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I just wanted to let you know that I have a new email system.  This will serve you much better and get emails out to you very quickly.

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  • Darlena Gordon Everett, WA

    Hi Tyler, I am so sorry to hear you went thru this experience and thank you for sharing with all of us. I don't know if you have followed up on this man or not. He was your employee and I hope he has some sort of health benefits in place to help him.There are so many forms of mental illness and clearly this man needs help. Mental illness carries such misconceptions that people can "choose" whether or not to be well. Obviously he went to extremes to attempt to meet you and failed. This sometimes only feeds a persons desire to try and try again until they succeed at their goal, no matter if makes "sense" to anyone else or not. I have dealt with numerous people in my own personal life with various mental illnesses. You are a positve and strong role model. You have brought wonderful stories and lessons to all of us and people think the world of you for what you have accomplished because you believed in yourself and worked hard for all that you have. I strongly believe you can play a small role in bringing this man comfort by simply agreeing to let him meet you in a controlled and secure environment. I'm suprised you didn't mention this in your email as I know you are a very compassionate person. My very best friend died this past year in Atlanta. She was bi-polar and had had her thyroid removed when she was 18. Her own family was never supportive of her and just thought she made poor choices. She was the sweetest, loving and most giving unconditional person I've ever met. She'd had a falling out with her daughter the year before who wrote her a very nasty letter cutting her out of her life, including her wedding which was this past June. Kit died the end of April and according to her husband, she died of a broken heart. I have other examples, including my ex-husband whom I believe has undiagnosed bi-polar as well. He is also an alcoholic which which is a deadly combination. This destroyed our very short marriage after having to relocate to AZ when my father passed away after a house fire. That's a long story unto itself and I won't bore you with it. My mother was also an alcoholic and suffered from severe boughts of depression. Both had demons they fought everyday going back to their childhood. I lost both my parents in 2007 and have so many regrets. Anyway, I'm sorry that my thoughts are all over the place. I just think you could reach out to this man and at least let him meet you under your terms. This might go a very long way in his choosing to participate in his own recovery. Being able to have a choice is very empowering. Please accept my apologies if this I am overstepping. You have done so many movies and shows regarding disfunctional families and relationships, greed, power, people fighting for their very dignity. This may be an opportunity to bring awareness to mental illness. Thank you for listening and enjoy your day! Darlena

  • Jessica California

    Mr Perry, Welcome this experience as an opportunity to learn and grow by. He may have gone about this all wrong, but the value in the message is still the same, "people who work for you, want to feel as though they know you." Of course, getting to know everyone on a personal level is impossible, nor is it recommended. However, a handshake with that smile, impromptu visits to that mysterious department, quarterly meetings with no more than 30 attendees, etc. These personal touches is what sets the tone in any business large or small. Its what separates the "Good" from the "Best" places to work. Welcome the message, even if you don't the messenger. Mrs. Jessica D.

  • David Chandler West Palm Beach, Florida

    God bless you Mr. Perry my name is Pastor David Chandler of West Palm Beach Florida and I'm writing you today asking you if you could get in contact with me I have a excellent movie idea that I would love to share with you and Tyler Perry productions on my think this will be a movie that's right up the alley in which you like to do things on my email address and everything is listed above I'm coming to you because I would love to see us on see him doing it directing it at you need to edit publishing in doing PR for it so if you could email me back and I'll be so kindly to get in conversation with you and share with you my ideas for this movie thank you and have a God blessed day Pastor David Chandler

  • Veronica Garcia 92-06 173st Jamaica Ny 11433 Apt 2D

    Hi Mr Tyler Perry! how are you?hope all is well. Mr Tyler Perry I am sending this Information hoping and preying you contact me as soon as possible. I am a new Author on the horrizen of: Isis James Vision of the past. Mr Tyler Perry could you please find time in your life to check out my book. It is based on a true life story.

  • Shante ' Harrell United States

    Hi my name is Shante' Harrell I'm writing you because I don't know what to do I'm 29 years old home less staying in a motel with my mom I can barely afford the room I'm disabled had a stroke at the age of 24 my mom identity was stolen so no one will accept us for a place to live because of the things that are on her background now from the identity theft she thing to get it resolved our lease ended in September we been here since I need special equipment for my disability and can't install it here it's been hard for us I pray every night that things will get better but still haven't gotten any better I truly don't know where to go from here I'm so down and out and trying to stay strong for my mom more than myself I beg and plead that somehow you can help us please mr. Perry help us some way sincerely Shante' (2 Time living Miracle)

