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My new Email system

Hi Guys,

I just wanted to let you know that I have a new email system.  This will serve you much better and get emails out to you very quickly.

Please, if you would, take a moment to update your information so you don't miss out on future emails by clicking the link below.


Talk soon,


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  • Sophia Pensylvania

    Hi Mr. Perry, I would like to tell you my story. pray about it and if the Lord lead you to call me then please do so. I am the child of a great God, a living God and I am a testimony of Gods goodness

  • opus krukrubo Nigeria

    Good day Sir. I love your movies Sir,And your stories are inspiring.My name is Opus krukrubo,I am from Nigeria.I own a blog.www.Opustjkwrites.blogspot.com I am an aspiring script writer/poet/novelist. But in my day job,I am a lawyer in the Public service. My blog is essentially a "story blog".I write what I like to call "relatable fiction"on my site.Because I believe that in all genres of fiction,one can always find a situation,character or theme to relate to Story telling is a passion for me.I love it. IMy stories stretch from romance to comedy and even to horror.I would really like the opportunity to offer my services as a creative writer/poet/script writer. IIt has long been my dream to be a part of your organization.Please feel free(if you can spare the time) to check out my site www.opustjkwrites.blogspot.com.by the grace of God, my site is growing. My goal is to one day create a platform for creative writers in my country. There's alot of creativity here. I look forward to hearing from you. GOD BLESS YOU And thank you for your time

  • Janejene Annephonsine Oflonga United States

    Hi Mr.Perry I am jane and I am 9 years old and I've watched a lot of your movies with my mom and I'm in 4th grade and I get really good grades in school so I would like to try out to get a role in one of your movies please and thank you for your time.

  • margaret stuckey mesquite,tx

    I am 71 years old I have a story that happen in my life that I feel would interest you and others that happen some fourty years ago, how would I go about discussing this with you to see if you would be interested in making a movie about this. M.Stuckey

  • Gladys Ewing Hillside illinois

    Mr. Perry Please go to youcaring.com Search Cherrish

  • Glenroy Best Fairy Valley Christ Church Bridgtown Barbados

    Hi Mr perry how are you, I'm in need of ur a sponsor an was wondering if I could get it from U, the amount needed is $4000 just enough R to let a father see his daughter burnt borned. Thank you.

  • dareasia monroe la 712011

    hi i am writing you to let you know my daughter loves you she is handicapp and i was trying to see if you can give me some advice on how to start my own business. im trying to open a resturant and i want to get my momma and daugther up out those apartments so if you can help i would be bless by you amen my e mail address dont work so you will have to call me

  • Ceciliace United States

    Hi, Mr. Tyler Perry The reason for my email today is for a idea that came to mind I'm approaching my 45th birthday on 04/13/1970 I offent find myself thinking from time to time what my school child friends are doing at this age. My graduating class is 1988, majority from L.G. Pinkston in Dallas,Tx. I wasn't the most popular girl, but I managed to find my way surrounded by some of the most popular people known in West Dallas during my years of growing up. I come from a big family, Texas native , 2nd generation of West Dallas and my kids and grandkids are presently residing in West Dallas. But, what I would like the most to know is, how are the people I grew up with, are doing. Where are they now? I know Oprah has a show about the stars? But, what about people like me who want to know about people they grew up with???? Where are they now????

  • Chantil Wright United States

    Hello Sir, I would like to invite you to Grace Cathedral, while you are in South Carolina. We are located in the city of Sumter. I know people have not because they don't are too afraid to ask. So I am asking, and I have no fear cause God hasn't give me that spirit. Since your going to say yes please email me and I can link you up with the church ministries staff as well as give you the address. Have a blessed day, and Congratulations on all your current and future success in the name of Jesus.

  • Lizzie walker jackson,ms

    Hi Tyler, how are you? Well we made it back here staying in motel, running out of money, having to beg up on money to pay for 2 rooms because its 9 of us tried to get one but the owner made us get another, we don't have enough money to get a house rent money and the deposit too. My brother is 73 year old who has dementia, and a horrible deep sore on his button, we need to find a home so hospic can start back seeing him and to take care of him and his buttom. I only need asap help with the rent and deposit to move in, I can handle the next months rent by the grace of god I just need first time help, I can call the ambulance for transporting him to the hospital, we do not have transportation either,but main thing is roof over our heads, what ever you bless us with asap will be most highly appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to read my message I know you are a busy man, and thank you for your asap help, like very much asap. Thanks liz

    • annie lucas Bronx NY #2078397

      I pray some of you get an answer from Tyler Perry, Steve Harvey , Oprah Wendy Williams . We watch their show and spend money going to see them in movies, but, when you need them you can forget it they don't even return your e-mail's or calls if you had a telephone number for anyone of these people send me an e-mail.

  • verna Massdin 749 Ryant

    Hi I am thankful to God for all that he does for me and the world. With that being said I would like to know how I could get my New book Stripped an exotic dancers journey to God. In your hands that you may look it over and pray how my real life story. Could impact the lives of others in the stripping industry. I was at a strip party when God can into my party while I was stripping today I am a ordained Evangelist telling my testimony and preaching. God will come into strip parties, jail where ever you are to pull you out.

  • Christina Randolph Converse, Texas

    Hi! Many people write you asking and advising you of things they need assistance on or your support. I just pray that they realize that you human like all of us and not to expect an answer from you because you are not God. There is no way you will reach everyone! I will direct all these wonderful people to God, The Word, faith, obedience and PERSERVERANCE without giving up! This information will be advertised on my website TAT! Not yet published. Also, I am a single person that is just living a check below property. I always thought I would be the perfect wife for you because of my beauty on the inside. Simple and not materialistic...just love to enjoy life with the obstacles in my life. I have so many challenges; that I can't seem to get my 2 websites off and running! Yer, God continues to deal with me! With that said I just thought you would not mind me posting a comment about VetBilly on Facebook. VetbBilly is a cause I am fighting for and it don't taking nothing out of your time. I ask those that visit access VetBilly and post life instead of death if it's in your heart to do so and share the page. Thank you for this page and may God continue to bless you! Sister Christina

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