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You know I'm grinning from ear to ear right now.

Thank you so much for going to see GOOD DEEDS this weekend.

I knew you would love this movie, so if I may say I told you so, I TOLD YOU SO…LOL. I have been reading all the messages on the message board. Many of you said it's my best film, most of you thought it was excellent and all of you seemed to have really enjoyed it. This is movie number 13 for me, can you believe that? And you’re still coming :)

I must say I was a little nervous. This movie is way different for me, and for it to be a dramatic film I was a little unsure if you would come out to see it. I never ever take for granted that you are going to show up... but you did. And again, I’m thankful. The #2 movie is worth so much celebration, especially if you knew the behind-the-scenes drama I've been dealing with. But that’s another story and I refuse to dwell on the negative.

So, on behalf of me and all of us at Tyler Perry Studios, we just want to say thank you for going out to the movies and keeping our voice strong.   

Thank you so much!

GOOD DEEDS, in theaters now.


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  • Veltee Dallas

    You know I woke up this morning think, how blessed and highly favored I was...I just had to fb all my friends the The Clark Sister song... Hope your tour is nothing but funnnnn....Can't wait for you to get to Dallas....Love Madea. God Bless.

  • Donna Indianapolis

    Love you Mr. Tyler Perry...Loved! do you hear me, Loved the Movie and was so glad to see you in that perfect for you role...I'll keep you in my Prayers and I can't wait to see your next role, because this one left me pleasantly satisfied...God Bless

  • Danielle Staten Island,New York*

    You are a Wonderful man in the Lord!!!!!!!! You did a great job on this movie! I enjoyed it from beginning til the end. Show a different side of you and I enjoyed. You was very handsome in the movie & I'm glad you got the right woman in the movie :-). Thank You for making me Smile ;-)

  • christine wachege kampala,Uganda

    hey been trying to get a hold of house of payne from season four and the only way to watch it is online.....and here it Africa it is impossible to watch anything online because the internet is very sloooow pliiz helppp am dying to watch it......love all your movies

  • cheyenne New York

    I went to see the movie and it was even more than I expected. I love this movie! This one hit my heart because im living this right now! I laughed, I cried I couldnt help it I was really in the movies crying like a baby because this really touched home. Im going to see it again as soon as I saw it I was calling and texting everyone telling them to go to the movies dont buy the bootleg... Lol This is a must see! I love you Tyler

  • marcia degraff st.thomas, virgin islands

    Mr. Perry, Good morning. It is now 6:45am, and Thank God for awakening me, to see the beginning of a new day. I am awakened with a new feeling of hope and thanksgiving. Mr. Perry. I did not see your last movie, but have seen many of your previous movies an d loved them all, and I thank you. Whenever you appear on tv I listen, because God has blessed you well, and you have used your wisdom wisely. I appreciate your talent, and I thank you for sharing it with all of us. May God continue to bless and keep you. Enjoy the good life He has given you. I do hope you will visit the beautiful Virgin Islands one day, and if you do or plan to, please give me a call, and I will take you on a tour of the entire territory. Please give that idea a serious thought. I really would love tomeet you. You are an inspiration. Thank God for you.

  • Ve M. Anthony _

    I watched Good Deeds and really enjoyed it. Some parts hit really close to home for me. Especially about being able to escape the pressure of family's ideas and marriage. So many people rush and result into marriage because of tradition, ideas and trend. And the most difficult loving someone, but it still not being enough. The test of love is to let it go and if it makes it way back after going through h*** and more, then you might have something to work with. I watched it two times back to back for different reasons. And it was interesting to hear the responses from two different kinds of audiences. I loved the music, is there a soundtrack CD being released for it? Good luck to you and God bless you.

  • Eddie Wakes Burbank, CA

    Mr. Perry, I saw "Mr. Good Deeds" after coordinating a group...a veritable artistic "think-tank"; we all felt your film set a milestone for you in your work as a director/producer/actor. Your production staff is smart with cinematography, your editors and colorists nailed the visual part of the story. Congratulations on your transition into world of dramatic films, Mr. Perry! We can't wait for your next installment.

  • Tiffany

    You're welcome, Tyler! God bless you!

  • Jacqueline Gillyard Richmond Virginia

    Mr.Perry Love just love the new movie. My daughter and I enjoyed the movie so much. can't wait for your new play to come to Richmond VA. I have never seen Madea live so I'm very excited to see you in action, I know this will be a treat.

  • Donna United States

    Tyler I just want to say OMG! That movie was so amazing, When you said it was going to blow us away you were right. I love the movie so much that I tried to get someone to go see it again with me the next day. I laughed, cried and I really loved it. This was by far one of your best movies yet, and I look forward to seeing many many more. I can't wait until this next play Madea gets a job. I am for sure going to see it. Keep up the good work and continue to bless us with your God given talent. Love and appreciate you so much.

  • Myra Flores

    Mr. Perry, You have a gift that God has given you. In this day and age when people all over the world are going through hard times you have a way of bringing back the human spirit in all of us. Love forgiveness and understanding. The will to kept going no matter what life has placed in your way. Continue to follow your heart and trust God to lead the way. Can not wait to see your next film. Thank you, Myra F.

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