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Pray for Change

Hello there,

This will be short since the last few have been so long (SMILE).

I just had something that I wanted to ask you all to join me in doing, if you don't mind. I wanted to ask you to pray for our country.

No matter what you think of President Elect Obama (if you're like me who is a supporter or if you're not) one thing I hope we can all agree upon is that we should cover him in prayer. He will be our leader and just as I have prayed for George Bush, I also know that it is important to pray for President Elect Obama as well.

Even at the much smaller level that I'm on, I know first hand the challenges that come along with being the first. I know how hard it is to run a company of 300 employees. So I can't even pretend to imagine what it must be like to govern a country. I'm sure he and his family must have endured and are still going through some really tough challenges. But if we pray for them, they will continue to endure.

So, today I have a simple request, and that is that we pray for our next President, his family, his wife and beautiful children. Pray for his protection and peace of mind. Pray for his strength to lead. Pray for his policies and his covering. Finally, pray for our great nation as he walks in what is no doubt his divine destiny.

I know a lot of you are very passionate about this, but I hope that we could lay aside our differences long enough to realize that we are all one country. We have got to come together for one common goal and that is to unite these United States so that we can reclaim our good standing in the world and be strong here at home once again.

God Bless,

T. Perry


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  • Don't question me...

    No Question....my affection....for you is perfection....no touch no kiss is a blessing....I learned my lesson...two hands can't hold without messing...around....what goes up must down....now what else you have other than what I found....a dream with a little sound?....make me want you....cause to tell you the truth....wisdom is more better than beauty and youth....P.Y.T...ain't for me....even though they get money....you know what else a blessing.....the tired mother....NO QUESTION

  • Donna Kendrick Fort valley ga

    Heyy Tyler! How are you? If it is possible can you pleade contact me at I really need some advice and help this is very imporant please contact me please if you can

  • Amen

    Praying for our President, his family and this country. God bless you and God bless the USA. I love you!

  • M.H

    Perry,why don't you just take in my son? I'm tired so tired. Nobody can help him like you and I can but my body is truly tired now. My type writer is broke but what I do have typed is part of him. I can't fight no more. I did my best. I can say that I have accomplished a lot in this rotten mean discombobulated world... God helped me through it. I think my cigarettes caught up with me. I lived and seen way tooo much. Help this boy help him ,please. I hope I see your show cause I never seen you perform live before my eyes . I got to try and rest I'm so weak right now. And I don't feel good.

  • M.H

    I'm praying for change. After this performance of mines...what am I going to do? I got my ticket to your show in my home Atl. Perry!!! Perry!!! You up there and I'm....I always felt like a mother to the world,why? Pray for me!!! Do you hear me? Do you see me? Pray for me!!!! Man, I walked in men shoes before!!! Steel toe boots! I want to be happy cause if ma ma happy the family is happy. My little dreams are being accomplished by the grace of God. But my one Big Fairy tale behind dream I'm being hit with bolts! Get back get back! What you think or know what that means. I wanna know.........

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