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Tour/Haiti/New Movie!

Well my folks,

The tour is going great! I am so happy and blessed to be able to be in front of the people. We sold out the Kodak in LA, we sold out Madison Square Garden and now I finally get to the South. I am so excited about getting down South! Don't get me wrong, I love out West and up North, but the South…I don't know, I guess it's because I'm a Southern boy at heart... Smile

The love I have been receiving every night is so evident. Every time I leave the stage I realize that the audience, you guys, has helped to ease my grief a little. I just thank you so much, to all of you, who have come through the doors so far to show me your love. Thank you. God bless you. I so feel it. It is the truth. You have no idea what you are doing for me. You have no idea.

I had a night to come home and look in on the dogs. Aldo was so happy to see me. I need to send you a video of how this dog greets me. He runs in circles when he sees me, jumps on me...it's the best! Peter, Paul and Mary, (I call them "The Thugs" because for a while they were tearing everything up,...LOL…but they're better now), are about 50 pounds each. I'm not sure how big they will get though. They love the cold weather. I think it's the Husky in them. Anyway, they're healthy and happy. My folks are taking really good care of them while I'm away.

I wanna say Thank You to all the people who have given to my Haiti Relief effort. Thousands of you have given almost $100,000.00 so far! I will keep you posted as to what I will be doing with your money. I have raised my personal donation from $250,000.00 to $1million. I did this realizing that after the next big story comes along, the news media will pack up and leave the people of Haiti to fend for themselves. They always do. So my plan is to do just what I did when I built those 20 houses for the survivors of Hurricane Katrina. Sometimes it's best to wait for the frenzy to pass to really be effective. Haiti needs help now and there are a lot of people doing that, but they will also need help in the coming months. My plan is to take a trip there and see for myself how to put our donations to the best use. Thank you so much! Remember, there is one thing you never get punished for, and that is giving.

On another note, just wanted to be sure you saw this…it's the full length trailer for WHY DID I GET MARRIED TOO? You can CLICK HERE to watch it now.

God Bless. Talk soon.



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