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Think Like A Man

Steve Harvey has a movie opening today called, THINK LIKE A MAN.

I went to the premiere about a week ago and it's hilarious. Hope you're planning to go see it. It's so important that we all WIN!

Get out if you can. That Kevin Hart is hysterical in this film. Keep an eye on him. That kid is going to be huge.

Ok. That's all I got today.

Talk soon,


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  • Harriett Maryland

    I saw the Steve Harvey movie. Think like a man Friday opening night and from the previews I knew the movie was going to be funny.....and it was far more then that. The characters were so developed...I was laughing, crying and enjoyed the whole movie experience. Thanks to everyone who brought this the the big screen. Outstanding job!! a congratulations on being #1 at the box office. 33million is not joke... we do support great films.

  • shandella mapp

    Mr. Tyler Perry i have an idea that i believe God entrusted to me to make happen but i do need help and if i know anything at all about you its that you live to 1) serve God and 2) help change peoples lives for the better. I believe that this idea i have will end world homelessness, drastically lower the percentage of world hunger and even create jobs. Please Please PLEASE!!!!!!!! at least allow me to lay out my plan to you in full detail. This is all i want to do... helping people fills me with joy beyond words. I cant explain to you how heart broken it makes me when i see someone living on the street, begging for food or money. I just want to do what ever i can to change that and i believe i have found a way. MR. PERRY I AM BEGGING YOU FROM THE DEPTHS OF MY SPIRIT TO PLEASE JUST HEAR ME OUT. IF YOU DON'T GIVE ME A CHANCE WHO WILL?

  • Latasha United States

    hey Mr. Tyler i can't wait to go and see it it's going to be good if you ever need any more acter's i am free i love to act it's my dream i am a big fann of ur's by: latasha .L. hernandez p . s . god bless you

  • Vera Richardson Houston, TX

    Please check out my CNN video I-Report movie review of “Think Like a Man” I rate the romantic comedy “Think Like a Man” which is based on Steve Harvey’s best-selling book “Think Like a Man and Act Like a Woman” 3.5 out of 4 Stars. The movie was very entertaining and extremely funny. Meagan Good, comedian Kevin Hart, and Oscar nominated actress Taraji P Henson delivers outstanding performances. Vera Richardson

  • Vera Richardson Houston, TX

    The beautiful young woman in the official photo for the movie “Think like a Man” with Meagan is my daughter Julieannah Awopetu. She is an extra in the movie's bookstore scenes. She graduated from Penn State which she attending on an academic scholarship with a double major Marketing and International Business and a minor in Spanish. She studied abroad in Spain. After leaving college she left Kodak and her plans on obtaining a MBA from an Ivy League college to follow her dream to become an actress. Annah appears in a national bud light commercial titled “Field Goal.” You can find the commercial on YouTube. I can forward you her head shot and resume at your request. She is a member of SAG/AFTRA. She currently lives in a cute one bedroom apartment in North Hollywood. I would appreciate anything that you can do that would help her take advantage of this exposure in the photo and her appearance in the movie to achieve her dream. Thanks in advance. Vera Richardson-Awopetu

  • Pat Charlotte, NC

    Loved it!

  • shiesha miles fort drum

    This movie is worth seeing and gives alot of insights on relationships.

  • michelle london england

    Mr Perry, I am so much looking forward to Watchin the show. Its sounds really good, but I would like to say mr perry I would really love To play a role in any of your films, if I ever had That chance that would be one of my goals in life You are a great director, and you really give people Hope in life true to your achievements, I pray I get That chance to.

  • KookE

    I'll be sure the see this movie too like all the other awesome movie. I love the title.

  • Melanie PA

    Mr. Tyler Perry.. please make a WHY DID I GET MARRIED PART 3, the second one left off in a cliff hanger. :( These couples still have more to be told.

    • Lizz Ohio #1672796

      I totally agree. What happens to to each couple? They were all in some serious probs

  • Brenda Jackson

    Oh MY God. What a great movie!

  • beat Louisville, KY

    Hello Tyler. I went to see "Think Like A Man". I give this film 2 tumbs up. I went to the first show at 11:05 am. We were a small but very lively crowd. I encourage your online family to go see this movie too! In case you are intersted in purchaing the movie CD, Target has it in stock. I purchased a copy. Have a great weekend!

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