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  • Morgan V Tyler, texas

    Hi Tyler Perry, we have a Tragedy fund set up for the Hall-Bell Children under daughter Jadashia R Cutis @ Altra Federal Credit Union 5523 Troup Hwy Tyler Texas 75707 Can follow the loss on Channel 19 news KYTX, Tyler Texas

  • marrlon Tampa Florida

    Truthfully, i really dont believe this web site is real no offence mr. Perry, its only cause for awhile now i have been goin on line trying to find auditions for acting and all i ever ggot were false acting agencies that do nothing but try in rip you off. I apologize if i come on a little not harsh, but sense a child i have always wanted to act but just didnt have the right connect. I mean man how are their so many famous people that are famous with success and wont take time iut to help others get to where they want to be? It makes you think all this, the fam, the success, the fans, its all unreal. Ive vever wanted anything so badly like how i want this dream. But it seams like im living a life of a basic black man with a basic job and pay. I just had child in now expecting another, i always been the type to think i would be rich with fame before i have my kids, but iguess that was a false dream also. My father is a bishop, bishop MB jefferson, and i always wanted to have some kind of bond with him, but never could cause he's always busy. Grew up not knowing who my father was until 18, im now 24 with two kids i want to see their father make it in life. But its like i said ive tride to get auditions for so long now and nothing, so iguess if this web site real, then you'll receive this message. You have a good night sir.

  • Raphael Rudisel Detroit, Michigan

    Hi, Mr. Perry I wrote to you about a month ago, how ever I did'nt give the correct email address. When I wrote to you a month ago I was talking about an event that God gave me in 2005. African American Family Reuion World Revival Love Revolution, a celebration of Christ return. The vision was'nt complete in 2005, but was given to me more, and more over the years. It was completed in 2014. In 2013 I was shown that you had a very important part of making my dream, this wonderful vision into a reality. God told me to contact you. That you were the best at what you do. That you have the power, and connection to the many of African Americans that are to be a part of this celebration of Christ return. Our African American family reunion. God let me know that this revival must take place before Christ return. For years I didn't have a date. I received a date in 2013. The third week of June, 2017. I really need you. God let me know to contact you. He have the complete vision. I just need help in putting this m***** plan together, and God couldn't have found a better person for me to work with. I ask you to please pray over it, and please contact me at your earliest convenience. I need you, and more importantly God needs you. Thank you so much. I look foward from hearing from you. God said, " See the vision, write the vision, speak the vision, and it shall come to past." This cannot be done with out you, because you were chosen to be part of the vision. Love you. Your sister in Christ Raphael Rudisel.

  • Tanisha Read Columbus, OH

    Hello Mr. Perry! I am submitting this on behalf of my church family, Ephphatha Outreach Ministries, Columbus, Oh. The Pastor is Apostle Ronald Hoard who is the former lead singer for the Ohio Players. This church is full of extremely gifted, anointed singers and musicians who I know deserve an opportunity to be on stage. I know you may have heard this before but if you could give them one chance I promise you wont be disappointed. 1672 Windsor Ave. Columbus, OH 43219.

  • Jahari Howard Dallas Texas

    Dear Mr. Tyler Perry My name is Jahari and right now the subject that I am about to talk about is very difficult for me to talk about but my family needs your help and I don't know what eles to do. well here go's me and my husband and kids are homeless we have been homeless since Christmas, we went from sleeping in cars to living in a motel. My husband is trying really hard to take care of us he works as a security officer but it is hard when you have 7 kids. we both cry every night because we are so tired. We have tried to get help from plenty of different places but know one seems to be able to help us because we have a large family and space in certain places are limited. I have a 14 year old son Mr. Perry who go's to school and work hard despite what we have going on he has been through a lot he is an inspiring actor, he has been in my father's plays who was an actor and director who passed away because of cancer, Since then my son has made a promise that he would do everything that he could to continue my father's legacy, he is still acting he is currently auditioning to get into Booker T. Washington school of performing arts, he also is going to be in a theater completion at the Irma P. Hall Festival. So Mr. Perry my son has really worked hard but because of our situation I don't know how to make sure his dreams become a reality, he belongs on the stage......

