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Hi there,

We're getting close to the THE FAMILY THAT PREYS. Are you ready? September 12th can't get here fast enough. Not to mention on that weekend I'll be 39 (smile). I still don't know what I'm going to do for my birthday...besides going to see THE FAMILY THAT PREYS, that is...LOL.

I got to thinking about something that I wanted to share with you. My new studio is going to be opening soon and I haven't really told this story, I don't think. If you've heard this then stop me, or just jump past it (smile). This is a long one, so hear me. If you're reading this at work, don't get in no trouble, read this later....

About two years ago, I bought a 75 thousand square foot building in Atlanta. The building was in pretty bad shape, so I was in the middle of renovating it when everything went crazy! I had major contractor issues, permit issues, and even though the building had been a studio for 15 years, when I moved into it the regentrified neighbors went crazy. They did not want me there. Not to mention, even before we had finished the renovations we had outgrown the place. It was pretty ugly at the time. Nonetheless, it was my intention to finish this building.

Around this same time Bishop Paul Morton was trying to start a church in Atlanta after losing his in Hurricane Katrina. He was my childhood pastor, so of course, I helped out. Anyway, I was met with so many roadblocks. I was angry. Then it hit me. Could this be God trying to tell me something? At that moment I called one of my lawyers and told him to stop fighting the neighborhood, and let me just pray about it. He agreed. The next day he called me and told me to take a drive to this place. So, I drove out to a building that was once Delta Airlines' world headquarters, near Greenbriar Mall in Atlanta. If you're from Atlanta you know that this area ain't been regentrified...LOL.

I drove up to the gate looked at it and drove away. The place was run down. It had been vacant for 38 years (my age). I said,"No way, no way. I'm going to finish the building I'm in...no matter what!" I wasn't about to take on another project. I went to sleep that night but I couldn't sleep then, or even the next few nights for that matter. I said,"What is it God, what is it?" So, I got out of bed and drove back to the building and stood in front of the gates and said a simple prayer, "God am I supposed to leave where I am and come here?"

Sometimes we get so comfortable with where we are that we don't want to move. I said,"God make it plain." I started looking at the gates and there taped to the gates were hundreds of scriptures. I kid you not. I got a chill up my spine and my eyes filled with water. It could not have been more clear to me. The next day I called the realtor to buy the place and they said I was too late. A pastor wanted to buy the entire 60 acres. I got off the phone and called Bishop Morton. I told him that I had looked at the place. He said, "I just looked at it yesterday, this has GOT to be God." He then went on to tell me that they didn't want the entire 60 acres. They only wanted 30 and that they had planned to sell the 30 acres that I was interested in. We had a good laugh, said a prayer and went on from there. Needless to say, we split the property. By me buying my portion it was a huge blessing to them buying their portion. When I tell you that I have not had one issue trying to get this new building finished. The neighbors have not complained once. They have encouraged me all the way. They welcomed me with open arms. It's across the street from two senior citizens homes that I have adopted (I love me some seniors). I built 5 new soundstages, a 400-seat theater and a ballroom. I said all of that to say this, all of my life I have had things happen to me that I know it could not have been anything but God that did it. I know it.

I am a dreamer and sometimes when you have dreams you are met with obstacles, and your dreams will start to fade. But what I've found is that when God has given you a dream, no matter what it is, when you want to give up and believing becomes hard, and when you can't go any further, the dream itself will start to believe for you. The dream itself will start to carry you through with visions and hope and encouragement.

So, the new mantra for Tyler Perry Studios is "A Place Where Dreams Believe..." Don't worry if you're met with opposition on your path to your goals. When you've done all you can, stand and surrender. God will allow your dream to motivate you.

If you don't take away anything else from this LONG email take this, PLEASE TAKE THIS. Protect your dreams, get away from negative thinking dark seekers. Keep your mind and spirit clean of the naysayers. Just believe. Only believe and it will come to pass.

Be Blessed,

Yo Boy
Tyler P.


