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I just wanted to let you know that I have a new email system.  This will serve you much better and get emails out to you very quickly.

Please, if you would, take a moment to update your information so you don't miss out on future emails by clicking the link below.


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  • Lisa Dedmon Oklahoma

    So enjoyed your show in Tulsa. The crowd was different from years ago. Didn't think I'd ever hear you singing Tim McGraw. Change is inevitable. Very happy for your success. Glad I was a part of it back then. Does my heart good to see how God has blessed you. I believe it's only the beginning for you! Can it get bigger? ABSOLUTELY! Seed reaps a harvest... Eyes have not seen and ears have not heard...

  • Theresa Daniels Gilmore Houston, Texas

    My employer, Cora Johnson, has a book she has written about her mother-in-law. It tracks her life and her legacy. Ms. Johnson gives praise to the strength and accomplishments of the late Ms. Johnson.

    • Jabre Harris Virginia Beach Virginia #2183837

      I really enjoyed the Madea play it was awesome it was my first time coming to see you live I wanted to take some pictures but there were no backstage passes available and i didn't know that there was a meet and greet i was a little upset because I really wanted to take pictures with the cast of Tyler Perry's Madea On The Run also Tyler Perry thank you for coming to Norfolk Virginia my sister really enjoyed it was an honor keep doing what are and God is going to bless you I love singing and making people laugh

  • romona matherne co

    That production was so awesome I cry everytime I see it. I am so homesick for new orleans

  • romona matherne co

    please make a DVD of the passion I have it recorded on DVR but will lose it when I move. I am stuck in Colorado due to divorce. I watch the passion over and over again. I am from the westbank and love the city. I want to keep this movie forever

  • Sharon Harrisons Passaic

    Your an amazing person along with a blessed one. I grew up in East Orange and I seen the way you stepped in and helped the Huston family from your heart.You will be blessed. I have a story to tell . if you will lend me your ear for a moment and give me some guidance please . may you always be blessed and keep up the good work .I love your movies and your shows

  • Linda Allen Los Angeles, Ca

    When you get the opportunity check out or google this classic allegory entitled " Hinds' Feet on High Places" by Hannah Hurnard They even have an audio version. It is a great story to redo for the children and anybody who is struggling with their identity in this world. It is a story about this little girl name Much Afraid who has many issues who grows up in this village with her rough rude family members who wants to keep her in bondage. Whereas her only get away is when she goes to be around the Good Shepherd where she finds peace and comfort with until he leaves to go to the High place where she is also invited to go. This girl goes through life's many challenges in order to escape her surrounding to find peace within & a way to find out who she really is. Her name changes in the course of her journey. I'm suggesting that you take notice of this story because it is practical and yet it has a great spiritual message that would enhance the lives of children & others Why you? Because you are about enhancing the lives of many from the inside out. Your creative and have a good spiritual understanding that once you get into the story you will agree that it is a story that should be shared. When I saw you do the Passion, I thought you would be ideal person who could pull it off along with my input of course, smile! It could be done many ways yet I'm suggesting it be done like a soap opera, in segments for children with cliff hangers & that would keep it exciting. So exciting that grown folks would want to watch it too. I know that everybody could not do this story justice because others have already tried with plays, musicals, movie yet it has not come up to it's true standard yet. This is a story I believe you would not mine your son watching for his betterment. That's why I'm entrusting this to you. Let me know what you think. Sincerely!

  • Loretha C Bryant Ogden Utah

    I need your help. I'm in a battle with the Social Security Administration for benefits due me. Mr. Perry I'm 59 and need my benefits now. I have Sickle Cell Anemia Disease. I was diagnosis at age 4, my first crisis came at age 14. I've had crisis all my life. I'm overwhelemed. I have contacted from the Mayor to the President and every offical in between. I've even contacted every member of the Congressioal Black Caucus. I need help now. I now live in Utah, the Dr.s ask me what am I doing here. They said it's the worst state for my condition. One Dr. called me a "SICKLER" . I'm at the lowest point of my life, competely at the Social Security Administration mercy. They have dragged me for over 10 years. I'm 59 how long do I have to be dragged? If they told me what they needed I would give that to them. it's nothing more than a morden day POLL TAX. Why in the year 2016, our first black President and black people are being left behind that have this dreaded disease. We've suffered all our lives. Please give us a voice Mr. Perry. Thanks in advance for any help.

  • BARBARA MARK Tokyo, Japan

    Hello Mr. Tyler Perry, I going to take this chance to write you, with hopes that this message reaches you. At this time, I'm not commenting on a show or anything, but need to ask you a favor. I currently live in Japan and have been for 23yrs, with my husband, working for the military. Our daughter, Erika Mark, who lived here in Japan for 18yrs, prior to leaving to attend Tuskegee Univ. (TU), moving from a diverse environment to an HBCU. Well, the time has come for her to depart TU and spread her wings. With excitement, she just informed us today that you were the guest speaker at her graduation. Sir, this warmed her heart, being she's been waiting for this moment for a while, due to having to sit out to assist me when diagnosed with cancer, which forced me to move back to the states for a year, but God is so good, for I'm a one year survivor. She and my 85yr old dad, Frank Johnson, Jr are elated to know that you are the guest speaker. He eat, sleeps and drink you daily, whether old or new movies, not to mention, when you go into the "Madear" mode. You truly help he and his mind stay active, for everyday he and my mom (RIP) would come home and ask to put in one of your shows or movies. Anything to keep laughter in his heart and a smile on his face. LOL! He will be in attendance at the graduation, and it's my prayer if he can be afforded an opportunity to meet you in person. This will truly be another blessing for him to witness that day, meeting you and witnessing Erika (youngest grandchild of 11) walk across that stage, which has been a long time coming. They both deserve love and happiness that day, 7 May 2016, not to mention, the best gift a child can give a mother, on this Mother's Day. Sir, if this message reaches you and you can make this happen, God knows I truly appreciate. Have a great evening sir, and see you at Tuskegee University 2016 Graduation. Continuous Blessings to you! Ms. Barbara A. Mark

  • Rhonda Goff corsicana tx 75110

    Mr. Perry, I really like your movies and plays. I also like what you did for Houston family. I understand you weren't always successfully. You have come a long way. I'm writing to you cause I'm needed so help. February 27,2016 I buried my mother. The forwarding Saturday, we buried my father then the forwarding Saturday after that, we buried my stepmother. How do I coup with that? On top of all that I'm in a position of losing where Ilived for 2 years. Can you please help me? I know that you might have problems too. I'm a big fan of ours

  • Jane Powers usa

    If you call your self a Christian why all your movies have all that cursing in them that's not cute or funny

  • Blessed1 Phoenix, AZ

    Good afternoon Mr. Perry I'm one of your biggest fans..I luv your plays (would luv the opportunity 2 act in one or 1 of your movies-jus a sidebar note lol), movies etc...I luv Mr Brown and Miss Cora the best!..My question to you is how did u make it when you were homeless? Also how did you transition from homelessness 2 being comfortable? I know you are blessed by God..just need something to chew on and believe in

  • Lebogang Lauretta South Africa

    Good morning Mr Tyler my name is Lebogang Laureta Ngwenya , I'm 24 years of age and I'm from South Africa.....just when I was writing my last letter I came across your website....please kindly get back to me as I can not write my story on the wall like it this due to the fact that my situation is very sensitive ....thank you and have a blessed sunday

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