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You know I'm grinning from ear to ear right now.

Thank you so much for going to see GOOD DEEDS this weekend.

I knew you would love this movie, so if I may say I told you so, I TOLD YOU SO…LOL. I have been reading all the messages on the message board. Many of you said it's my best film, most of you thought it was excellent and all of you seemed to have really enjoyed it. This is movie number 13 for me, can you believe that? And you’re still coming :)

I must say I was a little nervous. This movie is way different for me, and for it to be a dramatic film I was a little unsure if you would come out to see it. I never ever take for granted that you are going to show up... but you did. And again, I’m thankful. The #2 movie is worth so much celebration, especially if you knew the behind-the-scenes drama I've been dealing with. But that’s another story and I refuse to dwell on the negative.

So, on behalf of me and all of us at Tyler Perry Studios, we just want to say thank you for going out to the movies and keeping our voice strong.   

Thank you so much!

GOOD DEEDS, in theaters now.


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  • trisha anderson brooklyn, ny

    I really need to contact you, if you can please call me, there are some ideads i would love to share with you!

  • RonnieBobbyRickyMike Flexible

    Mr. Perry, Congrats and thanks for not dwelling on the negative. How can i be apart of the creative process for your next BLOCKBUSTER? Like your apprentice, like The Apprentice....man I just get ideas tweeting,posting and txting you. ALso, s/o to the lady from Jamaica. Thank you and Godbless Jonathan

  • Jean P. Blackley Spartanburg, SC

    I thoroughly enjoyed a "double dose" of Tyler Perry's " GENIUS" this past week. First, going to see the play -"The Haves & The Have Nots" , and the "icing on the cake' was seeing Tyler in his very great performance in GOOD DEEDS !!! Both performances are noteworthy of his continued GENIUS and thoughtfulness and caring. Keeping in mind that he can't please all the people ALL the time ( referring to the negative comments recently sent to him) but he is wise enough to know that and we just look forward to MANY, MANY more years of his great CREATIVE GENIUS ! HE IS ENTERTAINMENT IN SO MANY WAYS AND SOMETIMES PEOPLE LOSE THAT ASPECT AND TAKE THINGS TOO SERIOUSLY !

  • Sylvia Glover New Bern,North Carolina

    Going to see the movie at 4:30pm today, with my sister. I take my mom to all plays and movies but she is sick now an don't feel like going. "My God this woman must be sick". Keep your good works going and I pray for more from you soon. Please send my mom a text or phone call to get out of the house. She will be 80 Nov 9 2012 and have a lot more plays and movies to go to. Her name is Louise(Putt) phone# 1-. Thank you and God Bless you and your works. Sylvia

  • Angie McAbee Spartanburg, SC

    Hi Mr. Tyler Perry! I want to start with saying that I feel so fortunate to have been able to support you in all of your ventures...(well almost all of them) in such hard times! I'll start with letting you know that for the past 5 years, i've been disabled & unable to get approved for my disability. But even so, I still refuse to par-take in buying ANY movies or plays (and most definatly not yours) via "boot-leg"! So with that being said, I just want to let you know that I was able to see Your latest play "Have & Have-nots" here in Spartanburg, with a friend that I must admit, is not one of your biggest supporters, but knows just how MUCH I LOVE EVERYTHING YOU DO! So he & I went to the play, and he gave you a very much approved 2-thumbs up! We both loved it and then went out to dinner to discuss how well the experience was because it was also his first play. (Oh, he also got me a t-shirt ;-) ) Then for the weekend I really wanted to support the wknd release of "Good Deeds", but was in bed with a pain-episode...so I'm sorry I couldn't help the numbers, but I wished it luck. So last night(Monday), this same friend, asks me to the movies...to see ... ta-da-da-daa..."Good Deeds"! And we both were yet again leaving the show with smiles and good feelings about how wonderful it was!! So today I am writing you to say, that I think I have added another MAN to your list of fans & I thank you for sending another message to a member of the male community, that 'this is how we women would like to see a good-black-man behave'! I Love You Mr. Perry...& even though I know how difficult it is for just an average-everyday-woman to meet you, I'm putting it out into the universe that I look forward to one day meeting you! I'm one of your biggest fans, even if I can't really afford to buy ur products like I once did! I have almost all of your movies and plays in my collection. And can hardly wait till I can completely finish my collection. Signed a true fan of yours, Ms. Angie McAbee

