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Sorry This Took Me A Few Days

Y'all know I have to go get some rest after these crazy press tours.

Well, let me first say "thank you" to those of you who went to see The Single Moms Club. I don't take that for granted. Trust me. Thank you for going.

This was my 17th movie in 10 years. I wanted to mark this anniversary by saluting single moms everywhere. Thank you for allowing me to do that, and thank you to all the single moms for all you do. You're my heroes. And to all my diehard folks, to all of you, thank you for these past ten years of huge movie successes. You have been a blessing to me and to all the people who work for me, and with me. I thank you.

By the way, this is the first time in 10 years that I don't already have my next movie written or shot and ready to come out. That is because my focus for this past year has been on my TV shows on OWN. Just so you know, that's where you'll find me until I do another movie.

God bless you big time for all you've done for me and for the folks that work for me. We so appreciate it.

I'll see you in TV land on OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network.

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  • Kayla Davis Phoenix AZ

    Tyler Perry! I am not certain if anyone was able to make contact with you in regards to a "UNITY" Conference taking place in June/July, Portland Oregon & our youth involved have asked for YOU!!! We are "United National Indian Tribal Youth Inc." and our annual conference attracts over 12 -1300 Native American youth involved in Youth Councils all over the Reservations around the country!! This year we are expecting 1500. Our Native American Youth want YOU to come share your story with us!! Our native youth face daunting challenges on a day to day basis simply because of the dire situations on most Reservations across the country. Stricken with poverty (85% unemployment rates), suicides, drug and alcohol abuse, teen pregnancies, domestic violence... you name, we are dealing with it. At this conference you will meet youth natives affected by all of this, yet aspiring to become leader and make a difference for their people... They are ones out there trying to make the best of their situations and trying to rise above the negativity and the stereo-types that view all natives are drunk natives! These are some of the most strongest and most inspirational native youth that we have and we would LOVE to share them with you!! Please, contact me or our UNITY office at or . Have a Blessed Easter! He has Risen!

  • Ms Proverbs NC

    Tyler, Have A Happy and Blessed Easter weekend Ok :-) :-) #JesusLives :-) :-). Nighty Night Sweet DreamzzzzzZ Ms Proverbs :-)

  • Ms Proverbs NC

    Tyler :-) :-) :-). How are you? With your Tall and Handsome Self .....Whew! LOL! Ms Proverbs :-) :-)

  • lindsey louisiana

    hello there. i would just like to that u r an incredible Person and so very talented. inspirational in every aspect. i hope u have a womderful easter. p.s i have Seen al ur movies and ur episodes. keep ur head up .

  • Lilliana Massachusetts

    Hi Tyler, I just love what you do to make us laugh and still remind us of those who may have less, but, truth be told, have so much more. May God continue to bless your gift.

  • vicky manitoba

    HELLO to my friends out there i am testifying about the good work of a man who help me it has been h*** from the day my husband left me i am a woman with two kids my problem stated when the father of my kids travel i never help he was living but as at two weeks i did not set my eye on my husband i try calling but he was not taken my call some week he call me telling me that he has found love some where easy at first i never take to be serous but day after he came to the house to pick his things that was the time i notice that things is going bad i help he will come back but things was going bad day by day i needed to talk to someone about it so i went to his friend but there was no help so i give it up on him month later i met on the the internet a spell caster i never believe on this but i needed my men back so i gave the spell caster my problem at first i never trusted him so i was just doing it for doing sake but after three day my husband called me telling me that he his coming home i still do not believe but as at the six day the father to my kids came to the house asking me to for give him the spell work to said to my self from that day i was happy with my family thanks to the esango priest of (abamieghe)esango priest he his a great man you need to try him you can as well to tell him your problem so that he can be of help to you his content email is this you are a priest thank you for making my home a happy home again. remember his email is

  • Aisha Colbert Atlanta, georgia

    Wow I'm only 10 years old but you and your shows have inspired my talent to sing and act and I wanna thank you for doing what you. Do so I can go beyond and become somthing you .ps: see you at your next audtion

  • Traci Wells The United States of America

    Well you know, I guess the single mom's club is ok if you like those type of movies. But today lets talk about the Ophra network that you have your tv shows displayed on. Why did Ophra name the network Own. What? do she own the Network because I am from the country South Africa and I own my own country and the name of it is South Africa. So what do you own? You said that you are Black so what do you own Nigeria because from my understanding blacks are from Nigeria. Now my ansestors went through treason and slavery in the United States of America and some of my people in my race proabley ended up as a single mother due to the circumsitances they were in at that time.

  • daniel new york

    I really enjoyed single moms club.. I really think that you should create that into a tv show as it would be a hit I no it... if you happen to need a extra here and there im your man lol .thank you mr. perry

  • Ms. Proverbs NC

    Hi there Tyler, How are you? We so appreciate you very much too :-) :-) I know that you are a Hardworking Handsome Tall Young Man who makes sure that he gets plenty of rest...LOL! Well Tyler it's true anyhow :-) :-) I'm just checking on you and miss tweeting :-) That's All Nighty Night Sweet Dreamzzzzz...Ms. Proverbs :-)

  • Brite-I Emagine Her World

    Today was a day that prompted to me Say?? Come out! Come out Mr. Perry it time to play?? Don't focus on the world that you see; focus on the one that you don't. Remember God is not though with you yet, he has just begun. The daggers that you take are not meant to weaken you- they are to make you stronger. Find some words, maybe an eagle??? Let us take our eyes off what others are writing about you - to what you are writing about yourself. My God, I have dealt with so many lies about my existence - That I only believe that I am who God wanted me to be.. I aint Mad - Tired but not Mad !! @)---- @)------ @)-------- "My World"

  • marcie Williams BatonRouge, LA

    ur my hero. been following u since u came on the scene. ur wonderful all the way around. u have done alot for louisiana especially new oeleans right after hurricane katrina. is it true u were homeless at one time. u should be darn proud of yourself. may god bless and keep u throughout the year mr tyler perry.

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