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Everybody Is Not Happy For A Dreamer

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I've been reading a lot of messages on the message board about how the opening of the studio affected you. Some of them brought tears to my eyes, and what has stayed on my mind is that so many of us have stopped dreaming. Listen to me, having no vision is death to your spirit. Why stop dreaming, because one of them didn't come true when you thought it should? Why stop now? You've come so far. Listen to me, when I started building this studio I wasn't thinking about being the first black person to ...

I Wanted You There

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Hello there,

I had to write you today. You know that I'm not a man that deals in negativity, but when I'm being attacked I have to let you know.

Something is going on right now that I have to tell you about, but not today. I'll tell you about it in a couple of days.

Today, I wanted to tell you about the opening celebration of my new studio. I refused to let anything get me down this weekend because I was going to celebrate the dream coming to fruition.

Here is the link: http://tylerperry ...

I'm Ashamed to Say!

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Thank you for your words of encouragement. I feel a lot better now. I'm done with all the press tour stuff. That is so draining. I'm not complaining at all 'cause I could be back in that office bill collecting! (smile)

Anyway, just a quick note to tell you that HOUSE OF PAYNE is on everyday now, five days a week! So, check your local stations to see it. I am so proud of this show and how far it's come. I really am especially happy for Cassi and LaVan who had been knocking on doors ...

I Just Wanted to Say Thank You!

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Hello all,

I'm so sorry I didn't write right after the movie opened but I needed to take a minute and catch my breath.

I gotta tell you, a press tour can be really rough, especially dealing with a lot of people who don't get it, and don't get what I'm doing here. I refuse to deal in the negative though--I refuse.

So, let's look at the real deal and let me tell you what kind of blessing this is. Out of all of the people who wrote in saying that they were given ...


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Hey There,

OK it's on you now....Smile. I'm not going to inundate (look at me using this big word) you with a bunch of emails about going to see THE FAMILY THAT PREYS. All I can tell you is that the people who have seen it LOVE IT. I mean LOVE IT! And so do I.

So, I'll see you at the movies this weekend. All my seniors, I know you all go out for the matinees. So, I'll look to hear from you first on the message board. All my other folks, just drop ...

I Write These Emails Myself, I Really Do

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Hi There,

I'm so sorry but I only have time for a quick note. When I tell you I'm running 100 miles per hour...last week I was in LA, Cleveland, St. Louis, Baltimore and Orlando over a four-day period. Pray for me, please.

I just wanted to make sure you all are still with me, and I wanted to be sure you are planning on going to the movies next weekend to see THE FAMILY THAT PREYS. In every city I've done screenings, the reaction has been the same as WHY DID I GET MARRIED?. It ...

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