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Seriously, You Don't Want to Miss This

All you single mothers who've ever gotten into it with your young adult kids, you need to see For Better Or Worse tonight.

Remember when I told you that Bobbi Kristina was so good that I went back and wrote a whole episode of For Better Or Worse around her? Well that episode airs tonight on TBS at 9/8c. THE ENTIRE SHOW REVOLVES AROUND HER CHARACTER!! It's great and she delivers. It's also the one I was most nervous for her about because the whole story is about her character and her mother's character, played by Cocoa Brown. All you single mothers will appreciate this show tonight. I know you will. You'll be hitting me up bigtime with your messages about this one and I'll be reading... LOL. For Better or Worse tonight on TBS!

And as for House of Payne, the last two of the 254 episodes air tonight on TBS at 8/7c. I've seen all your complaints about this being the last show. I know that millions of you still love it and tune in to it every week. To tell you the truth, I'm not ready to say goodbye to the Payne family either. I think there's still some life left in the show and that great cast. I guess we'll see.

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  • Micheal

    I'm sure house of Payne is gonna have 2 come back we didn't see the kids there was no happy ending & the way the show went off didn't really leave me questioning it was jst like oh we'll.. I do have 2 say it was good but it needs 2 be extended or a different ending! I liked it though.. Just not nothing really "unordinary"

  • Abbey-Gay Raymore Abaco,Bahamas

    Dear Tyler Perry, I live all the way in The Bahamas and i am one of many who are absolutely in love with house of payne and you ending the show is just devistating for us Please on behalf of The Bahmas PLEASEEEE DONT END HOUSE OF PAYNE!!!!!!

  • Kimberly North Carolina

    Man, I sure hate to see House of Payne go!!! It's THE only show I've kept up with from day one. I'd get mad if I had to miss it, but I made sure it was recorded. Now, what am I gonna do? What do I have to look forward to? Maybe another network can pick it up and continue like OWN or your own network....somebody doggone it! TBS it seems has used you to upstart their comedy "TBS...IT'S VERY FUNNY" campaign and now they're all about the "white" audience...not meaning to be so negative, but that's what it looks like to me. TBS needs to wake up and remember who got them to this point...YOU, MR. PERRY, YOU !!! God bless you for it!

  • Pamela Schertz,Tx

    Mr. Perry, I love The House of Payne if you are going to end it PLEASE DON'T end it this way. I hope you don't end the show.The Payne Family has given my family so much Joy ,Love and Happiness. Its real life stories that a lot of us are going or has gone through.we need shows like your to stay on as long as they can. God Bless

  • Sis Sandra California

    Hi Tyler! To Ms.Kristina, I hate to be so way out when I make comments but I have this bad habit of saying what I feel. I watched you tonight and for once in my life finally I have experienced "beauty" in rare form. There are many,many features that people would call "fine"gorgeous""cute""pretty" and etc.etc. and I have always wondered why no two people can ever see the same thing, and so I have learned to look beyond the superficiality of appearances to see something a little more weighty. Something whose essence bears the label of grace,beauty, poise, and strength. Tonight, my dear I felt that essences that I speak of as I sat 15 some odd minutes watching you flow in your "beauty". Actors can win academy awards for this that and the other but there can never be one given to the most "beautiful" actor, for beauty can not be acted out, it can not be taught, nor is it a gene that can be passed from one person to the next. But rather beauty I believe with all my heart is something that comes and is given from GOD by GOD to whomever HE wills it to. It eminates from within the heart of a woman and is protected and kept as a great treasure within her heart and soul, such that no amount of physical features can ever hinder,alter, or even define it. It has to be realized and revealed. Tonight lady my earnest prayer for you is that you realize how "Beautiful" (inside and out) God has made you to be and I pray that HE will reveal (to you) how "Naturally" beautiful you really, really, really, are....and I pray that you show HIM (God) that you realize what HE has place in you by never allowing any man,woman,boy,or girl, to ever treat you any less than the beautiful woman that GOD is making/shaping/molding you to truly become. YOU have it...all the qualities of a true "STAR"...keep on shining Bobbi Kristina, keep your head up and your shoulders straight, and walk your path at your pace (knowing that you are never alone) and in time you are destined to arrive...."I admire you so,so,much".....God bless your heart always. Love you girlie!!!! (BANG UP JOB TONIGHT, YOU BRING PEACE AND CALM TO PEOPLE I SEE THAT ,,,WHAT A BLESSING)♥♥♥

  • House of Brake North Carolina

    I am going to miss The House of Payne. I don't think I'll be watching TBS anymore. I mean I like For Better or Worse but I need Curtis, Ella, CJ, Jenanie, Floyd and them. My family loves that show. *TEARS, TEARS*

  • jasmine

    I love the show tonight of for better or worse . also I want more house of payne i love that show 2 . we need more family drama shows

  • BMJ

    What is going on I love the house of Payne . I can watch it with my whole family even my three year old loves it and now it is over. This was your best show and I love the actors BRING ThemAll Back in Jesus Name

  • Mary Chicago,Il

    I am still sad, But who can the FANS talk to or write a letter to at TBS, because they are making a BIG mistake. STILL SAD IN CHICAGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • louella b. brooklyn, ny

    I can't believe the show is ending, and to it like that was not cool at all. It left me wanting more, you have to bring it back. I've been a fan from the beginning ans its gotten better and better. It portrays real issues and I love that. I can relate to the episode tonight and was excited to see the ending, but that would require another season, so u have to bring it back!

  • Mary Chicago,Il

    Mr. Perry,WHAT ARE YOU DOING???? Friday nights are my night to bring take out home and DO NOT answer the phone or door. It's Tyler Perry's Show night.Now you ending the show!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE DO NOT DO THAT. House of Payne, Meet the Browns and now For Better or Worse are my Friday shows, after the shows end It is time for bed for me.I'm not ready to say goodbye to another show. First All My Children, then One Life to Live and NOW The Browns and Paynes. Mr. Perry please do what you can and bring them back.(I mean The Browns and Payne.....LOL) I love you and all the cast members. SAD IN CHICAGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

  • Vanessa Harris Earlington Kentucky

    I agree all the other comments on the board.....nooooo you can't end it like this.....lol. House of Payne and Meet the Browns are my favorite shows....will Meet the Browns come back on? I drove by the theatre today for the first time in weeks and Madea's Witness protection is still playing, wow!!! When is Alex Cross coming out?

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