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Thank You For Allowing Me To Grow

To all of you who went to see Alex Cross this weekend, I just want to say thank you for allowing me to grow. 

Thank you for letting me stretch my wings a bit. I knew you would enjoy it.

Your messages on my board make me feel so good, and thank you for giving the movie an A. 

Can't do this without you. 

Talk soon.

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  • Sherry D. Walker Evansville, Indiana

    Thank you for sharing your life and feelings through your work. I was males tied at Five yrs. old. And the thought of this man putting his body fluid on my behind stains me as a child, teenager and women. As a kid I made up stories in my mind of what I wanted my life to be. I wrote and read books to hide the pain and replaying of the act in my mind. I'm not looking for sympathy. Just advise on how to move past the fear and quit paying for his sins. My gift to create and write is something I'm proud of. But my fear to be worthy of success says I'm not and I'm worthless like the sperm that touched me. I've sat on my projects for three years. My set sits in my garage. I'm sure I have written a true story line to help others but I can't move past the past. I have three daughters, one son. Two of my daughters are in a D1 college one in high school. My only son has Tuberous Slerosis, autism, about 20-30 seizures a day, tumors in both kidneys, brain, and heart. I'm a realtor, and own my own mom and pops restaurant called CHIK'N STIX in Evansville, IN. My husband drives trucks and was laid off. I'm average citizen and African American . But, I'm angry at men. And feel cursed and will never succeed no matter what I do. I'm tired of the struggle and want to know how do you take back your life. And kill the curse on me. My heart says I'm a champ! But my life and past says I'm worthless and will never achieve success. So happy for you Tyler. I look to you as you did to Oprah. Your my inspiration. When I watched you on her show it changed me to desire victory over my past. But I'm afraid to step out no matter how much I pray for strength. Thank you, Sherry

    • Hillary Street Brooklyn, NY #1759411

      Hello Sherry, I just read your story and wanted to say to you that first you must look to God to heal you from your past hurts. I believe that yes humans can give us their testimonies which inspire us to find healing however, we must look to God to deliver us from inside out. My Pastor preached a message this morning about becoming an eagle and learning how to fly and leaving the nest(place of comfortability). If you would not mind emailing @ will send you the cd in the mail and I guarantee you it will change your life. Be encouraged sis and know that God is only a prayer away and when you think He is not listening He really is. Be encouraged, Hillary

  • kimduty Chicago

    The movie was amazing..I think you did an excellent job playing Alex Cross..Thanks for being a great example for our young Black men. BRAVO...#ALEXCROSS2

  • Shante Ohio

    Mr. Tyler Perry, I love James Patterson books and I was so excited to see you were going to be the face of Alex Cross! The movie was great! Congradulations and thanks for being such a positive inspiration!!

  • Leslie Augusta, GA

    Mr. Perry, You did an AWESOME JOB! I enjoyed it so much. I thought at one time in the movie your character was going into a madea moment, you had the head movement and I told my husband that is Madea. However, it is good to see you play other roles. It is also good you can still play the loving person you are by having Cicley Tyson playing as your mom! What a great movie! Be bless and enjoy your journey!

  • blanca las cruces, new mexico

    Hello Tyler Perry, I'm so glad your ALEX CROSS weekend was a success my family and me didn't get a chance to go see it this weekend but we are making plans to go next weekend I can't wait to go see it. Keep up the good work and God bless you.

  • Shawn Smash-Jett atlanta

    Just watched Alex Cross for the second time this weekend.... what an awesome movie... So Proud of you Tyler! We will continue to support you in ALL of your movies.........

  • jennifer amy damico Baltimore,Maryland

    Your the GREATEST!!!!PERIOD SAY NO MORE!!!~love to you and your's!!!~CONGRATULATIONS~PEACE

  • Mindy Tulsa OK

    My family and I went to see Alex Cross this weekend and we all loved it!! Great acting Tyler, Congrats!!

  • Joyce A. Toronto, ON. Canada.

    You're welcome Tyler. Hope you have a great week.

  • Sybil Rochester, NY

    I went to see the movie, Tyler it was great.....you were great as always !!

  • Veronica Ojo Lithonia, GA

    A date night with my husband and he agreed to a Tyler Perry movie (YES)... We truly enjoyed the movie, and we are so proud of you. I had no doubt that you would do well. While I know that there are great sacrifices in doing what you do, know that many Americans salute you for cleaning up our movies and giving us a reason to go to the movies again!

  • Billie McAleer Savannah, Ga

    Mr. Tyler, My husband and I went to see Alex Cross this past Friday.Don't pay any attention to the critics !! They wouldn't know a great movie even if they saw it ! You are out standing in this movie ! You are extremely believe able in this part. You did not fail Mr. Patterson and your fans. Never fear your fans are behind you.

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