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Hi Guys,

I just wanted to let you know that I have a new email system.  This will serve you much better and get emails out to you very quickly.

Please, if you would, take a moment to update your information so you don't miss out on future emails by clicking the link below.


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  • Barbara Johnson Lincoln, NE

    Mr. Perry; I fully understand that you may never read this, but, I grew up in the late fifties and sixties. My father was a radio disc jockey, and a musician with his father's band. (polka bands) LOL! My father taught me to value every human being, not for the color of their skin, but for their talents, their strengths, their contributions to society as a whole. He brought home several "black" musicians, and there was absolute acceptance and adoration for their awesome talents. Later, because of this strong conviction about not seeing a "color barrier", in a time when entertaining "blacks" was totally unacceptable, my Mother and Father had them come to our house for food, jam sessions, and I absolutely LOVED IT! Now to you, I am completely amazed by your compassion, talent, insight, and productions. I am not Oprah, or Dr. Phil, and will never be in a social/financial circle which is your "norm". But your talents cement my convictions and teachings. Your humor is hysterical and intelligent beyond belief. You are richly blessed and thank you so much for sharing your amazing talents. You make such a difference!! Thank God for you!!

  • Rayleen Oliver Baytown, Texas

    Thank you and everyone involved with The Passion Live. I hope this becomes an annual tradition. I know it reached multitudes for Christ and was a blessing for all. Is this going to be available soon on DVD? It would be a great outreach tool we could all help spread. Thanks again for giving this wonderful gift to the world.

  • Tamiko James Douglasville GA

    Mr. Perry I want to let you know that you inspire me . keep up the wonderful work. God has truly given you a gift , use that gift to create positive roles for Black Actors. It is time for you to create your great work of art, cast a Black Man to play Jesus. Dare to to do the what Hollywood is not willing to do tell the truth.

  • Martin Sacramento, CA

    I meant to say I love u man! Thanks again

  • Martin Sacramento, CA

    Thanks TP God Bless u! I love I man!

  • Dale Syracuse NY

    The Passion was beautiful! Uplifting and heartwarming. My wife and I loved it. Perfectly done. Thank you:)

  • DiAnna L. Gamecho Pacific Grove, CA

    Hey there Sir, yesterday was a huge day for me and YOU were the center of it.... I saw an interview of you with OPRAH at your studio... I am SO inspired with your way of thinking and leading many to great places in your JOYOUS yet serious journey! Then last night I saw The Passion.... YOU are a gift to so many for BELIEVING and sharing... In your interview you mentioned "Giving a Chance to Fly..." and you ask two questions: "how good are you at your job"? and "Are you qualified"? I believe the answer is YES to both! I would be ever so grateful to have an opportunity to share my story and a vision that will continue ( I have already proven it....) to bring PEACE and GOOD WILL between two countries, USA & Nicaragua.... Through the eyes and hearts of children the miracles of God's work is shared with so many and impacts our community and theirs.... I am not asking for funding dear Sir, I am asking for the opportunity to share my story and to ask for guidance to doors that will open beyond my imagination - I AM READY TO FLY! With gratitude and appreciation for ALL YOU DO IN THE WORLD! DiAnna L. Gamecho

  • John New York

    Thank you for the passion. It touched our hearts and souls. Happy Easter!

  • Linda Rogers New Caney, TX

    TYLER you should be bkessed by our Father. I LOVED the new portalc of THE PASSION. The Cross coming down Bourbon Street and handling the event with curent songs and places was certainly a speaking from God. Thank you for this SPECIAL EVENT

  • W. Ruth Crenshaw-Love Montgomery, Al. 36108

    I am writing for assistance with raising funds for the Alabama Kidney Foundation. Each year we raise funds to assist patients that are in need of food, transportation to dialysis treatments, medications, housing and much more. Each year we have a Walkathon where any one interested can participate and help patients that are on dialysis. I was one of these patients in the past, but thanks be to God, I received a kidney transplant. Some patients will never be this blessed due to age, medical conditions and other problems. Thanks so much for any assistance that is given. My address is 289 Southlawn Dr. Montgomery, Al. 36108

  • Donna Davidson Virginia

    Thank you so much for The Passion. The most creative modern musical about the passion of Christ in years! It was an amazing witness at such an important time in our Country. May God bless it - still talking about it today....thank you again to all who participated in it.

  • Judy McDaniel Douglasville

    Good Morning, Mr. Perry What a beautiful morning it is. Sir I am writing to see if there is anyway that you could visit a Day Support Program for Special Needs Adults. We located right off Thornton Road in Lithia Springs Georgia. Must of our clients are high function and enjoy your movies. Thank You for Your Time and have a Blessed Day.

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