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Think Like A Man

Steve Harvey has a movie opening today called, THINK LIKE A MAN.

I went to the premiere about a week ago and it's hilarious. Hope you're planning to go see it. It's so important that we all WIN!

Get out if you can. That Kevin Hart is hysterical in this film. Keep an eye on him. That kid is going to be huge.

Ok. That's all I got today.

Talk soon,


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  • Marcus Davidson chicago

    Im going to be the worlds greatest actor Mr Perry just wait and see all I need is one oppurtunity and I guarantee that im going to take off from there

  • Kea Rustenburg south Africa

    I'm about to get in the cinema and watch Act like a man. I will give you my comments later.

  • timarius williams

    timarius williams ilove westgadsden high ilove baseball and softball 18 your new play laugh keep fom crying chatthoohee fl 29 shepard st will see 2 car

  • Tricia Near Chicago

    Tyler, I saw a quick segment about the fire. Just so thankful everyone is okay and God can use EVEN THIS for good. :)

    • margarita Cape Town South Africa #1678628

      So sorry to hear about the fire at your studios , no one got hurt , May God Bless you Take care of you T...

  • Marlyn

    Think like a man was great it really speaks truth about men and women learned something valuable- no one is perfect so don't set you expectation too high that no one can reach and not too low that no one can get under it. the way a woman dress makes a man categorized her. so always make sure that the way you dress is selling you as a wife; if that's what you are looking for. Thanks a lot it was a great movie.

  • marlyn

    Sorry to hear about your studio. Everything will be OK, God takes care of everyone and you are blessed. He will not overlook your pain and troubles.

  • victoria Lagos,Nigeria

    Tyler,you are a blessing to everyone who watches ur movies. You are a blessing especially to me. I watched one of your films"GOOD DEEDS" and I was tremendously blessed. I heard of your backlot studio that was damaged by fire,so sorry sir. For all your inspiring movies,I say thank you and may the good God that we serve continue to uphold you and keep you till his glorious coming.

  • @dljmoore Bowie MD.

    I have enjoyed your movies for a long time. I can always find a good message in sided. Thank you and I look forward to your next move.

  • nevette darden Chicago

    I have not seen Think Like A Man yet, but I do plan on it. Just got done watching your movie Good deeds. I enjoyed that immensely I must say. Keep up the good work, my good man! You cannot please all the people all of the time, everyone has an opinion these days. Just keep keeping it real!

  • Krischell Anne LA

    Hi Tyler , I went see think a like a man with my goodfriend of mine , the movies was awsome and two thumb up. we both laugh and cry at same time.

  • adedoyin nigeria

    Hi tyler,I wanna use this opportunity to tell you how much I like ur movies, you are one person I pray to God to work with someday and I hope God answers my prayer. Am from Nigeria and school in republic of benin. Am a Law student and I also act in my country. Thanks for giving this opportunity to talk to you and I hope I get a reply,it will mean that God in his mercy has answered my prayers.

  • Agne L McRavion Mesa, AZ

    Hello Tyler, thank you for keeping the history of the people in the way you do. I have enjoy seeing you give back and looking forward in your work. Keep the joy and happniess in life. Loveyou!!!!

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