  • Arthur Neville Rialto California now but the native New Yorker Brooklyn

    Mr.Tyler Perry I love all your movies and I was very thankful for watching them all they touch my heart. Thank you YOUR TRULY ARTHUR.NEVILLE

  • Justine Harris columbus ohio

    All these people on here posting comments looking for a handout , well Tyler I dont want a handout . I want to WORK for mine .

  • norma Baltimore Maryland

    Hello. Mr. Perry and newborn baby. My name is. Norma pollard I need help I live in the worse part of. Maryland I have diabetes 7injections a day my daughter in mentally and physically disabled. We are being. Evicted harass high rent 5 calls to the police and court dates every day I cannot afford a lawyer I live off SSA SSSI I turn on my table today and your site was there. Mr. Perry please help or refer me to someone I have a lot more to tell you I go to court. Jan 21 2015. Please please help. Norma and family. I would I would like you to write my book I have a new place to move but no money for down payment or furniture and I'm back up in bills. Help. Please. Love. Norma

  • LAURA new york

    Since so many actors of color are being passed over (including yourself) for awards ie: Oscars. critic awards, sag ect why don't you find a way in our own forum (NAACP ect) to honor ourselves and our achievements?? The Oscars had to start somewhere----

  • jordan United States

    Are you able to read this I really need it help,

  • Lakeisha Washington, DC

    LOL!! I hate all your movies- the Medea plays were funny but what happened?! My story is no different than many. Dead father, crack addicted mother, foster child nobody ever wanted, and now the single mother of 6 children by 4 different me, LOL- what was I looking for right? None the less I LOVE my children and have always provided a warm, loving home for them. No wonderful man came in and saved my day. I recently had to quit my job due to no childcare during the hours I was scheduled to work. Not complaining because stuff happens. I have a child in college and a 12 year old in the 9th grade and my other 2 and doing really well in school, plus a set of twins, alone! That's a single mom! I do not drink, smoke, or date- who the heck has time. I find that all your movies have the same theme. Someone coming to save a woman. Well let me tell you- that's the most unrealistic c*** I have ever heard! Life hurts and its kicking most single mothers behind. There is no glory in being sleep deprived, no glory in crying because you can't pay the light bill, No glory in wondering how your going to get to work because you only have enough to pay the gas bill. Tyler were is the glory in hurting so bad standing in the rain waiting for the bus with 2 infants to take them to the doctor because they have had fevers all night. Your movies make me sick- Some woman struggle in silence, and education or lack of has nothing to do with it. I have struggled years, and lots of debt to get a college degree, and for what, to lose a low paying job because some idiot calls you at work to say he's leaving your babies home alone, and you rush back 45 minutes on the train to get them. LOL!!! Glory!!! I believe in GOD and pray and pray and yes he makes a way, we are not in the dark yet. Where's these movies, where is woman like me trying to do right by our children. I'd love to wave guns around, and shot people, but the reality is I'd be in jail and my kids would be with out a mother. Dating is impossible because I don't have time, or energy, ummm - I wonder if a man would like todays smell of baby vomit. LIFE SUCKS!! entertainment is great but, your not showing a realistic picture of the struggle!! I never have used drugs in my life- heck I don't even drink, I just cry and move on! No rich boss, no saver man- nope- just one day to the next in silence I struggle. That's the reality of most single mothers!! Now excuse me but I have to get 5 kids up- 3 to school and 2 to the doctor- another night of vomit and fever! Heck maybe I'll get saved and marry the bus driver. LOL!!!! They don't even wait when they see you running pushing 2 infants in a stroller!!! My only dream is to get a job to feed these kids and pay the bills- because I am not on welfare, not that that really helps any way! You are not showing America the struggle Tyler--- Your making movies, getting rich, off what Hollywood thinks is the struggle.

  • Jordan parker davenport florida

    Dear Tyler Perry I really need you to hear my story I really badly need your help I mean I don't know what I'm doing I don't think your really going to see this but I really wish you could cause the person I see on tv and movies I really like and think is a great person hope your the same away from the cameras but please reply I need you to hear my story I need your help