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You know I'm grinning from ear to ear right now.

Thank you so much for going to see GOOD DEEDS this weekend.

I knew you would love this movie, so if I may say I told you so, I TOLD YOU SO…LOL. I have been reading all the messages on the message board. Many of you said it's my best film, most of you thought it was excellent and all of you seemed to have really enjoyed it. This is movie number 13 for me, can you believe that? And you’re still coming :)

I must say I was a little nervous. This movie is way different for me, and for it to be a dramatic film I was a little unsure if you would come out to see it. I never ever take for granted that you are going to show up... but you did. And again, I’m thankful. The #2 movie is worth so much celebration, especially if you knew the behind-the-scenes drama I've been dealing with. But that’s another story and I refuse to dwell on the negative.

So, on behalf of me and all of us at Tyler Perry Studios, we just want to say thank you for going out to the movies and keeping our voice strong.   

Thank you so much!

GOOD DEEDS, in theaters now.


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  • Daniel Baltimore

    @dapadan32 biggest Tyler Perry tv/movie/ and play fan!! and enjoyed Good Deeds!! but im going to hand Mr.Perry a box to step out of! with all respect and support! @dapadan32

  • Pam Overman Antwerp, Belgium

    Dear Mr Perry, You have no idea how difficult it is to see black films in theathers or cinemas in Europe. But I managed to see some of your films and tv shows. I admire your work and the way you share your inspiration, talent and knowledge with others, even across the US borders. Thank you for that. I'll keep on following you. I sincerely hope you and your crew can do a stage performance in Amsterdam, The Netherlands or anywhere else in Europe. Kind regards, Pam Overman

  • Donte florida

    Saw the movie with my wife this past weekend. It's at the top of your best movies with For Colored Girls. Extremly positive, uplifting and very very funny. Cant wait for it to come out on dvd. Wont be going to the corner man for this one.

    • Rosie Williams Memphis, TN #1654818


  • Misha MD,USA.

    Mr. Perry, thank you for making movies that inspire people to DO better & BE better... and reminding us all to follow our dreams and our hearts -- to always go after what makes US happy and to not live our dreams through the eyes of others. I'm 19 & I would love to work in the film industry one day. Many feel like I should just go to college (which I am doing), get a degree and be a teacher or doctor, but that's not where my heart is. Ever since I was a little girl I've loved cameras & video cameras. I love watching the making of & behind the scenes footage of films. I truly believe that when you love what you do, you'll never have to 'work' a day in your life! So I'm gonna follow my dreams. I am on the pursuit of happiness for ME :) Thank you for being such an inspiration! <333.

  • dienay philadelphia pa.

    again I applaud you the movie was so good i would like to see it again thiss movie is a collectors item just like the rest of them you buy them keep them and watch them over and over again God bless you sir Dienay

  • Nichole Thibodeaux Houston, Texas

    MR Tyler Perry....You have done it again...I loved it as I do all your other movies, plays, TV sitcoms, your Inspirational Corner....You are JUST AMAZING......When I saw the preview and received your newsletter, I must say I didn't expect the movie to be about you and another woman but I enjoyed it...When I hear GOOD DEEDS with a S, I think of alllll the wonderful things you do for people and how much you give back. I follow you in all that you do and where you come from and how far you've come and god for-bid where you're going and I wanted to see so much of YOU in this movie...Don't get me wrong, the movie was awesome as a matter of fact, I told my fiance' this movie was about us except YOUR msg was to go after what makes you happy BEFORE the hurt and the character Wesley was man enough to call off the wedding; however, some men DON'T and of course that's a another story line (our story) which causes so much hurt and pain and the outcome is still the same, but why learn the hard way....and that's what I've learned..."Do what makes you happy NOT what makes the next person happy, DO YOU irregardless of the box you think you should fit in. You can't run from what's for you, you can ONLY prolong it and complicate it. What's for you, it for you" I loved it....I was Lindsey for 10-yrs and here I am now, about to get married to what should have been mind years ago. MY MY MY...At any rate, when I hear GOOD DEEDS with a S, I wanted to see more of YOU, your story line of being homeless, someone (maybe Oprah) helping you along the way and giving you the chance and the opportunity to have a 2nd start in life and when you do, you just shower everyone with GOOD DEEDS....letting the viewers (like myself) know that know matter where you are in life NEVER forget where you come from....And the more you give the more doors will continue to open....Love You Tyler and I know you are AWESOME and I know you give and give, we see your return....So to me, no one could be you BUT you....(wink)

  • toya Raleigh NC

    just want to say again i really enjoy the movie good deeds. cant believe i found time between working to go and see it. can u bring ur play to raleigh nc. i never seen u and cast live in play before. i really appreciate it.

  • toya raleigh nc

    i enjoyed the movie. it was incredible!!! i especially luv the part where u was dancing to 2pac how do u want it. that was too funny. thanks for the tp fairy tales!!!

  • Melvon Richmomd

    Tyler, I was blessed by an angel today. A very dear friend of mine took me and three other friends to a dinner theatre this Sunday afternoon to meet Mr. Deeds. Wow!!! You really showed yourself this time, and I loved it. This movie is totally awesome, when Lindsey asked Wesley how much was a gallon of milk, I said "$3.29, you see I am there. Don't stop, keep up the good work and remember God loves you, so do I.

  • Stacy GA

    No you did not just make me fall in love with Wesley Deeds, I'm a married women!!!!! Thanks, that was awesome!!

  • Tenika Brooks Jasper, Texas

    you didn't have to tell me so.. I expected nothing less! I'm a FOREVER fan!.. ♥ May the Lord continue to guide and bless you and all that help you provide the world with great productions, inspiring us to trust in God, who will not forsake us.

  • Maria Puerto Rico

    Im a fan; I have mostly all your movies and I love them. I have seen the plays too. I wish I had a chance to see Good Deeds at the movies, but so far I have not heard that it will be showing in PR. I guess I'll have to wait until it comes out in DVD.

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