  • DeAnna Weems Pittsburgh Pa

    Hi Mr. Perry I am trying to get in contact with you because at this point in my life I don't know what else to do, on May 26,2014 my 15 now 16 year old daughter was shot four times while she was 32 weeks pregnant with my grandson. It saddens me to even tell you why my daughter was shot, but I will because I know how much you disagree with black on black crime!!! Someone knocked at our front door and placed their hand over the glass so that my daughter was not able to see who was at the door being it was pitch black and at 12:30 at night, needless to stay she never expected a young man to be at the other side of the door that was going to start shooting her at close range, she was shot twice in her stomach once in her hand and once in her elbow completely shattering all her ones in her hand and arm. The one bullet that hit her stomach went through my grandson in her stomach, he didn't die instantly he died a slow death while she was on her way to the hospital and causing the surgeons to do a c-section to get him out of her, they tried to save him but was unsuccessful, and my daughter did not know at that time that her son was dead we had to tell her when she got out of surgery! Everything has went down hill from there we lost everything from our home, our car, all of our belongings including all out clothes! We have to start over brand new, we are now in protective custody trying to find somewhere to live so we can get some type of normality in our life! I'm writing you because I am at a stand still and don't know what to do right now I lost my job because of this we have nothing!! Please Mr Perry if you can help us I would be forever thankful to you! If I had any other options trust me I would never try to contact you! I'm so scared that we're going to be homeless pretty soon and I want is a safe home and reliable vehicle that it can ride me and my kids safely there is give of us

  • shermaine johnsbaton rouge on baton rouge la


  • Eleanor Thronton Opelika, AL 36801

    Dear Mr. Perry, My name is Eleanor Thornton and I am the Assistant Coordinator over the Therapeutic Foster Care Program at Lee County Youth Development Center, here in Opelika, AL. I am writing this letter to simply ask for your assistance with helping me and my foster parents with brining some much needed Christmas Cheer to the children that are placed in their homes. Each Year we solicit help from local businesses and are truly grateful for the gifts that they give. However this year, I decided to think outside the box and try to see if just maybe, you would be willing to pay it forward by giving to children that have been neglected, abused and simply cheated out of the opportunity to spend their most impressionable years in a safe and stable home environment. Currently we only have 12 foster families and only 10 children in care ranging from ages 5 to 18, males and females. It would bring me some much JOY to see the faces of children that continue to struggle to be "NORMAL" light up with excitement over the thought of someone who they can only imagine in their wildest dream, giving them gifts that they can only admire while looking in a magazine. I'm just saying, how cool would that be? I'm a firm believer that "You have not, because you ask not". So I'm asking that you consider my request for this Christmas Season. I pray that you read this letter and that your heart be moved by GOD. Thank you in advance. Eleanor Thornton TFC Assistant Coordinator Ext. 313

  • Sequitta Natchez Ms

    I am so upset with you! How could you end If loving you is wrong like that. You could have given us a two hour episode! March??? Really I'm hurt. I don't think I can make it!!!

  • Tamara Peterson homeless

    Hello Mr. Tyler Perry I'm sorry to send you this email but i don't know what else to do. My kids and I have been sleeping in my car because we lost our place. I really have been experiencing some hard times for the past few months which put me and my children in a homeless situation. I woke up this morning and called the homeless taskforce but they let me know all the shelters are full. It's been days since me my twins ages 4 and my 6 and 8 year old been out here. I have askeds friends and family for help but it has gotten me nowhere and i can't get upset with anyone cause they don't owe me anything . I'm not looking for a handout but i am heartbroken because my children are going through this and i can't even walk right now to go try labor ready or anything else, I just had surgery at Henry Piedmont on a broken leg so if you may know of any resources that can get me and my kids out of this kids cold i really would appreciate the info. Thank you.

  • Maria Virginia

    Hello Mr Perry I'm trying to get some suggestions on how to write a book on our lives my siblings and me, it started back in 1968 when my mother just decided she was going to the store and never came back leaving behind all 5 children at the age of 7,6,5,3 and my brother that was 1 yr old at the time leaving it up to my father to raise 3 out of 5 , 2 of them belong to him and the oldest one wasn't his but he kept her to and the other 2 that wasn't his she had took them to her parents house before she just up and left , we came about finding her in 1995 she had changed her last name that's why we couldn't find her but for all those years she only lived 45 minutes from me and I didn't know. We stated in touch after that and saw one another every weekend, she had secrets and one of them was that the man that I thought was my father is not my biological father and she took that to her grave on October 4 2014 not telling me, and also when we read her will she also spoked about another child she left behind after leaving us 5 so now it's 6 children all together we never knew she had another child she never spoke about it to us so now we are on a search for a young man age 40 to 45 named Alonzo Williams jr that was left behind to with his father so I would love to hear back from you so I can start my book and give it a good t****** You can run but you can't hide when there's a great powerful God about he make it possible always. Thanks God Bless

  • Chanel Thibodeaux Manor, Texas

    Hello, I am the mother of 3 sets of twins (naturally) and 2 single children that I raise alone. I do have the support from my mother and my husband but because I have a job paying over $10 an hour the government plays not part in my life. Everyday people ask me "Chanel, how do you raise those babies and still keep sane" and my answer is always "I don't know but I know that God gave them to me for some reason." I am asking for all support possible to share my story with the world and put hope into the lives of young women being able to raise their children independently even when she feels that no hope is left. If I can do it SO CAN YOU. I have started a fund raiser to raise funds for my own personally reality show. Anything helps and I know MY GOD will make a way. Go fund me at gofund.me/chanbthi thanks