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Mother's Day

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Hi my folks.

I got through Mother's Day, and that's all I can say about that.

Well, I'm sending you this email from my little vacation spot. It's so beautiful and peaceful here. I was just thanking God for his grace and mercy when I realized that I hadn't written in a while. He so knows I needed this break. We performed 125 shows in 126 days. We saw almost 700,000 people on this tour. Madea's Big Happy Family set all kinds of records!

Thank you for coming out and seeing the show ...

A Picture is Worth More Than 1000 Words

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I was looking through my personal photo album the other day, and I ran across some pictures of my mother from last year. I was looking at her face in these pictures...she was so happy. I had asked her to take a walk with me, as I was trying to get her to do a little exercise. She was so tired since she had just come in from dialysis, but whenever I asked her to do something she would always put on a smile and try it. She and I walked very slowly up her driveway. She was laboring ...

Why Too and Haiti

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Sorry it's taken me a day or so to collect myself but I was out of the country. Friday, after my last promotion for the movie, I flew over to my little piece of heaven. I spent all of Resurrection weekend in prayer and meditation, talking to God, my Mother, and myself. On Monday, I dialed into the States to see how the movie did. I was blown away and so grateful to you! YOU HAVE NO IDEA! THANK YOU, do you hear?! I cannot begin to tell you how much I appreciate you for going to see ...


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I hope you're planning on going to the movies this Easter weekend. (smile) All I can tell you is that this one is going to blow you away. As usual, I will be at the message boards all day tomorrow waiting to hear your thoughts. Enjoy your weekend!

Oh, and by the way, did you see Janet's new video for the movie? If you haven't, CLICK HERE


Dont' Stop Believing

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I got to tell you, I miss my mother every day. I have never felt a pain like this, or missed someone so much and so hard. It is the single most difficult thing I've ever had to endure in my life. Some days I don't want to get out of bed and, the truth of the matter is, if I wouldn't have booked this tour, I wouldn't be leaving the house at all.

I performed last night in Milwaukee and as I was leaving the Arena, I was caught in the traffic of all the ...

My exhausting, exciting weekend

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I'm sitting backstage at the Arie Crown in Chicago. I finish here on Saturday night after 6 sold-out shows! Two on Saturday, then I leave here at 11pm to fly to L.A. After a few hours of plane sleep..LOL...I have to be up pretty early on Sunday for a long, fun, exciting day! And this is why; I don't know if you know this or not, but I'm presenting at the Oscars! So strange, I became an Academy member last year and, this year, I'm asked to present. How cool is that?! Catch ...

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