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My new Email system

Hi Guys,

I just wanted to let you know that I have a new email system.  This will serve you much better and get emails out to you very quickly.

Please, if you would, take a moment to update your information so you don't miss out on future emails by clicking the link below.


Talk soon,


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  • Paul Robinson Atlanta Ga

    Let me introduce myself, my name is Paul, and first I would like to say respect to you for persevering in one of the toughest businesses, the entertainment industry. I have been pitching brilliant ideas for film and television for several years, but still I have yet to strike a deal, but that's not to say some of my work hasn't been produced. I understand that you are extremely busy working on your projects. I am not writing to ask you for anything other than ten minutes of your time to allow me pitch a few of my projects to you. A ten minute conversation can translate into hundreds of millions of dollars. I do understand with your success you don't need me. As an artist I'm just trying to share my vision with the world. Thank you for your time. Paul

  • Kym Harris McDonough, GA

    Hello, Tyler Perry, I'm reaching out to you because I know you of all people know what I am feeling and facing right now. I'm in need of surgery, but I cant get it until December. I can't work anymore. I have children and I am terrified.We are facing eviction and I can't pay the bills. My babies need me. Please read my story and watch the video. It will give all details. I beg you to please share my story with anyone you can. I am not ready to die. Thank you for reading this and please pray for my family. The link is www.gofundme.com/hope4harris My phone number is Sincerely, Kym Harris

  • Uthman Kalamazoo, Michigan.

    Dear Mr Perry, I am writing you this letter to seek for your kind assistant. I am an immigrant living in Michigan state for over 8 years now without my wife and 3 children. Terrorist have been operating in my contry now for a while bombing churches, mosques and public buildings which gives me worries and sleepless nights about the safety of my family. I resorted to prayers and the lord answered by bringing my family to the United States, however, my income is too thin to take care of six of us. I work every day of the week but still the income is not enough due to my bills,credit cards, student loan and other personal loans that I have to take care of. I am by this letter seeking for your help by helping me to pay off my outstanding Federal student loan of $10231.00 as this will go a long way in alleviating my financial problems. Thanks in anticipation.

  • La'Mekia Marshall Gallatin, Tennessee

    Hello Goodmorning to you Mr.Tyler Perry. I am writing to you because I am a 23 year old single black mother who is an inspiring actress that comes from a small town near Nashville TN called Gallatin. My daughter is 2 years old and she is the best thing that has ever happened to me besides being blessed with the talent of acting that I have. I believe God gave me a special gift and I refuse to let it go to waste. I'm just trying to find a starting point and need a little help. I know how to do so many voices its ridiculous. In high school I performed the hit "Norbit" in my theater class and what I can tell you is they wanted me in front of the whole school to show my talent. This is my life long dream and I would just Like a chance at it. I believe everyone in the world deserves at least one chance and I'm trying my best to become one of those people. I want more for my daughter and I will not stop until I get it I'm going to keep on keeping on. Please give me a chance to show you my god giving talent. I cross my fingers and talk to heavenly father above that you read this and reach out to me. Thanks so much and have a blessed day Mr.Perry!!!

  • marvin Quinn Miami Florida

    Good mornin mr.perry I do not wish to take up to much of your time I'll make this as short as possible jan14 of last year I got shot one time in the lower hip area I were air lifted to Jackson memorial hospital were I was pronounced dead on arrival I we're cut from the top of my stomach to the bottom an also the right side of my chest they brought me back an 5 mins later I went out again. They brought me back and 2 day's later I went out again the 3rd time they told MY mom this the last time there trying an when they did God grabbed my hand an said I got you that's when my life suddenly changed. I we're in a coma for almost 2 months I got out of the hospital April 3 I have a 5 year old son an I'm 22 years young due to all the surgeries I had to go thru my left vocal cord is paralyzed an I have very bad breathing problems im not allowed to work to participate in any activities with my son an most importantly I could barely walk from the bathroom to my room without being tired. I love music I rap the struggle I know what it's like being down to your last dollar going to sleep without meals I don't have Medicaid they denied me for disability 2 times we lost our house because my mom was at the hospital with me every day an she didn't leave she even slept next to me I'm coming to you because I want Medicaid I want to have surgery to get my vocal repaired I want to get back in the studio because I know an god knows thats one of the reasons I were given a second chance at life I graduated school when I was 17 I just never went to college I want to I have a gift with music a random lady once told me people all around the world are going to love me an know my name and right then I knew it was music mr.perry I'm asking for help towards my career god open my eyes the day I got shot I just want better because I know an god knows I deserve better. Mr.perry mam to man I really could use your help have a blessed day oh yeah one more thing my mom love the group you walk on u your a big inspiration to her.

  • Bright virginia

    Dear Mr. Perry, bobby kristina can be helped, if it is not too late. I could not find anyway to contact her family via email or phone. The power of her family can save her they just don't know it.

  • Kirikiri Africa

    Hello Mr. Perry Please help me. I might be homeless in a few days, starting July 1st. Please help me, or any other person who can help that God may touch. Thank you and God bless you.

  • Kendall R. Robinson Antioch, California

    Hello Mr. Perry, I just thought I'd ask you an unreasonable request. I know you are a busy man so I'll make this brief. America needs "A Different World," we need a portal into an African American college community that we could and SHOULD have. A current days portrayal of the potential of our cultures best and brightest when given the opportunity to co-mingle in a college environment. As a recent grad of an HBCU I know the value such an education. Being from California, a diverse cultural climate; my HBCU Stillman College gave me insight into more shades of Black than I ever previously knew existed. My mind was opened, and I believe that Americas public would benefit from a replication of that result. Please consider.

  • Angie bowman Baltimore Maryland

    Hi I don't know where to start, I love your work, not the cartoon as must. But everything else. My daughter has be try to act for at 3, she great help acting but the talent is there. She is 7 now she did a Gospel stage play here in Maryland called Taking it back, a scene on a HBO show that air in August. I'm send you a clip please watch and give feedback please and thank you. Mom Angie

    • Angie bowman Baltimore Maryland #2121635

      To first post didn't post the clip So I had to re post

  • Nikki

    Hi Mr. Perry, Do you like to read books? I'd like to see if you'd be interested in reading a portion of my book to see if it would be worth publishing. If you're interested please let me know how to send a copy directly to you. I appreciate your time!

  • Daija Maryland

    Hello Mr. Perry, I am in great need of some help. I am enrolled in The University of Central Florida. I have dues for my summer enrollment tuition of about $5000. My dad works for the United States Post Office and my mom is unemployed. I filled out the fasfa and my school is only giving me about $2000 for the Fall and the Spring. They are giving me nothing for the summer and the money is due on July 10th. I have no scholarship money, even after filling out many many scholarship applications. I had a 3.56 accumulative GPA in high school, I was in the Student Government Association, the National Honor Society, the National Society of High School Scholars, etc. I just really need some help right now, and I don't know where else to turn. Thank You.

  • tonya baker camden ar

    i wanted to let u no that my family is a big fan of yours.also,my husband likes music.he likes to produce and remixes songs and etc.he has a dream of making it to hollywood and to get to be on BET.if u can help to make that happen for him,we would appreciate it.we live in the poor state of arkansas.neyo is from here also.your words really touched my heart when u said to not to stop if u have a dream.to go forward til u get there.and that its going to be a lot of haters trying to stop u.i was once told that shouldnt anybody be jealous of someone that accomplished their dream cause they can do it too if they want to.and it makes since.its true.im looking forward to meeting u if u can help him get there to.i hope that i will hear from u soon.

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