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Thank You For Allowing Me To Grow

To all of you who went to see Alex Cross this weekend, I just want to say thank you for allowing me to grow. 

Thank you for letting me stretch my wings a bit. I knew you would enjoy it.

Your messages on my board make me feel so good, and thank you for giving the movie an A. 

Can't do this without you. 

Talk soon.


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  • M.H

    Hope you liked the picture. I worked hard on it from my end. I hear tell. I won't bother you no more. I just had to show you love one last time. I wanted you to say "I love you." Anyway, Bye My Friend, My Love, My Hoped dream... One question, How did you make those words up? You put them right this time. Lol. Good night

  • Kim Hampton, VA

    Hi Tyler! Last week, I *finally* got to see "Alex Cross" on PPV. My fiancee, initially, grungingly watched it with me. (We have ridiculous schedules so comletely missed it when it was in theaters.) I'm a huge fan of yours; however, he is not. But, just for the record, we both LOVED the movie! And, that's a lot coming from him; he's a retired upstate NY police chief and now major w/ Dept of Corrections. Kudos to you! The ending was fantastic!!! When is Alex Cross II coming out??

  • Rose Spearman Columbus, Georgia

    I am a fan of "Alex Cross" movies. You gave an excellent portrayal. Looking forward to the next one!

  • Jasmine Dillard Saint Louis, MO

    You did a wonderful job playing Alex Cross! I saw this in theaters and I just have one request in regards to this movie: please do a sequel!!!! =-)

  • Alicia R. Allen 2135 Godby Rd. 15-148,College Park. Ga. 30349

    Tyler the reason I don't make comments on people because I never want to tell a lie nor judge on what I see. Meaning only you can determine who you should hire or fire, basically what I'm trying to say is the people needs to shut up because Tyler it's a sum man or women to put there mouth on someone without having mat that person because Tyler I want you to know that they all thinks your g** but know im ready to fight and I tell them all that you can have me a** but back to what I'm saying, Tyler you need to have a live talk show on TV because its to much fake s*** and people of lies because it's a wise man that sees before they speak you know met and greet before you speak. Because you can cover up words but not there body language.

  • Kel Mcqueen Atlanta ga

    Hello Mr. Perry my name is Kel Mcqueen and I have just released my first short film documentary, My Father John Doe, on women and the importance of the relationship with their father and how it can affect them as woman and their opinion about men and I just wanted t share it with you.! You can find it on my youtube page under the name Kel Mcqueen.

  • Charles Bailey Bluffron, Indiana

    Dear Tyler, Love your movies and plays. I have them all. I know you said that you had videos Aunt Bam and Madea got a job. What ever happened to Madea gets a job. Please reply; God Bless, Chuck

  • CHARLES BAILEY Bluffton, Indiana

    Dear Tyler,

  • helen

    Write to me,make me happy, go on Tyler make my day.

  • Dee Cianni Ketchum Ohio

    My family and I went to see Alex Cross a few weeks ago and it was GREAT!!!

  • Esther Oakland, CA

    I loved Alex Cross! I'm going to see it again to take my boyfriend. I hope you ignored the critics. Keep growing. You are an inspiration to the world.

  • Ebony Cincinnati, Ohio

    Alex Cross was a great movie. I was impressed. I don't know why people insist on hating what you do, but I appreciate it. Every play and movie has a lesson you are teaching. They all have a message so many of us need to hear. I'm glad you never let anyone talk you into switching lanes.

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