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A Short And Sweet Thank You From Me To You

On July 8th, I will be celebrating 20 years in this business. 20 YEARS! WOW! When I started I had one prayer: I asked God to just let me do well enough to take care of my mother. Well, from the time I prayed that prayer until the day she died I was able to do that because of people like you all around the world. I remember the day I told her that she could retire, she said, "baby, are you sure these little plays are going to be able to take care of you and me?" LOL. I said, "as long as my folks keep coming." Then, a few years later, she was at one of my plays looking around at all the people in the audience. After the show she said to me, “the people love my baby"… OK I gotta stop thinking about this… :)

But thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. For every time you have supported a Tyler Perry anything. For all the times you have gone to the movies, for every DVD and for every time you have come out to see my stage shows live. For every time you’ve watched on TV.  You have shown so much kindness and have stayed with me. I just want to say thank you. You have kept a lot of well-deserving people employed, folks who would never have had a shot in Hollywood. You have created a safe place for many to see their dreams come true.

My prayer for you is that everything you have done for me, may it come back to you one-hundred fold.

God Bless,


I'll talk more about this today on the live chat at 1:30pm ET at live.tylerperry.com/chat

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  • Wendy Newport News, VA

    This is so beautiful! You are so welcome!

  • Jamie Toronto, Canada

    Love you in Canada. Your movies crack me up!! Thank you for all the laughs and committed efforts but above all of that, thank you for give your acknowledgement of God's work in your life. Be blessed, Jamie :)

  • Gigi Blackshear Jacksonville, FL

    Herein lies the reason I am and will always be a Tyler Perry fan, your spirit of gratitude!! Never mind the naysayers! As Fred Hammond so eloquently put it, Success is in your hand, continue to follow God's plan, He has called you for this hour and placed in you His power! The bible teaches us to beware when all men speak well of us! Remember, "they" crucified Jesus and he came to save us all. Continue to be blessed to be a blessing!

  • SimoniaMechelle Memphis Tn.

    TYLER, Hope you are well first & foremost! I received that blessing from u in the name of Jesus i do, it touched me so much, and I know how it feel so deeply to wanna take care of parents. They so deserve it, especially when they worked so hard day in and out. Tyler my parents both67 Daddy still work, and Mama is a stroke victim. Completely changed her as I knew her. I found my strength through her strong will to continue on, handicap Tyler, she still get out of that wheelchair to cook for him. He still wakes up at 4:00am to go to the Brinks Company. I gotta retire my dad & take care of my parents. Im a blackjack dealer by trade, that turned pre-law student, but Im a writer. . .a movie script writer, I have 6written & 8 Movie Script projects. Work with me Tyler 2 of them are perfect for you! One is sho' perfect for Madea. I was raised to honor your mother & father. My dad still takes care of my 93 year old grandmother. Now it's my turn. . .my work is good material I might add! contact me SimoniaMeChelle Rejected by 100's but they did write me back, 1 was a nasty letter from Ollywood. . .lol

  • Linda Goodridge 1486 Dunbar Street, Far Rockaway NY 11691

    You are just a phenomenal human being. Thank you! For bringing laughter and joy to so many people. You have no idea how you have impacted the livesof people who are ill and in hospital especially cancer patients who just need to smile through a difficult journey. To anyone going through a tough time, I thank you on their behalf and from my heart. May God continue to bless you and your craft and may you continue to bring attention to important life issues and promote humanity. Take a bow! God will be pleased! Love Linda.

  • Chris D. Butler Brusly, LA

    We love you Tyler! Thanks for using your gift to make us laugh & to challenge us to change!!

  • Frank P CA

    Thanks you for a wonderful 20 years of story and remembrance of who we are, where we are going and knowing that all dreams are possible because of the God we serve.

  • Sheneith Hawkins Dallas,Tx.

    Yes! :-)

  • Shanda Ellenwood, Ga

    The sweetest thank you heard from Ellenwood to Hollywood. What's next: Bollywood? Tyler Perry I appreciate you for teaching me how to get in touch with the side of me that hurts to look at, listen to, and laugh at...you are an extraordinary man. I adore everything about you as a person, an actor, actress(Madea). I don't feel like an fan when I am absorbed by your presence. I feel like family. I feel loved and my life's story feel appreciated when you get on that stage or in film. I am vindicated everytime you tell a story and share your life with the world. Man has not created an award great enough to take you where God has the capability to lead you. I admonish you and pray the best for you and your viewers in your future endeavors. There's greatness all around you. Just wanna be apart of all that you are...for taking the time to say thank you...I thank you, my friend.

  • Lequvia K. Ousley Decatur, GA

    Congrats Tyler, 20 years blessing others is amazing and a blessing. Thank u for exemplifying passion and love for what you do and for your amazing strength. In spite of all that has come against you, you continue to press on. The 8th is a day after my bday so I will be celebrating you in spirit. God bless.

  • Jennifer Lewis Plantation, Fl


  • Betty Smith Georgia

    Tyler: I think that is truly a blessing that you have survived 20 years in the industry. You are truly talented and possess the favor of God in your life. The fact that you were able to fulfill your Mother dreams is by far your biggest accomplishment. I too wanted to buy my Mother that beautiful house and to say Mom you don't have to worry about struggling anymore but unfortunately she died in December 2002. I still can't believe she is gone and it is do hard. So please find solace in how happy your made your Mother because believe me you did!

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