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Hi Guys,

I just wanted to let you know that I have a new email system.  This will serve you much better and get emails out to you very quickly.

Please, if you would, take a moment to update your information so you don't miss out on future emails by clicking the link below.


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  • Roderick Barber Atlanta, GA

    Hello Tyler here is a story I think would make a great film and book that I think you would love. This story is awesome and has a Tyler Perry feel to it. I have done a little research on it and I was floored by what this coach and his kids had done. It was almost like it was a movie but it's a true story. Google the coach name for more media links. The name is Coach Adrian Chism. Wow what a story. He is on the cover of a magazine.

  • Brigitte Port Huron Michigan


  • Phyllis Reid conyers ga

    Hi Mr. Perry I just need a word of encouragement pls!

  • Jessica Wilkinson Central Falls RI

    I love all your movies, plays TV series ect. I would love it if you could create a play or movie,"Madea goes to church. I think with you creative ideas and brilliant scrips it could be one of your best ever. Thank you for your time never give up and keep up the phenomenal work!! ~ Jessica Wilkinson

  • Cedric Moore Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

    Mr. PerryI wanted to advise you of a local TV station that airs your syndicated TV shows, chose to show blatant discrimination towards a local Emmy winning rap artist named Jabee. He had performed on their show before, yet this time a producer advised it was a mistake on him being scheduled to perform. He was then asked to leave. The producer even said he would stand and wait for him, his band, and DJ to leave. He was told he thought they were a country act until he saw them. The CEO has since issued an apology, and said it was a mistake by the producer, yet no word on what happened to the producer, or if he was even reprimanded. I just though you may see this, and want to know. KSBI in OKC is making money off you, yet they are discriminatory towards professional black artist. The CEO said Jabee was professional and on time.

  • lorraine henry kingston jamaica

    Thank you for all the motivational speech and movies that you do.


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  • R. Newsome PA

    Hello, Mr. Perry, I hate to get on your website and ask for help, As I see so many people are. I am a very hard worker and am newly separated from my husband. When I sat thinking praying not knowing where to turn next, I do not why, but you popped into my head. Well first Oprah Winphrey and then you. I am starting over after a 9 years failed marriage. I had started a fundraiser to raise money to get my children school supplies and uniforms. 2 boys 2 girls. The boys are 8 and 6 years old. The 8 year old Mekhi wears a size 12/14 in clothes 5 1/2 or 6 in shoes. My 6 year old Kamari wears a 6/7 or 8/10 in clothes and he is a 13 1/2 shoe. My girls are 17 years old Taleyah and 1 year old Zoey....Taleyah is an 18 in pants an a med/lrg in shirts her feet are size 10/ 10 1/2. I am contacting you because I believe you understand what we go through as young black women in our society. Thank you for all the inspiring films, and whatever you can send its greatly appreciated. Thank you

  • Pamela Brown Kansas

    Hi Mr. Perry, I have a cousin in Ocala, FL. He's in the Ocala Oaks Rehabilation Center. His name is Rufus Mackey Jr. Life has thrown him lemons and he is continuously making lemonade! He's 55 years old, suffered a stroke, has diabetes, and went blind. My spouse and family visited him today. My heart was torn in pieces. This was the first time I've seen him since his downward spiral of health. He's such a survivor! He said, "Life is just beginning!" He talked about his life experiences and he mentioned you. Rufus Jr. would love that opportunity to meet you. If you could make his dream happen, he would feel the sky is the limit! I wanted to reach out to you and hope to make his dream come true. Thank you in advance for any consideration! God Bless, Pam Brown

  • cassandra cannon nashville ,tn

    I would like to be in one of your movies...And I have a comedy love type movie idea....

  • Kynesha United States

    Hi Mr. Perry, My name is Kynesha and I have a small request, can you please view my site and read my story (at least some of it). Thanks, Kynesha S.

  • Breonn Walker FT. Riley Ks

    hi, im a soldier in the army & would like to share some info with you about maybe a really good movie, that you haven't made yet. I'm g** & just want to shead some light on the things I went through as a person by being myself.

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