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I just wanted to let you know that I have a new email system.  This will serve you much better and get emails out to you very quickly.

Please, if you would, take a moment to update your information so you don't miss out on future emails by clicking the link below.


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  • delphine Ga

    I need to talk to Mr Perry . Without everyone in my business. Is that possible.

  • Yolanda Spencer United States

    I am a Special Education Teacher who is desperately seeking help to pay off my student loan, or I will eventually go into default. I really love teaching, even though, it has been my experience that we teachers are not appreciated, disrespected, overly scrutinized by parents, the government and very much underpaid in America. Oh!, I forgot to mention the daily uplifting struggle and engaging task of working with many challenging students who just don't want to be taught, and yet, we still dedicate our lives teaching our student to read and write in order that we continue to have a generation of literate and productive adults. I can't imaging doing anything else. There are so many good teacher in america, especially at the school where I work. We are asked to do so much with almost no funding source. Please help me pay off my student loan and if you know of others or organizations who can help other teachers in the same situation as I, it would be greatly appreciated.

    • Sarah 77355 #2066193

      Hi Teresa, this is not Tyler but the work you do is incredible, I have a grandson i am raising 6 years old and his sister who we recently found has autism (multiple disibilities) main one is Aspergers, two specialist one mhmr and the other a child psychiatric, we made the school aware but we are being totally ignored as they say the teacher says there is not a problem, like when does as a non educated teacher in that field become the expert over a specialist, even the special education teacher knows it's crazy that they are listening to this teacher advice in his teachers words she says they meaning all kids are like that when I brought up certain concerns she just continues to give him bad conduct grades but he just doesn't get it as he has dyslexia too. Guess we will have to sue to get their attention. Thing is Bill and Melinda Gates donate a lot of money to the very field of special education, I am sure they would be aghast at the treatment of not only my grandson but who knows how many other children are getting mistreated. As for your issue maybe you can contact them and they would help you with your student loans since you seem to be getting treated the way we are, I am sure they would like to know, because the schools do have the money I just believe it's being directed into the pockets of the the very ones denying us help. I am thankful for the hard work you do and pray that you can find the help your requesting. If we sue and win depending on what amount we receive i would try and help you out by making a paymet or payments towards your student loans As it is we barely have two nickles to rub together, suffering so many are and I hate to see people suffering and tormented when they are doing their best to make a difference.

  • Teresa Wilborn Oklahoma City area

    Dear Tyler, Recently I found you on the Internet when I was searching for mothers that do not tell their children who their fathers are. My son had an active sex life and I found out from 2 other people that my son has 2 sons that those women have never told my son that he was the father of their sons. I am really sad that I cannot know my grandsons. Also my son is married to a woman that tells lies about me and my son will not let me see the two kids that live with him. Furthermore, his x-wife had a son with him and she barely let us see this child / grandson. I am a mixed woman (white, black & Native American) who loves children and would love to know all my grandchildren. There are no grandparent's rights in our state. Do you have any ideas how I can change my situation? Since I have found you I have bought 3 of your movies. And I will watch all your movies. Wow, you are very talented. I wish you were my grandson or son. I would be so proud of you. I hope you find your father I am sure he would love you!!! Brightest Blessings on you and your outstanding work & Big Hugs, Teresa.

  • caleb Chicago Illinois

    Hey Tyler Perry, in know a play that people will like in Chicago. please hit me back.

  • Mae Hawkins Sunflower, MS

    Hello Mr. Perry, I am not contacting for money. My son is a college student having problem getting back and forth to school and needs a job. He is a freshman studying pre health science as his major. I am a single mom trying to help all I can on disability. His dad is in the nursing home. I am back home with mom and dad, trying to find a place for us. If there is any advice you can give please help. Your advice will be appreciated. Thank you in advance.

