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Think Like A Man

Steve Harvey has a movie opening today called, THINK LIKE A MAN.

I went to the premiere about a week ago and it's hilarious. Hope you're planning to go see it. It's so important that we all WIN!

Get out if you can. That Kevin Hart is hysterical in this film. Keep an eye on him. That kid is going to be huge.

Ok. That's all I got today.

Talk soon,


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  • JoAnne CA

    Hello Tyler, This is my very first tweet. Have to say I love all your movies, very well put together. Humor is so important now a days...much needed after reading things in the news like: the dentist pulling out all of her ex boyfriend teeth..every single one...lOl! and the woman who cut off her husbands private; lastly the woman who ran over her husband four times....my goodness what is wrong with people? Good thing Steve came out with that movie. I know you are working on another movie, your brain does not stop; know the feeling because I have note pads all over my home for projects I'm working on. Thank you for putting laughter back in our lives. I pray that you truly find love and that person is in love with you for you; and not saying they love you...because there is a huge difference. ..between being in love and loving someone. Your eyes Tyler say a lot...and I too am looking for the same thing. Don't forget about yourself. By the way do strangers just speak to you while in passing, just start confiding in you about differnt things; without even knowing who you are? I am a nobody and it happens to me all the time. A little Boy today got out of the car and looked over at me and yelled "bye have a nice day" with this huge grin on his face. People tell me I should write a book about things like that, plus I'm called the baby whisperer on past flights. I just call it angles over me. Sealed with a hug...

  • Amanda Kelly Memphis, TN

    You were so right about Think Like A Man. It's now on my #1 list with your movies.

    • Addie Ohio #1677965

      I enjoy all your movies. Thanks for the laughter but most of all for the positive messages of encouragement that's in your movies. Love you. Thx!

  • Jackie Mesina Detroit mich

    Yesterday, 4/28/2012, my family and I (5 of us) went to see Madea Gets a Job at the Fox Theatre at a price of $ 50.00 per seat. We were on the third floor, Section GB5, Row L, Seats 500-505 and were very disappointed as the late comers were blocking our view for almost the first half hour of the play trying to get an usher to show them to their seats; not to mention a flashlight being flashed in my face on several occasions which I did not appreciate, would you? I heard you come on stage but didn't see you, you yourself mentioned the late comers out of script, please next time you come to Detroit please do not have it at the Fox

  • Tresa Detroit

    Saw you in Detroit tonight! Great Show, outstanding ending. Tyler I didn't know you could sing and Dance like that. I am a happily married woman however I must say you were looking mighty fine on that stage tonight. Thank you for praying for our city... That was special! Also big s*** out for the underline message that you gave in support of MY GIRL Whitney E. Houston. I love what you stand for love, laughter and knowledge of knowing that life as it is can and will get better if we believe!

  • D.C south carolina

    I know this is not the place for this but when you are desperate you do whatever. A good intelligent black male, the father of 6. Made a mistake several years ago. And now he's facing time in prison. There is a chance he could do little to no prison time if he could fix the situation. We have reached out to Tyler Perry and other celebrities with the story. But with all the agents, managers personal assistants the intended part never get the message. Someone please help me.

  • Muneera Nigeria

    Mr Perry, how r u? Gosh I must say ur movie Good Deeds is the best movie I have ever watched,the story is amazing....ur role in that movie really fits you cos I'm sure u r a very nice man. I have watched that movie over and over again and I'm still not tired, Great job, I wish u all the best and hope to see more of ur movies and hey keep ur head up and keep making it....with lots of love from west Africa (Nigeria)...hope u would reply my message cos that will make me extremely happy....Muneera

  • Jackie 4234

    Mr. Tyler Perry, I was watching your movie, Madea's Family Reunion, last night. In the movie Frankie is a quality man. He even uses the phrase, while he is getting to know Vanessa, that he is a "Chaser." He was a christian man, old fashioned, and believed in pursuing a woman. I, myself, am a Christian woman and I know that I need to surrender being in a relationship to Him and trust His timing above it all. However, I couldn't help but wonder, as I watched your movie, where would you suggest meeting men who love Jesus besides just church (which is a great place). I guess I'm asking: where do they hang? what do they do? Thanks.

  • nathan bethlehem,south africa

    Hey mr perry,i saw the movie good deeds nd wow,wht a story,1nce again u brought out the best in people,the story line nd the reality of life jst made me nd my wife b in tears,we r jst waiting in entecipation 4 the last sequence of y did i get married,bcos the 2 sequels really made us reeveluate our marriage,all the issues in keeping a marriage 2gether,pls let me knw if u have time,thnk u 4 listening nd really hope 2 hear soon 4rom u soon

  • Andrea Chicago

    I had a great experience watching the film and believe when You're ready love shows up.

  • Tee Elizabeth nj 07201

    Hi Tye, Just wanted to say Hell'o and to send you this poem A Sun Ray Without A Sun A Ray that is shinning wanting to be seen, yet so far away and no sun to sine it's way. To brighten up it's glory that it may shine. Slowly hoping that one day the sun should shime my way. My sight is always clear, but the there are clouds that atimes would be in my way. I wounder in many places but never yet finding the Sun to shine my way. To help me my journey a little more. My pace gets stronger but it seems to go a little longer. But a Ray without a Sun who can find it.

  • Tee, Elizabeth, Nj 07206

    Hi Tye, Just wanted to say Hell'o and to give you this poem A Sun Ray without a Sun A Ray that is shinning wanting to be seen, yet so far away and no Sun to shine it's way. To brighten up it's glory, that it may shine. Slowly hoping that one day the Sun should shine my way. My sight is always clear. But there are clouds that a waits. I wounder, in many places but never yet finding that Sun to help my journey alittle more stronger My pace seems to go alittle longer, but a Ray without a Sun who can find it.

  • veronica Orange Ca.

    I am at a low part in my life depressed even sometimes think I cant make it to the next day, I pop in one of my Madea movies and it brings me back up I just want to thank you for making me laugh!!1

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