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Now You Know I'm Not Going To Bother You Every Week, Right?

You know that’s not my style. I know you’re busy and you don’t need me blowing you up, asking you to watch The Haves And The Have Nots and Love Thy Neighbor, so I’m not going to do that every week. It’s just that these shows are so new right now that I need you to watch a few more episodes so that you will be hooked, although a lot of you have said you are hooked already. Thanks for that by the way (I love that I can count on my board members, y’all got my back). All I’m going to say to you is that The Haves And The Have Nots is on OWN tonight and will be on every Tuesday night at 9/8c... and on Wednesday night at 9/8c (tomorrow) Love Thy Neighbor will be on.

Wait until you see what Candace does next or what’s going on with Jeffery and Wyatt… it ain’t what you think. And wait until Katheryn and Jim start verbal sparring tonight, she has a tongue like a razor. And keep your eye on Benny… something is going to happen to him that will change the stakes for them all. Oh, and Veronica and David, they’ve got a story too. And Benny and Candace are keeping a secret from Hanna, wait until she finds out about it. OK, I’ll stop there, I don’t want to give too much away. You’ll see tonight.

And listen, I asked OWN to start with the first two episodes tonight, so they will start running at 7 and 8, but the new episode of The Haves And The Have Nots will air at 9/8c tonight. OK?

That’s it, short and sweet :-). I’ll be tweeting tonight, come talk to me.

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  • Theo kalenzi Florida, Miami

    Hi. My name is Theo and I'm orphan I live in Miami Florida I was born in East Africa but I end up here in U.S. I live in a Forster Home. I would love to share My Story with you!

  • Arlington tx

    Will be watching

  • Getrude South Africa in JHB CBD

    Which channel is yoh shows Tyler am in South Africa, am also one of yoh fans , i wil luv to know or its only in overseas.

  • srephanie j holmond lives in NJ and Ga

    @tylerperry: yes we do know you're goin to be in our face every week 2 build ur shows n ur good judy's network. Look we got u dont we always? Just relax Perry your fans got your back we like u so we will not let you down. Unless you do something to let us down. So set back relax and unwind. Get another project on your mind. Better yet, go somewhere with yourself and spend some time.

  • Pero Toronto, Canada

    Hello Mr Perry, I'd love to watch your shows but they arent showing on OWN Canada yet. Do you know when we can expect to watch them over here ?

  • Almaz Mequanint Boston, MA

    Well, I have no money to help my community, Wonji... back home in Ethiopia! google wonji flu ride victims and u will find out they have no "Haves" at all...they only have free oxygen to breath because it's free!

  • Maria

    Please OWN bring the shows to Canada. Love the concept and it looks amazing. Absolutely will support shows that are in incredibly intriguing (throwback to the days of Dynasty).

    • Ovalla Jobe Nashville, Tennessee 37207 #1839625

      I am going to have to insist that my cable people get me OWN...as soon as I can afford it..BECAUSE...I love everything you do Mr Perry, and Oprah is my girl too..Love you guys for being so REAL

  • Ms. Proverbs Owings Mills, Maryland

    Hi Tyler....Yes I'm hooked already more than you know.....Need I say more :-) OK I'm gonna stop right there "I'm Gon Be Good this morning" LOL! I'm gonna stop before I get in trouble with my morning thoughts...Whew! Ok..Enjoy Your Day Sir :-) Ms. Proverbs

    • Ms. Proverbs Owings Mills, Maryland #1839469

      Tyler....pleae say a sweet little prayer for me this morning....Ok....OMG! LOL! Tweet with you later Ms. Proverbs :-)

  • Anita Florida

    Hi Tyler, I have to say, I asked my mom to record The Have and the Haves Not last week cause I didn't have cable. So I watched some of the show Wednesday morning at her house was hooked right then, but i didnt get to watch it all or hear some of it cause she had a house full, but as soon as I left her house I went and purchased me some cable so I was able to watch Love Thy Neighbor and I sure will be be tuned in tonight at 7:00 so I can start from the beginning

  • Clarence Singleton Midlothian Va

    Great! See you tonight!!!

  • Jacquelyn Williams United States

    Okay! reading this email today... I was brought back to your interview with Oprah, when she said "You have all this stuff up in your head"! Now I have a better understanding... Let it out Tyler!

  • Emmce

    Oh, I'm watching all the episodes.... love my Tues/Wed night line up

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