  • Pat Winston UCSF

    Mr Perry, I am writing you in regards to Bobbi Kristina. She is now everyone daughter at this point, I asking that you contact Dr. Ben Carson, the retired Neurologist to read her latest CT Scans. We have to fight for her, as if we were her mother, a mother fights for her child regardless. Dr Maya Angelou, after her son car accident the doctor said there was no hope, she advised them that they didn't know. In Oakland Children's Hosptial Jahi' McMath the doctor pronounced brain dead the mother moved her to another facility, and she is still fighting for her life after year. I was misdiagnosed, had seizures; was on Delatin & Pheobartial. A seizure is an reaction from the brain, so if she is having seizures there is electric activity in the brain. My point we have to continue to fight best medical resources for Bobbi Kristina, Whitney's daughter, "our daughter." Dr Carson is a expert in his field of neurology, gifted. God gives us all a certain task, or gift to share. High Regards, P Winston

  • Desiree Oakwood tx

    If you guys would please share this link on Facebook page to help my two daughters win cutest baby contest and like their photo I would be so grateful !!!

  • Jan Kardava Raleigh, NC

    Hi, I hope this gets to Tyler. Despite what doctors and science may say, please tell the family to be strong and wait on the Lord. We are on his time and not the time of man or people who don't believe in God. My coworker's father was in a coma for three weeks and they were told he would not make it. Today he is up, walking and driving. God can perform a miracle. Continue to anoint Krissi and plead the blood of Jesus over her. Bobbi Kristina's body needs time to heal. Let's believe he will. I will continue to pray. God bless.

  • Mark Bryant Pensacola Fl

    Good Morning Mr. Perry, I am PFC Bryant United States Marine Corps. I have recently started a charity organization called the HC Relief Fund. I'm not contacting for money, although donations are much appreciated, I just want to spread the word and raise awareness for those in need. Check out our blog at hcrelief.wordpress.com and like us on Facebook at HC Relief Fund. Thank you and have a nice day!

  • Lateefah Sacramento, Ca.

    Mr. Perry, could you please tell the Houston/Brown family to look into 100 percent pure therapeutic grade essential oils that I really believe will help Krissi (Bobbi Kristina). I know a lady whose husband was in a bad accident and he had swelling of the brain and other issues. The doctors could not get the swelling down and she used these oils and was able to bring it all the way down. I really and truly believe Mr. Perry that this can help Krissi. If the family would like to speak to the woman I can put them in touch. Please give them the info ASAP incase they would like to know more. Thank you so much. God bless you!

  • Ben Lewis Durant, Ms

    I write this post to ask a favor Mr. Perry. I am a youth pastor at my church (Durant Missionary Baptist Church). I am also a welding instructor at Holmes Community College. I love working with young people. I enjoy meeting their needs from day to day. There is a problem that has been growing in our young people all around this great country that we live in. They don't have the ability to make good sound decisions about their life. Our African American young people have lost there way. I must admit that we as parents have not been parenting these young people so that they can grow up and become productive citizens. We are doing the same old things and expect a different outcome. I cannot change the world but I am trying to make a difference in my community. As an instructor I talk to students who come to school just to receive a Pell check and drop out one they get it. I put my heart in teaching them skills that will help make there life better not just as welder but a person. We always talk about life lesson that will help with communication people skills. As a youth pastor, I encourage my youth to lead Godly lives but you will make mistakes but its okay because all have sinned and fallen short. I encourage them that their behavior should always line up with what they believe. We have our annual youth conference every year. We try to get people that will inspire and challenge our young people. Here comes the favor. I would like you to come and share with our young people at this year's annual youth conference on April 11, 2015. I know you are a busy person. I realize you are doing a lot great things for us already through movies and television but your presence is needed in Durant, MS 39079. We are a decent size church of about 200 members but I know we don't have the money to afford to pay for your presence. I'm not saying that you are about money but I realize that business is business. I know nothing is free. But would you consider giving us a "WORD". I'm asking for a donation (only your presence in talking to these young African American youth.

  • Erika Tuscaloosa, AL

    Mr. Perry, I am currently an undergraduate at the University of Alabama majoring in Political Science. My passion has always been to help others because I have been so blessed to have such a supporting family. I will be graduating May 2, 2015 and I am still on the look out for jobs in my field. Your story has always inspired me and I was hoping that you had a job opportunity that I could possibly apply for? I want to work with the homeless or those living below the poverty line to help get them back on their feet and have a better outlook on life. If you have any opportunities please respond at your earliest convenience. I just want to be a blessing in someone's life.