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Precious is Rated R

Okay, I want all of you to know that PRECIOUS is Rated R. RATED RRRRRRR!! (for strong language, sexual content and soooo on) RATED RRRRR!!! This ain't no MADEA movie....LOL. Don't come out of the theater after seeing it saying, "Why didn't Tyler warn us?" HERE IS YOUR WARNING! Pass this on please...

This is not a TYLER PERRY BRANDED MOVIE. I did not write it, I'm not in it, I did not direct it. I want you to know that the language and subject matter are rough.

Some of you may say, "Then Tyler, why are you involved with it?" Glad you asked. It's certainly not for money, because I haven't gotten a dime, nor will I. Anything I make, 100% is going to charity. With that said, it brings me to my reason for wanting to get the word out about this film. One word - POWERFUL! People think that this does not happen and these people don't exist. Not true! This is the most REAL film I've ever seen on this subject matter.

Seeing it, I realized that I was watching a lot of my childhood played out in front of my eyes, and by the end of the movie I was filled with so many emotions. When I sorted them all out, the one that stood out the most was Gratitude! I had to thank God that I made it through. I know, for a fact, that if you have been through anything like this, by the end of this film you will have a flood of emotions. I hope you leave feeling the same gratitude I did, thanking God you made it through. For those of you who haven't been through anything like this, I hope that you still have that level of gratitude...being thankful for the parents you were born to, and also that it will make you want to reach out and help some child. There are Preciouses everywhere. One word can make a difference in their lives. Believe me, I know about that one word.

Also, PRECIOUS is opening on different dates around the country.

Click here to find out when it's playing in your city.

Thanks. Talk soon.


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  • M.H

    I love you♥♥♥

  • M.H

    Headache real bad. :( what do you think about . My lil bro wants to hear poetry. My head hurts but I love hearing myself read and peeps do too. Well everybody that hears me. Ttyl I l♡

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