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Think Like A Man

Steve Harvey has a movie opening today called, THINK LIKE A MAN.

I went to the premiere about a week ago and it's hilarious. Hope you're planning to go see it. It's so important that we all WIN!

Get out if you can. That Kevin Hart is hysterical in this film. Keep an eye on him. That kid is going to be huge.

Ok. That's all I got today.

Talk soon,


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  • Scared

    How do you feel about Obama and the new world order. It's been posted everywhere about why not to listen to rap by J** Z and others on his label. Is the US really being sold as slaves

  • Confused

    What do u think about the state of America?

  • Ve Anthony USA

    Just writing to say hello and I hope you are well. No one ever calls just to say hello, that's why I didn't want a cell phone again. In the voicemail they say they were calling for that reason, then when you call back.... I hate the feeling of people trying to keep up with me. And they use the words "concerned and worried." They are worried that they don't know your business. Lol. So a simple hello is great. Wishing you love and blessings. This coming weekend is Mother's day and I know you said you have a hard time through this period of time. My fondest memories of my mom is during a time when she was sick, to the point where she couldn't dress herself. I was around the age of 9 or 10 and I had to help her get dressed. She had Arthritis. In her wrists, her knees and the medicine she was taking didn't help her. After a while she realized that and stopped taking it. She would put bengay on her legs and wrap them with saran wrap. For a long time she did it. She works outside in landscaping, so she has pretty good physical strength. Lol. She's strong. We had to watch her go to work hurting. Wondering if she could do it. I don't remember when it all passed, but when it did. It passed completely. I never liked seeing my mother in pain or hurting. Another time while I was in high school, she was bitten by my grandmother's German shepherd. The dog bit a p*** out of her leg. I was mad at everybody around. I may have cursed a few grown people out. The medicine she was given she was allergic too, which was another issue and she almost didn't make it. And the last story, for now. My mother went to the doctor for a regular visit one day and ended up staying for 3 weeks. Those were the worse 3 weeks of my life. I cried every night at bed time. Looking back now, those times when my mother was in the hospital or sick was the only time she was ever away from us. She can sing, play the piano, sew, cook, draw, landscape, pretty much do anything. But she just stayed with us. I was the baby for 10 years before my little sister was born, so I was spoiled rotten, not materialistically though. But I was always independent. Yet today, she still worries. I guess that's what's parents do. I try not too. My health is most important, to be able to do anything else. I exercise and run to tire my body so I can be too tired to stress. Thinking back on those times being able to take care of her when she needed it the most even though I was not a doctor or even an adult. Makes me most happy. Because I know I did it because I was doing what she had done for me. I only knew how to take care of her back because she had showed me in example. God blessed me to be able to spend this coming Sunday 5/13 with a special little person. Praying that He bless you and comfort you, and that you see a sign of your mother's love that she's still watching you. God Bless you Looking forward to seeing Madea, everything. wishing you the best,.

  • Test


  • Lesa Texas

    Finally got around to seeing" Think Like A Man." "So Steve" "lol" Very funny, Good stuff, and yes Kevin is one screw short of Koo-Koo "lol", but I think the bigger message to take away from this story is as adults we should not be playing these games to begin with. If you are going to be a MAN or WOMAN then act like an adult and not a child. If you continue to play these foolish games, you will never recognize the real thing when it happens!!!

  • maria california

    if your ever in need of a grandma in your real life I'm here :) too old n disabled to wanna be your woman :(

  • CG Thomas San Diego California

    I would love to have the chance and honor of working with you, Hollywood keeps making me play a thug or gangster, I'm a college grad and would like to be able to play a positive role , our people deserve that, and you are the only man left doing that, Im asking for an opportunity

    • Yvonne Pizarro Gwynn Oak, Maryland 21207 #1679790

      Hello Mr. Tyler, My name is Yvonne Pizarro, I am a student of CCBC Catonsville, Maryland. I enjoy every performance that I am able to capture of your theatrical plays. They are very uplifting, and most of all very heart felt and close to home. I am very proud of you and God has so much in store for you, everything that you touch is already blessed. I pray that this mothers day your heart will be comforted, and filled with joy unspeakable. Maybe one day you and I could share the stage, and I will be a hummimg bird with a little soprano. Keep doing what you are doing, and may God forever bless and keep you in perfect peace. Your Friend, Yvonne

  • Darlean Jones

    Thank You TP for making me laugh (and cry for joy) during the most difficult time in my life. I've always wanted to tell you that I've watched "Madea goes to Jail" at least 500 times, for real. I had good reason, my man was wrongfully convicted of a crime that DID NOT HAPPEN, (wow that's still hard to believe) and he was sentenced to 4 years in prsion, I did very day with him. Between 'Madea goes to jail' and 'Lockup', some how I survived, we survived. Now we are in the process of preparing to go up against the people that did that to him. The bottom line to the story of 'Mades goes to jail' is our reality where JUSTICE is concerned. I once told a very rude non-African man, "You can't talk to me like that, they ain't hanging nigga's no more." But sadly that was a lie, cause they still hanging 'em in Pasadena. I now know exactly how the women felt back- in -the- day when the Hoods came and drug their husbands, sons and brothers out of the house and to their doom. I once wrote a poem titled "Who will save the Black man?", one line: "... It's just an updated method of control, to keep the Black man from reaching his goal. ... Some of them will, but it's not without a struggle, because sometimes they still manage to brust his bubble." We the people need voices like yours and Steve Harvey's to speak to us and for us. Those of us that can see and hear the truth admit all the confusion, will be inspired to never give up. I look forward to your next movie, I'm sure I'm gonna love it! keep doing what you do, Peace and Blessings Irather Love Jones

  • Ayanda south africa,pietermaritzburg

    Kevin Hart OMG, He is the funniest guy ive ever seen hes fun, he is beyond hysterical he is a man of many talents he is doing hes thing doing hes thing, hes being played by Jen on think like a aman putting him on hold lol, lomfao hes gonna be good i agree with you on that one

  • Lisa Maryland

    Oh my God! That was a great show last night in baltimore, Madea gets a job! The cast was wonderful, the concert was the absolute best it was amazing. You preached your final words to the audience. Wow, everything was great and it was good to see you again in person! God bless you! You are going to be a great husband and father. Love Lisa

  • Tashema Woods Boston Mass

    Just hi....just because!!

  • Recovery Mental Health New Jersey

    www.recoverymentalhealth.com is a big fan of Tyler Perry and his story. He is a giving man and God has blessed him. He helps others and is a great man.

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