a pic with him. He knows EVERY SONG, EVERY CHARACTER, EVERY LINE AND ALL TO ALL OF YOUR PLAYS AND MOVIES. HIS NAME IS DONOVAN HAMMOCK. If you would be able to take time from your busy schedule I thinkbyou would help cjange him. Lol he is inspired to be a play writer and a minister. He is a live character and you would prob want him on stage but thats another story. If you do read this or anyone from your team.....please reach out to me I would love to make my lil brother the happiest person on earyh because he deserves it. His speach is not the greatest but you can understand him. I love my lil bro and been trying to do this for some years now. HE FINALLY HAS A TICKET TO A LIVE PERFORMANCE. IF YOU CANT ID UNSERSTAND. THANKS FOR YOUR EFFORT. -A brother who cares