  • Shaina south África (Johannesburg)

    Hi Tyler Well i cant wait to see it, i have seen all your movies and love them, your truely blessed and have great talent some of us never had the chance to use our talents fully, keep them coming, looking forward to have it released in South África. God bless

  • Mh California

    Having Good Deeds calendared, I can't tell you how I felt Saturday morning when I woke up excited as if though I was waiting for something great! Then I remembered, "Oh!! TODAY is the day I am going to watch Tyler Perry's new movie!!! " I invited a few people and off we went. What can I tell you?..... This man never disappoints!!! The movie was awesome - Funny, heartfelt, and REAL. Thank you Tyler for your goodness. May our heavenly father keep using you to bring the rest of us such joy and great entertainment.

  • CT Greenville,SC

    Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm TYLER PERRY IM MAD the location changed from GREENVILLE,SC ON THE 29TH. Man folks was taking off from work, cancel stuff to come see the TP FAMILY & YALL AINT COMING............... THIS REALLY UPSETS ME REAL TALK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Oneka Irvington, NJ

    Tyler, let me just say that me and family have been a fan for years! We are so proud of the work that you are doing. God is Good! It was so refreshing to see a "Good" movie. It had an awesome story line and there wasn't a whole bunch of profanity, swearing and all the other negative things that tend to come out from hollywood. This not your usually movie, which think is good because you can reach another audience.I pray that you will continue to shine your light so shine, so that the Light can be uplifted and glorified. Peace:-)!

  • Melissa Glass Philadelphia, Pa. united stated

    First, given honour to God. who first in my life. To him be the glory, forever and ever amen. Hey angel, truly good deeds was you best movie yet! to me , all that you do is so good . everyone, of your movies is number # 1 that's because everything that you do you just do it so well. Truly I give God all the honour and Glory for that. We all know that he who begin A good WORK IN YOU. I just can't stop thinking about this movie, I can not tell you how proud of you I am. I am so excited about the things, that is about to happen not only in you life, but my life as well. hey angel, just want to let you know. this movies, is a big hit! that 's going to land you plenty awards. I'm just so excited for you. thanks the casts for me everyone, done such a wonderful job. tell me angel, how's you hand you what me to kiss it lol. do you ! let me ask you a question? angel, how did you know what kind of work I did someone told you. smile.. you are correct. let me just say this: " you are like the movie director' you hold the script to my dream. Good deeds made me smile, it made me cry. it made me feel good and it made me think alot it truly mess me up! when i told you that you completely toke my breath away you did. truly, I thank god for all your gifts and talents. I'm just so proud of you. you mess up head all up! wanted you to know "if the lord is willing, I will be coming back to alanta. to see "Madea's gets a job" arpil 12-15. ok, angel, have to work tonight, so i have to get some rest gotta go! love you Melissa.

  • Nandile SILVERTONDALE(South Africa)

    HAI MR Tyler just want to congratulate you in all your movies. You never disappoint me and keep up the good work and do not worry about bad publicity they are not there to bring you down but to mould you to be a better person professionally. when are you coming to SA?

  • Princess Jennifer

    Hello Mr.Tyler, I saw GOOD DEEDS today! I loved the movie yes you did it again. I simply love this movie and could relate to the woman becoming homeless, this part was so real in so many peoples lives this woman can really act. I wish you would have called me about the ending songs and music because I did not feel that music. I needed just a little more and the ending music did not go with the happy ending, oh well next time more romantic music. We all love you so much you are increditible. God Bless you! GREAT MOVIE!!! Thank you so much!

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