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On The Road Again

Hey there,

I'm in Fresno. I slept on the bus last night. There was a smell in the hotel and my sinuses were killing me. Oh well, I'm ready to go tonight! I'm on the bus jamming to Tamela Mann's new CD, THE MASTER PLAN. Do you have it yet? All I gotta say is...WOW! Pick it up if you can, ya'll...get Cora's CD...LOL.

Just wanted to give you an update...the tour is going so well. It's been a week now and all I can tell you is that people who have seen it are blown away. I mean blown away! I am really enjoying this show. I'm so glad to be on the road in front of the people again. I didn't know how much I missed this and I really didn't know how much I needed it. This is so great! I don't know of a better way to grieve than to write a show and dedicate it to my mother. This is really helping me. Thank you to all of you who have come and to those of you who are planning to come. I promise you won't be disappointed.

MADEA'S BIG HAPPY FAMILY is truly the biggest show I've ever done. I am traveling with (70) people, (9) 18-wheelers, (8) buses, not to mention the lights, sound, the video components and the special effects. I guess what I want you to know is...IT'S A BIG SHOW! Just to give you some idea, on the MADEA GOES TO JAIL tour, we had (26) people, (3) 18-wheelers, and (2) buses...this show is twice as big. I didn't want to come out unless I could give you something special, and this is special. You have never seen a play like this one. I said it once and I'll say it again - IF YOU'VE NEVER SEEN MADEA LIVE, then you have never seen MADEA AT ALL!

You know what else is so cool? I had no idea how large of an audience I had outside of the African-American community. Seeing it from the stage is pretty amazing. I always knew that truth was color-blind and that as long as I tell the truth in my work it would reach the masses. SO great to see that happening!

Last thing, then I'm off to the gym - I CAN DO BAD ALL BY MYSELF comes out on DVD today. Pick it up if you can. I know it will bless you really good. It has already blessed millions.

Talk soon. Fresno tonight, Sacramento tomorrow, and Oakland for the weekend.

See you.



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  • M.H

    Do you see me now? Same road we're on. Please tell me that you see me from here. Cause I'm blocked there

  • Congratulations!

    You have come a long way. I love you!

  • Oliver Foster Plantation, Florida 33324

    Need to see your live Madea Performance..trust me..Let me know when are you coming to FLorida..mIami Beach or Bank Atlantic Center...in Sunrise Ft. Lauderdale..of Boss..

  • Patti Blen Carmichael, california

    Hi Tyler. I just got done watching your movie " Good Deeds" that movie was amazing. Just as all your movies, plays & sitcoms are. You are such a wonderful & inspirational human being!!! What i got out of it, was " live YOUR life & do what makes you happy"!!! U only get 1 chance at life, so do it right & make it count... Thank you for all u do for your fans.. This movie made me think about changes i need to make in my life. You like everyone else in life have gone through some difficult situations.. You overcame them & didn't let it destroy you. You used your struggles to help you become the man you are today. You did not let it defeat you!!! God Bless you & congratulations on your continued success. You tell your stories & messages in a way, that people can relate.. You have a gift!! Your mother did an amazing job raising you. I know she is so proud of you!!! I cannot thank you enough Tyler.. I admire you . Because of your hardwork. I was able to leave an abusive relationship. That consumed me for many years... Now i have been blessed to have a wonderful, loving, caring man & get a 2 nd chance at life & love. I get to ecperience what true love is :). From a truly grateful fan..., Patti Blen