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They Think I Can't Do it!

There are a lot of people who think I can't do this. There are also a lot of people who think you won't show up because I'm not playing Madea. There are also a lot of people who are working overtime to try to discourage you from seeing Alex Cross as they do with all of my films... I'm hoping you'll prove them all wrong.

Can you believe we've done this 15 times? I gotta tell you, I'm so hoping you are planning on going out to see Alex Cross this weekend. I have never been more excited for you to see me do something. This is totally different for me. I loved it and I think you're going to love it too. You know that the opening weekend is how you're judged in Hollywood. So if you can, please try to get out this weekend. Be sure to check your ticket stubs to make certain they say "Alex Cross" and whatever you do, drop me a message to let me know what you thought. I love to sit by the message board and read your comments. You're the real critics. And judging from what I read on the board from those of you who went to last night's late night shows, you loved it too. TELL SOMEBODY... LOL

I know you may not know this, but there is a lot riding on this film. This is the first time that I have ever been considered for a role like this. Hollywood has never even offered it to me. I've done my best and I've done all I can. It's in your hands now.

I feel like a little kid in church about to do my first solo! :-)

Take someone with you if you can. This is an experience that should be shared.

Tom Joyner has "take a loved one to the doctor day"... Well today is "take a doubter to the movie day".

Alex Cross in theaters RIGHT NOW!!!

I love you guys so much. Thanks for all you've done for me, my employees and their families.

Be blessed,


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  • Chrystal Armstead Williamsburg, VA

    Tyler, my mom and I just saw "Alex Cross" and I would just have to say that it was one of the best action films I've ever seen. There was never a moment in the film that left me bored. It was amazing from beginning to end. Very great job Mr. Perry!

  • Gloria Brady Phoenix, Arizona

    Mr. Tyler Perry, I 'm so grateful for your new movie coming out today because it gives me an excuse to spend time with my younger brothers I am 62 years young, and I live alone retired. This was the perfect movie to ask my brother to take me to go and see because it is the kind of movie they will enjoy also. The last time they took me to movies was Red Tails and your Madea Movie any other time I have to go alone. they don't care to much for comedy, they like actions movie so this was perfect one to have bonding time with my brothers. I go and see all of your movies we are going to the 11:ooam showing I have to get ready I will report back after I see it Thanks again for your great Movies

  • Yalanda Lattimore DryerBuzz.com Atlanta

    This is interesting. Has been a debate for years if Madea fans can grow with Tyler Perry. Why are the numbers so vastly different in what Madea fans will support? Will be watching box office as to see if numbers compare to other TPS "non Madea" projects which have been excellent. Can the two audiences come together? #MatchingMillions

  • Joan NW Georgia

    Tyler, I heard some d*** butts on a morning radio show discussing Alex Cross this morning. One of the hosts said that whenever she imagined Alex Cross she saw Denzel in her mind. So, when she found out it was you, she was disappointed and doesn't want to see the movie. What an idot! I hope a ton of people go to this movie and are blown away. I saw the preview at the theater a while back and know it is going to be an awesome movie. They have pigeon holed you and as you have said before have tried to define you ("they" do that a lot with many celebrities). Anyway... you are a gifted performer, business person, writer, director... just keep doing what you do! Joan

  • Evelyn Illinois

    Hi Tyler, this is so exciting! Can't imagine the nerves right now. I plan to see the movie this weekend. I enjoy all your films. Trying to get the husband to come along. He's not much of a Madea person but loves a good action movie. I think he'll be pleasantly surprised to see this transformation. That's what good actors do and I believe you're in that category. Good luck and..... you're going to have a fantastic weekend because it seems God has his hand all over you.

  • Geraldine Iquo Okon Abuja,Nigeria

    Congratulations Mr Tyler! Am very Happy for you. God will continue to move you from Grace to Glory. I have only Watched How did I get married of all your Movies? And I loved & enjoyed watchinng the movie. I wonder when I will get to watch Alex Cross in Nigeria.. Congratulations & God bless you.

  • Sharon DiTullio Tepper New York, NY

    OF COURSE I'M GOING TO SEE THIS FILM! You killed it in the trailer - anyone can tell this is the best movie of 2012! You will hit this one out of the park like all the rest, this I know. Remember, you have your army of angels beside you, no wrong will happen to you. God bless you!

  • Shanda Ellenwood, Ga

    I haven't even seen the movie "Alex Cross" yet. But I can feel you in my spirit soaring literally off the charts internationally in this film and otherwise. I have no doubt in my mind, my heart, or my spirit that you just transitioned to a new height in this industry. But from here on out, nothing is stopping...but you. So, get out of the way and let God do the rest. I believe in you. I believe in the God in you. I know you can do this because in my spirit it's already a done deal. I love you, Mr. Perry. Be blessed and remember, it's not where you go it's how high you go and remain in His safety. Stay in the safety of the Lord. You've got "Oscar" written all over you and you know what the buzz is in Hollywood right now? Tyler, Tyler, Tyler...!!!!! Trust me, God's got this and what God has for you is for you. I'm so excited. I'm on my way to see one of the greatest films that ever hit the movie scene "Alex Cross" starring Tyler Perry. By the way, I love Cicily Tyson. I will treasure this moment forever.

  • Kaira Cooper Randallstown, Maryland

    You got this Tyler! For you my friend and I created on twitter #goseetyler to created a bigger buzz! We are working OT today and this weekend for you, in support of your vision God has blessed you with!!! To the FANS, help us by following me @kairacooper and judith_fajardo and retweet @ you support #goseetyler #AlexCross! WE ARE YOUR INSPIRATIONAL CORNER THIS AROUND TYLER PERRY!!! Be Blessed! Kaira :)

  • Temi LA

    SHOUT OUT TO ALL THE LOVERS AND SUPPORTER OF Tyler...THAT ARE CURRENTLY NOT IN THE UNITED STATES... please go online through his facebook page( play the puzzle game) or other recommended merchant and buy tickets online for a friend or friends that are in the US.. They will go in your place.. showing support....( Fandango for example.. accepts paypal...) this weekend is crucial.. so get buying....**********LET's all join forces and make this movie a jaw-opening Record breaker!!!... LET's put our MONEY... where Our MOUTH is.....xoxoxo...Hugs and Kisses

  • Gillian Ashton United States

    Hey there Mr Tyler Perry, I am one of your many devoted fans and this movie will actually give me double the joy. I'm a James Patterson fan and have read all the Alex Cross books and now having you Tyler Perry play the main character just brings me so much joy and excitement. My family and I WILL BE AT THE MOVIES TONIGHT. I'll be honest my boyfriend is not that enthused as thriller/suspense movies are not his favorite genre of movies but I have a feeling, he will love it because you are in it. I am so proud of you for going against the grain and doing what YOU want to do no matter the struggle and all the haters trying to discourage you. You are inspiration to us and our children as they can look to you as a mentor and be encouraged when they too are faced with the same struggles. I have a almost 21 year old son struggling to find his way after making many mistakes in his youth, I'm dragging him to the movie as well tonight so he can see first hand that if you put your mind to it, you can do or become anyone you really want to be. The sky is truly the limit!!!! All the best of luck to you this opening weekend, but I have a feeling you won't need it. You know why Tyler, because the good Almighty Lord has already taken care it. You just sit back, relax and enjoy the blessings:) We love and support you Remain blessed Gillian

  • Sam Norfolk,VA

    Hey Tyler, man I'll always love you no matter what you're in! I hope the HATERADE leaves a sour taste in the naysayers mouths! Have a nice day!

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