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  • KÉDO MILDRED canada

    Hi, how are you? I want to say you Congratulations for your success. I believe God is your provider, your protector. I want you to said to me how I can do If I want to have succes. Because, there long time ago, I have a dream to have a house for old people, but I can't realize my dream. Say to me please. I believe in God, God bless you and continue to protect you. Mildred Kédo

  • M.H

    You know, Each time you write I think more. I think about, how you felt the first time you flew on your own. You was ready. Now I think about, the first time you told me to fly over bad moments. What are you doing right now?

  • M.H

    My friend said you are make believed.

  • One day at a time... Love

    is all well and good. Can we greet one another with a hug and a kiss eash day? Let's make each day a time well spent; counting each one as it comes. One day at time, forever.

  • Today, Love

    After the first church service, I went to two, I had a kidney screening. My grandmother died of renal failure and my mom was diagnosed with kidney disease three years ago. :-) right! AND my blood pressure was high. Higher then it's ever been in all of my life. 134/105 (I hope that is 105 and not 165) I felt it all weekend too. I am not trying to get rushed to the hospital. I am not a fanatic, but i do however love your mind and the work your mind creates. I also joined the praise team at the 2nd church. I t feels so good to sing to His glory in the front of the church. P.S The cost for the class for this semeter was waived. One of my books were purchased by a nice gentlemen (married, apostle). The other won't be in for 3 weeks. Lord willing I'll have the funds. I need money. And I have to find a way to generate it for my families sake. Just talking to you semi-private. Good Morning & Goodnight!! MUAH!!

  • A Place Where Dreams Believe... Love

    You taught me to dream. And I thank you!! I am protecting my dreams from naysayers the like. I haven't received a word from you, not a letter, phone call or visit, yet I believe Holy Ghost would not imparted such a strong bond of Love between us. It not for game, or ego stroking, however, I imagine it does feel good to be in your shoes. I am battling so much opposition, on this board and in my home. Yet, I count it all JOY. My child thinks something is wrong with me. She called me an obsessed stalker this Sunday morning as I was preparing for church. Those words almost cut like a knife, until I was reminded of how it feels to love you. It feels good, even on my worse days, like reading your social media post of how no one wanted to celebrate your birthday , so you celebrate your self. Those words hurt me, Tyler, because you didn't consider me. Then the harsh things that were said here... Whew...! My little girl within can't take it. She loves deeply beyond measure. I have to protect her. It was through the unction of Holy Spirit using you that she reappeared. I like her, In fact, I missed her. So, thank you Tyler for allow yourself to be used on my behalf. They have been trying to run me off the board since I ahve been here. I am not move by what my child says or what they say here. This (us), my feelings towards you, have become so personal, even though we have not yet met in the natural. I didn't think I could writy this. My dreams believe sometimes more than me. It is then I speak over myself. Your last social media picture, with "Stop" on either side of you and "shut up" then a confirmation during class, (The School Of The Prophets) "Shut-up, sit-down and listen!" I sought permission for this note. I don't know what tomorrow will bring but whatever comes, now that I connected by unbreakable herat ties. I love you. There are different types of love: the way a parent loves a child, the way a child loves a parent, they way neighbors love, a friendly love, the way man love his wife (the way Jesus loves the church) and a woman loves her man; and agape love. I love you in a neighborly and friendly way, more importantly, the way a woman loves her man with respect. My love is stronger than mowing others down to prove it. My love humbly acknowledges and respects that you are worthy of a worldwind of endless love. Know that I am quietly around. Until we meet, always with love and respect. Yours. (if there are any typos, please, excuse me)



  • Stella Nairobi, Kenya

    This message has given me encouragement to pray and listen to God’s voice. Yes, I just read yet one more message before I leave and it is totally worthy it. I am going forward trusting God more than ever, and making Him part of my plans. I can’t believe after investing so much in buying and renovating the 1st building you had to drop the project and start afresh on a new one. God knew He could take you through. I have realised I have been making my own plans and going ahead with them and they fail. Am going to trust God. I have so many verses to quote and they are all reflected in the real life inspirational stories you’ve been writing.

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