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True Story!

A few years ago I was getting these really insane water bills. I mean HIGH! So I decided to dig some wells in my yard to have water for my landscape. I live alone, so I know it had to be from watering the grass. So I hired a company to come out and dig these wells. The foreman and I walked all around my yard and as we were walking he was putting down flags. I asked what the flags were for. He said, "The flags represent good places to dig for water." I asked, "Why do you have so many flags?" He said, "I'm not sure if any of these places will produce water." I said, "Hold up, you mean if you dig all these spots and don't hit water I still have to pay you?" He said, "Yes, that's how it goes." I said, "Ok, fine." Needless to say, he dug three wells and never hit water. I said, "Just stop."

I got a few more extreme water bills and called him back. He said, "Are you sure?" I said, "Yes, keep drilling until you hit water." The next well he dug he was down 500 feet and still didn't hit any water. He asked if I wanted him to stop. I said, "Go deeper." He dug down another 200 feet and still nothing. I said, "Go deeper." He drilled another 200 feet and he hit rock. I said, "Blast it, cut it, do whatever you have to do but keep digging." After fighting the rock and breaking his drill and getting a new one we got a little deeper. He said, "We are at 1,200 feet, why do you want me to keep going?" I said, "Cause I'm tired of these water bills and I'm going to do something about it." He said, "But this is really deep." I asked him if he had hit water yet. He said "no," so I told him to go deeper. "But you don't understand," he said. "We don't usually drill this deep, this is going to be expensive." I told him that, "Sometimes you have to go deeper to get what you are after, no matter what the cost." He started the machine and went down another four inches and hit a river of water. Just a few inches separated me from getting my breakthrough. That was five years ago and that well has never run dry.

In 2013 I want you to apply that to your life in all ways. Sometimes you will spend time on a thing and it will produce no water. Don't be afraid to move on to another spot. YOU CAN'T HAVE FEAR. I don't care how much time you put into it. If the well is dry MOVE ON! Nothing lives where there is no living water. Be it a relationship, a job, a business, don't be afraid to move to another spot.

Now, on the other hand, if you are digging your well and you are sure that it is not only where you want to be but where God wants you to be, then keep digging in that same spot. Don't stop digging until you hit a river of blessings. Don't stop praying until you live in the change you've been waiting for. Don't stop pushing until you deliver your breakthrough. Yes, it will get difficult. Yes, you may hit rock. Yes, there will be a cost. But when you get to what God is trying to get you to, YOU WILL RECOVER IT ALL!  One of my favorite scriptures says that. "PURSUE AND YOU SHALL RECOVER IT ALL!"

Some people give up when they are only inches away!!

Happy New Year.



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  • M.H

    "Last week Tyler Perry", Do you remember?

  • Maggie Benson Toledo Oh

    Your story touch the very core of my inner spirit. It made me laugh, at the same time bought tears to my eyes. That Information would have been a great help to me some 40 years ago. I wish that every young or old person would read your story maybe it would motivate them to just keep digging . I will make it available to my grandchildren.

  • Margaret Atlanta

    All I can say is your a man after God's own heart. Never stop your inspiration. Just remember to keep going back to the well that never runs dry.

  • Teresa V.J. United States

    Lets try this with my glasses on. =) To Tyler Perry I am an older Women. I have written 2 short childrens books, Christian Books. My Husband Could Careless about my writing. I write what cames to me. I fill, feeling in writing. I can't explain how it feels but its a very special feeling. Mylife is centered around GOD. I feel He told me to share the poem of Teach Them with you and the World. I did finish it the other day. I write over and over and over, It keeps getting better and more improved. I even feel good to explain this unto you. sorry I didn't have on my glasses before I sent the other blog. Thanks for listening. Teresa P.S. Do You Really Read These Yourself?

  • Teresa V.J. United States

    I am older, GOD has blessed me with a talent. I have written @ short childrens books and so many poems i can't count. I have been waiting for something to good to happen in mylife. I love the LORD, and I don't want to step out of His will for my life. My Sister says I'm really good. But My Husband seems to to care. everyone makes me fell like Its not Good. so I stopped writing. But writing makes me feel. I know there are so many books inside of me. crying to come forth. I have 2 part time, full time jobs I hate. But I do what I have to do. I come home drained both jobs I clean sites. The more I clean the more they want cleaned. In as let time as possible. I want to do something for me?

  • Denise Rembert Waterford Mi 48327

    Tyle perry you are my hero,because i fight my cancer every day i am a single mom with two girl god bless.I need you help please prey for me and my kids we need it,i'ts so hard to take care of them food them and pay bills on one income every mouth,I wish that i can talk to you on the phone if you can call me that is a blessing i alway wented to see you. God bless you please dont forget to prey for my health and kids health.

  • Sees Oahu, HI

    Such an inspiring story! :) Every message I read is just amazing! Thank you. God Bless!

  • Ashley Tennessee

    I had received this in an email from you a while back! A word came forth from the pulpit about digging wells!!! Thank you for sharing your life stories with us!! This may be an old post but it's an on time word now!!

  • Sheneith Hawkins here

    Now where were we?

  • Cara Mia Quebec

    First, Congratulations on your amazing career. Thank you for all the hilarious, tender, philosophical moments and wisdom that Madea shares with the rest of the world. She reminds me of my late beloved grandma! Just finished reading your story about digging for water. I must admit just had a HA!HA! moment. I have been struggling to lose weight for basically all my life. I've embarked on a journey three years ago, it ain't easy ride and I am getting slowly but surely off track. Your story it HOME! I should not give up. As your story, I have dugged too far to just give up. In my case, I know I have a long way to go but if I give up now, I will never really know I close I got to my goal. THANKS AGAIN for every moment that you have taken me into your world and put a smile on my face.

  • Jonetta Scott Cleveland, Ohio

    I just want to "Thank You" for continuing to allow God to use you!!! Temptations is an Excellent movie!!! I loved it so much that I went to see it twice!!!

  • levi tchongwe east chicago.

    I am responding to your story of january 4th 2013, first of all, I did not see this wonderful story of digging wells, till this evening. I am very encouraged, because I used to be a quitter from so many things I attempted to do in the past before I became a pastor, You teach like our Lord Jesus Christ, because He used to tell short meaningful stories to the jews. There was a sower, there was a richman, there was a widow.....every story Jesus talked about to His listeners, He always related to their present on going life styles at that time. Even after digging 9,000 feet, hit a rock, you still told him to keep on digging no matter how expensive it will cost you, You never got discouraged at all. Your story kindles fire of courage within me, and in the hearts of all those who have ready it. Since now I am so close to your ministry, I will look for all your movies I have not watched. Thanks Tyler, stay blessed.

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