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And The Winner Is...

With over 16,000 submissions into the talent search contest it was difficult choosing a winner. To all of you who entered the contest, I just want you to know that you have all been entered into the Tyler Perry Studios casting database, and my Casting Director has been instructed to use people from the contest whenever possible. So you may get a call for upcoming movies or TV shows. A lot of you are super talented. Thank you so much for auditioning!

This was a hard decision. The winner of the talent search contest won for several reasons. One is the number of votes, but more important than that is the level of talent. I'm very excited to work with this person because I love breaking fresh new talent. I was so inspired by this person's work that I can't wait to create something for this person to do.

And the winner is Darmirra Brunson.


Let's get to work,


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  • Jennifer Smith Pembroke Pines

    Tyler Perry, Darmirra Brunson deserves the spotlight, she is funny. I wanted to share my latest mailing that was sent to Detour Project One Hundred Plus Character Crew Members, whose been following me since two thousand nine. Summer Greetings to all Character Crew Members: Personally I know many of you can use some laughter, this summer. I got my laughter on. Instead of keeping it all to myself, I'm sharing. Detour Project is endorsing Tyler Perry. He has entertained me with fun and laughter. I thank him in all sincerity. If you haven't seen Madea's Witness Protection, I'm encouraging you to go see it. My husband and I took our grandson to see Spiderman the other day. Afterward he complained that it was too short. Therefore, he said to us, let's go see Tyler Perry. Smiling I said what do you know about Tyler Perry? Wide eyes I was when he said what he said. Folks, the movie is hilarious. It's important that we support Tyler Perry, and everyone enterprises as well, as a strong community, culture, and society. Pray for him, he's fighting to put his movie in more theatres. Tell everyone in your personal and business network to watch Madea's Witness Protection. Jennifer, Inspiring Author.

  • Carlen Portee-Lowery South Carolina

    Congratulations Darmirra, what an awsesome blessing and opportunity; and also thank you Tyler for allowing me to showcase my monologue, God bless.

  • Yolanda Allen New York, NY

    well even though I didn't win or come in the Top 10 I'm still glad I tried!! You never what can happen until you try! The winner is very funny! I actually heard about her a few months ago through my best friend. Her impersonations are on point! She is HILARIOUS!! You picked a great winner Tyler....

  • Sharon Hester Columbus, GA

    Congratulations Darmirra Brunson, what an amazing opportunity! Tyler I appreciate the opportunity to audition, thank you for opening the door to my dreams. It awakenend my desires and even gave validity to them. I thank you for just that, so grateful for your heart! Sharon

  • Perry Graham Brooklyn Park Mn

    Wowwww!!!!!!What a blessing it is to Win!!!!!! Congradulations!!!!!! Darmirra!!!! Continue to allow the lord to move in ur Gifts and life put him first in all that u do u will go to the highest of the world where others have never been!!!! Blessing to u!!!!

  • Quentin Bethea Charlotte, NC

    Congrats Darmirra!! You are really good!! Look forward to what you will be doing. Thanks Mr. Perry for reaching out to everyday people!!

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