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Thank You

Reading your messages has really encouraged me.  It's like being in a fight and seeing your best friend on his way to jump in and help... :-)

Thank you so much.  I'm telling you, as long as I've got y'all standing with me, I feel like it's going to be alright. I thank God for you.

I believe I'll run on and see what the end will be.

Thank you again.

See you at the movies,




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  • Stella Nairobi, Kenya

    We are here to support you all the time Tyler!

  • teresa white 755 n pine ave chicago ill 60644

    she did so good thank you foe helping that young lady out i look forward see ing her again on the show i love for better or worse they have me crying at them

  • Harry Wallace Seattle,Wa

    Tyler What's up Bro! When we going to see Why did I get married 3 you know you can't continue to leave us hangin! Cmon man we got to see wha'ts going to happen with the Rock and Janet! Let us know something Why did I get Married series is hot! Hope to hear from you soon! Keep puttin the great movies and plays down my brotha Much love Wallace!

  • Meria Shantez Madison, Al

    Woooooooow, this movie is so funny...you get better and better every time to do something. Just when i think you cant out do your last play or movie, you prove me wrong. Im looking forward to working with you one day. I made the top 10 in your witness protection audition singing "She Tried" and it was amazing to have a chance to show my talent...I Love Your Work Mr.Perry and remember to keep God 1st, you will go far...

  • miss p. usa

    Hello tyler... Just thought I would write you a quick note since I cannot sleep...so much is on my mind...I'm ok....thanks to good people like you to help lift my spirits. I'm very proud of you and am extremely impressed with your expertise and tremendous talent. I really enjoy all your movies and plays...love you and continue to be blessed....

  • Marcelline Davis Wilkes Barre, PA

    Dear Mr. Perry, I have to tell you that I absolutely loved the movie Good Deeds. I have to apologize because this is my first time watching it. I have been so busy with school and working as a nurse that I never got the opportunity to see it in the theaters. But I just bought it and I am so BLESSED! It is one of your BEST movies! I loved the story, the characters and you were so good in your part!!!! Thank you so much for providing such good interesting and solid movies! I absolutely love you! and I love what you do! God Bless! Much love in Christ, Marcelline

  • Linda Boydton, VA

    Yesterday, Friday, July 6, 2012, at 9:30 a.m. Madea's Witness Protection was shown for 150 seniors at the Theater in South Hill, VA. The audience was made up of seniors (and very few younger folks) from Brunswick County, VA and Mecklenburg County, VA. The movie brought much laughter and was enjoyed by all. Thank you and God Bless.

  • valeria goose creek sc 29445

    when r you coming back to charleston s.c or at least nea?

  • Tasha south carolina

    I was at a spiritual convention this weekend....so I am still on a spiritual high. Reading my emails, I am always happy to hear from you. I enjoy the way you personalize your messages. I know your busy, so I just figured you had someone helping you with this, but I believe when you can you do write us all, because it helps you stay humble and connected to the real reason why you started all of this. I don't do facebook or twitter, so when I am moved to write here trust me, it means you have touched my soul....again. I pray still that you find the truth in your life....when you pray tonight, Tyler, ask God to show you the truth from His word and to recognize it when you see it...like a thousand 100 watt light bulbs. Never knew there could be someone like you, someone soooo real and yet so far. Stay that way, and one day I will meet you. As you are and all that you are yet to be in God's eyes. You are thanking us, but I am thanking you, too...I am so full after some of your movies, its nothing in the world like a man who understands a woman and brings laughter to the cloudy days. I am sure I speak for many women, thank you. For sharing your insight and your truth and making it a little easier for the rest of us, hopefully. Who are you, Tyler? A wonder and a joy. I can't have you as I'd like, but you keep giving us you in the way that you do and I will be satisfied on the nights that I am waiting to be full. Rest easy and sleep well tonight. Agape.

  • Sharonda Columbia SC.

    I saw the movie Witness Protection movie on Friday night, and I Loved it!!! I thought it was very funny :)

  • Dawn Richmond, VA

    Hi Tyler, I went to see Madea's Witness Protection Saturday. The movie was entertaining, but not as good as your other movies. In my opinion, Denise Richards didn't add anything to the movie. Also, it's disappointing to see ads for movie and the scene is not even in the movie. Why do movie people do that? I guess each movie won't be a blockbuster, but you definitely have more good than bad movies. Don't be discouraged; the movie had some very good points. I will continue to support you. You are truly gifted. Keep doing what you do and I'll continue to stand by you.

  • Susie North Lauderdale, Florida

    Hi Brother Tyler, I seen the movie, Witness Protection, Friday night and it was great! I can't wait for the DVD to come out so I can watch it again!! And I see you got a new movie on the way - looks very challenging (new adventures). God Bless and keep up the good work! Susie

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