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They Just Don't Get It

Ok Guys,

I was reading the message board and someone brought to my attention what was in print under my picture in this TIME thing. Now, I didn't notice it cause I don't read stuff about me Good or Bad because most of the time it's wrong and negative and because most of these "Mainstream" folks don't get it. So, what's the point? But after a board member left this message saying how upset she was, I read it and it says, " You might not recognize him out of his Granny Drag, and detractors dismiss his movies."

That's why I don't read this stuff cause that annoyed me. It's crazy to me how you can have millions of people stand with you and appreciate you for what you do but if "MAINSTREAM" (and you know what I'm talking about)doesn't recognize you then you're somehow not valid to them. As well as if you do things outside of the system then you're not credible. It's just ridiculous.

I don't need to be on this list to know that what I do matters to so many of you as well as myself. What I've tried to do with my life and my work is uplift a people that this world and MAINSTREAM doesn't care anything about. They can say what they want as long as you know that my heart is into inspiring and motivating us all to be or want to be better human beings.
I also got a few emails saying that some people don't understand how the vote works. Here's how I think it works. It's not about the vote. It's about the influence. So, before you hit the button that says submit, right below my name there is a RED line that you need to move over, it starts at 50 but you can move it to 100 if you like and then press submit.
I'm not going to bother you with this foolishness again but I just got a little annoyed when I read that. People just don't get it. Can you show them how many people know me? TYLER a 38 year old man, Outside of the "Granny DRAG." Let me breathe....

So, if you haven't voted or even if you have it's pretty quick and easy.

Click here to vote......

Thanks! I'm done with this.

Yo Boy,



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  • M.H


  • M.H

    I feel you. I'm trying to see you. I want a drink. Buy one get one free.

  • M.H

    You inspire me. A human must be able to be comfortable doing what.I don't like reading negatives either until I learned strength.

  • M.H3


  • I

    Get it. I love what you do, Tyler. I love you.

  • Stella Nairobi, Kenya

    Well, I get humor and laugh; I learn too, a lot. It also made me check you out and get to read your insightful messages. And I remember this long after. Thank you Tyler and many of us appreciate you tremendously! I may read the “MAINSTREAM” but I may not remember what they say if it doesn’t inspire me. What makes them think that exaggeration and negativity is what sells?

  • Ana

    Tyler you are a most wonderful, intelligent and compassionate artist. You are so exciting and funny and real. Anyone that refuses to recognise your genius is either threatened by it, or racist.Don't be annoyed. Know that you are wonderful and millions of people DO KNOW YOU as the wonderful beautiful MAN that you are. You are truly a blessing and a gift to our generation. x**

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