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My new Email system

Hi Guys,

I just wanted to let you know that I have a new email system.  This will serve you much better and get emails out to you very quickly.

Please, if you would, take a moment to update your information so you don't miss out on future emails by clicking the link below.


Talk soon,


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  • Ramona Elaine Seattle, Washington

    Mr.Perry: I would like to know when you first started out in business who you used as your financial advisor?

  • Vonita Williams Atlanta, GA

    Greetings Mr. Perry, I am reaching out to you to assist a program that I believe in. This year after 12 years of funding the organaization was not funded this year. The founder is devasated. PLEASE CONSIDER TO SPEAK WITH ME IN HOPES TO ASSIST SUMMER CAMP FOR CHILDREN IN THE ATLANTA, GA AREA.

  • Mrs. Phillips Phenix City,AL

    Mr. Tyler Perry, I send this email not just as another person trying to get over. I am this email reaching out for 50 years of marital bliss that should not go unnoticed. I send this email because I am on the edge with my sisters. Our parents will be celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary July 12, 2015. My sisters and I have meet on several occasions to plan this martial blessing. Now that we are down to the wire, all of them have backed out with their financial obligations. I have a lot at stake her because I made the deposit on the venue. I have secured camera man, my parents attire, and to put the icing on the cake. I'm the only sister traveling from out of time to make this all happen. I want to honor my parents but being a school teacher's budget, is not helping me at all. What your sincere heart what should I do? Please help. My parents are the born and reared in Hopkins, SC. The parents of 5 girls. My father was shot when he was seven years old. He worked with everything in him to provide for his family. My mother worked until her health became an issue. If there is any way possible you can help me tie this all together I highly appreciate it. All praises and honor belongs to GOD!!!

  • Lilly Coral Springs, fl


  • Greg Allentown pa

    Hi sir this is not for me I want to tell you about a guy in my town who has the biggest heart loves God and help so many people in this world he is a small time actor in our area does a play called the rabbit h*** he's outstanding black actor in his forties I would love for him just to get one break in this world his name is William Alexander such a good guy if you get this it would be my honor to see him succeed thank you sir

  • Sheena Addison Douglasville ga

    Dear Mr. Perry I need your advice it's very personal so I don't want to post it on here but I need words of wisdom from someone who is not family. I'm going through a tough time and I feel like I'm headed towards depression. I know your a busy man but I am praying you see this and would please email me back so we can discuss it, because I don't know how much more tolerance I have for what's going on in my life. Thank You for your time.

  • Roy Coffin Boston

    Selling a movie concept. , Already registered it with the Writers Guuild of America. Movie is about a man who is about to get married to his long time girlfriend who he is deeply in love with and she is deeply in love with him. Their plans are to have children and live great lives together, but the man finds himself in situations that are leading him to a life altering epiphany where he sees this life, sees that the universe is for ever repeating and it was thanks to the devil. The dejavu is overwhelming. In this epiphany the man sees his life recreating itself over and over in a universe filled with fame, drugs, money and sex. To the man this was to be known as the devil's law, the devil's law was to be obeyed and he would soon begin to pursue this life that was shown to him. During this pursuit the man's love would began to fade, the man would begin to slowly forget about his long time girlfriend who falls into a world of dark depression but she never let's go and will stop at nothing to get her man back. As the man ascends into fame and fortune, though the dejavu can be overwhelming he is assured by the flashbacks of his epiphany that he is on the right track to fame and fortune, but as time progresses he is slowly without a care forgetting about his girlfriend who continues to suffer. The man's great life doesn't go so great for too long as his girlfriend bares witness and it's going to require divine intervention to fix both their lives. Check out my Facebook Page for the movie concept. Www.facebook.com/TheDevilsLawMovie

    • Roy Coffin Boston #2112786

      Dejavu is real.

  • Skeeter Davis Augusta, GA

    I know most of the comments end up in file 13, I pray this one actually reaches you. I am not asking you for an handout, or an easy way out, I am no stranger to hard work and I do know that with many failures will come success through determination. I just want the opportunity to meet you and have one question answered. That's all, I will continue to fight untill I achieve my goals. GOD will open the doors in his time. I believe in him and the unique gifts he has given me. I pray you read this and allow me this opportunity of a lifetime, it will not even take five minutes out of your busy schedule. Thank you and God bless

  • Valencia Charles Las Vegas NV

    Mr Tyler Perry my church is in trouble the banks are foreclosing on our church Ebenezer First Church of God in Christ !! Know you don't now me from any other person. But I was hoping that you would like to invest in our church. Nobody ask me to try and contact you but I believe in prayer and if this letter never reach at least I tried . I know you crazy people asking you the crazy thing but I'm asking if you would sir save Ebenezer in Las Vegas NV. My Pastor Bill McDowell is doing a great work in the community ,He feeds the homeless, feeds kids that might not have any food at home, And most of all we are a soul saving church !! Please sir if you can if you Help us please. thank you Mr Tyler Perry for your time sincerely Valencia Charles

  • Danny Martinez

    Dear Mr. Tyler Perry, Hi I was wondering if u could help me become a great actor. I will work for free and act for free.. I am struggling in my life right now and I need to make a change in my life.. I gave up the streets a yr ago and my life has been very hard for me and all I would love to do is make it better for me and my children and my future wife.. They are all I have in my life, I been through h*** n back, and times is hard for me n my family.. I need to provide for them and support them.. I refuse to go back to the streets and get in trouble.. I know hard work pays off.. All I'm asking is for a helping hand.. I pray and I pray, and ask for a positive change.. I always help others.. Sir I been through so much in my life, all I wanna do is make it better and for another shot in life before its to late.. Can u please contact me on my Facebook Rocky Dachamp... Thank you and bless your heart.. From a fan and friend Danny martinez

  • QSA The One I'm IN or PREFER?

    You have to READ this Script! Email Me and let's set up a Read!

  • mike rayfield chicago illinois

    Please donate support the fund raiser WWW.gofundme.com/unjz2k

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