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Hi Guys,

I just wanted to let you know that I have a new email system.  This will serve you much better and get emails out to you very quickly.

Please, if you would, take a moment to update your information so you don't miss out on future emails by clicking the link below.


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  • Sherry Cole Jackson, TN

    Dear Mr. Perry, We are hoping to do a community wide Child Abuse prevention event sometime in 2017. We use Darkness to Light’s Stewards of Children training program for child sexual abuse prevention and are hoping to get someone “HUGE” to speak at our event. One of our victim Advocates suggested that we try to contact you because she uses your story to show kids that they can overcome what has happened to them. I realize this is a long shot, but I was told to dream big. Would you be willing to serve as our “Star” to try to reach as many people as possible and equip them with tools to prevent child abuse and to assist in the healing process? I have worked for the Exchange club-Carl Perkins Center for the Prevention of child Abuse for 23 years. Our website is www.carlperkinscenter.org Please consider this request as our goal is to stop the cycle of child abuse so no child has to learn that some monsters are real. We are so excited about the possibility! Sherry Cole Carl Perkins Center County Director 178 Airways Blvd. Jackson, TN 38301

  • Dana Dill Bermuda

    Good evening Mr. Perry. I'm desperately trying to find and purchase one of your songs. It is the first song performed by Tamela Mann on the "Madeas Class Reunion" DVD. Some of the lyrics are as follows: "For every tear you cry, there is a reason why. It will make you wise someday. For every mountain high, there will be valleys low, but it will all help you to grow." This song has ministered to me in so many ways. I have the DVD, but it's alittle annoying to cue it up to the song every time, and recording it onto my phone from the TV is ghetto. :) I've been looking for a quality recording of that song on iTunes and everywhere else. A few years ago the Manns came to Bermuda to do a concert and I stood in line for an hour just so I could ask her about this song. She had no idea what song I was talking about. Lol. Help me please!

  • alfreda Walker Columbus Ga.

    Good morning Mr. Tyler Perry. I Applaud you for all the good work and charities that you doing to save God people. I congratulate you on your son. I'm in need of your help to also get the story of pain, trials and tribulations. while holding on to faith, knowing you can endure all things throug Jesus Christ who strengthen us. We're running out of time and God said that all nations has to hear his word and know the truth. What I'm asking you to do if the help me get the word and the truth to God people. Is so many. People that have lost hope and have lost their way and feel God has forgotten them. I know you have heard so many stories, and have endured much of these things on your own. I would like to share my story with you in hope that it would help millions. My store is not an ordinary story.I give God has gotten all the glory because I know it could have only been God. I'm no special case. Just a vessel that God use to show that he love me no more than he loved anyone else. If he done it for me he surely can do it for anyone. So I'm asking that you help me so that I can help millions of others. May you continually to be blessed and helping others.

  • Jacob Heiskell Tennessee

    I just want to say I would have loved to have made it to your play in Tennessee tonight but couldn't because I was pretty much made to work when I specifically asked for it off but oh well .. I was really looking forward to being there because your such an inspiration and hilarious but you have strong roots and I hope to make it as far as you have

  • Ngimbi mbumba DRCONGO

    Hi Mr Perry ,I´m Ngimbi but my friends and familly call me (Afelika)that mean Afrika so,i´m from Democratic republic of congo(DRC) please please if you have any free time to see and read this message can you allow me to email you my full detail story, by the way I have passion in the world of films but never had Opportunity, but this can be a chance for me, I will show all my ability in all I got from my childhood.

    • belinda Philadelphia, PA #2169361

      Hi how u doing my name is belinda im writing a book its about a young girl who father rape and turned her into drug at 11 and at the age 14 she was held capture for 3 months getting rape and beat and a unwanted pregnancy i would love for u to star in my movie when i get there i belive anything is positable

  • Thuli Manana Johannesburg, South Africa

    Good Day Mr Perry I would like to congratulate you for all the success you have had thus far in your career. You are a true inspiration to black people world wide. I am a young lady from South Africa who is passionate about Africa and its people. Africa is a diverse continent that is rich with culture and untold stories. It is my dream to create a series that show cases Africa's beauty to the rest of the world and breaks the stereo type that Africa is one big country. It would be an absolute honour to work with you on this Mr Perry. Looking forward to your response. Regards Thuli Manana

  • Latoya chicago

    Please if you have any free time to read can you allow me to email you my full detail story. I have tried to but the system will not let me write very thing in this box. Thank you for your time and if you can just give me a little more time.

  • Makayla Atlanta

    Hi I'm Makayla. I'm not sure if you read these or not but I thought it'd be worth a try. I feel like I've run out of options. I'm 18, working two jobs and trying to make it. I was enrolled in Spelman but tuition was really expensive so I had a balance for first semester and had to leave. The balance is big for me to have to pay on my own. I'm not able to go to school anywhere because there is a hold on my accounts. I don't really have a stable place to live since I've left the dorms. I tried but I was disapproved for my own apt even though I work two jobs. My parents try to help but there is no room for me at home. I don't get lots of sleep anymore. I'm just tired. I said all this to say that I'm staying inspired. I know you brought yourself out of many hardships and so can I. I appreciate those like you because you give me the strength to know I'll make it. I'll get back in school one day, it's really all I want. thank you for reading, if you seen it lol.

    • Sandrica Turner Jonesboro, Ga #2170472

      you're in my prayers Makayla. God Bless You! Keep your head up, things will get better for you in due time. Maybe The lord has something better in store for you.

  • Beverly hastings Georgia

    I don't know your phone number my father work for you

  • Latoya Terry California

    My name is Toya Terry. I was born in Cincinnati, Ohio and raised there for a short period of time. I was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus in 1995, and then I moved to California. When I first moved to California my diagnosis was changed to MCTD (mixed connective tissue disease). Since my first diagnosis, I have discovered that I have the factor V Leiden mutation, pulmonary embolism, ITP (idiopathic thrombocytopenia purpura), anemia, arthritis, membranous lupus nephritis and possibly fibromyalgia. Aside of that I am the mother of a very handsome and vibrant little boy. My life has been extremely challenging since my time as a young girl. But I’ve managed to make the best of it. I choose to express my hurt, pain and experiences with lupus through poetry. I wrote a poetry book called, "A Piece of Me". For more information check out my website: www.toydeann.com

  • Tyriana Falls Michigan city, IN

    Hello Mr.Perry my name is Tyriana but im better known as Hattie Mae I'm only the young age of 18 and yes everyone calls me Hattie i think it so funny that you actually have a Hattie now i always told my mom and grandparents that i was going to be in one of you plays and when i seen hattie i told them im one step closer there is not a play of yours that i havent seen im watch meet the browns the play right now you and all your actors inspire me so much i love the end of the plays when you come out and talk with the audience and just to let you know i dont have the bootlegs lol but the things you went through shows me that ANYTHING is possible with the grace of god and long as you believe in yourself

  • Bob Grier Boston

    Boss Man.. I have a great idea for you. It is a New dimension that us worth exploring. Need to kn I will more, please respond...

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