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Truth Be Told

When I first saw this video that someone sent to me, I was a little annoyed.  Why? It starts out so negatively and I'm allergic to negativity and negative people. I avoid them, or it, like I avoid the flu. But as it went on I saw the intent, and my heart began to smile. It really inspired me to keep going. It made me feel good! What I would say to you is what this video says to me:
Number 1.   Stay true to what you believe, no matter what anyone says.

Number 2.   Don't let anybody talk you out of your blessing. Stay your course!

Number 3.  The voices of positivity will always prevail, and that should always be your focus.

Number 4.  Hope floats. So in order to reach it, you have to rise above negativity.

If you have a little time, check it out…


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  • Clare DETROIT

    Hi Tyler: The video was beautiful. It reflects how some fans felt until we look how you help so many people thru your work. Thank you. I cant wait to see your new movie...it looks good. With all your sucess you deserve the best. No person is perfect but please before you marry the model, please consider the following: she don't eat meat--you need a woman who can cook and eat a good steak w** you.lol:) You dont seem like the high bugee type. Somehow I can only see you with a down to earth woman whose kinda like the way you describe your moms character. Im very good at reading into pictures, and all her body language says is Im here for the camera...Im not a hater but you need a woman who isnt a part of Hollywood, vanity, fashion. That will bring more balance into your life. Time doesnt equate to knowing someone. I was in a relationship for two years and even with all I thought I knew about him, I was wrong. Sometimes the image blinds you and people can put on a front until you really hurt them. I dont want her to hurt you; like look at kobe and tiger woods, their ex wifes wasnt there while they put in the hard sweat and tears. Someone close to me is going thru it, and it hurts to see his goldiggin wife use his son to take advantage of his wealth and emotions. Just listen to your heart and if theres any doubt...run!lol:) With love:) Clare

  • Veronica Benson Chgo, IL

    There wasn't even a whole minute of the negative things that could be put in this. It's difficult when even a little negativity is coming from people who you would think should be for you. Watching the remainder of this video I don't even remember what was said at the beginning. You are a blessed and favored man. God will continue to bless you. GOD BLESS YOU.

  • Kim Las Vegas, NV

    May GOD's peace overcome you and know that we are proud of you and you be proud of you!

  • Beverly B. Adams Louisiana

    Haters gonna hate oh yeah i'm a fan. That's my child she had to comment. She Loves U too. :D. I hope you know what that means because I sure dont. I am Happy being a Dinosaur when it comes to that.

  • Beverly B. Adams Louisiana

    Thanks for the Truth Be Told Video that's what prompted my message. I'm sure you figured that out already. I'm just being me. Have a GREAT WEEK!!! HATERS will forever be present and they are the reminders that keep propelling us forward and yet they have'nt caught onto that yet. Funny huh!!!! Ever noticed that

  • Ernest McIntosh Detroit mi

    What up Mr Perry yes I watch the video truth be told and I must say that's go to show you that you are loved by many and disliked by a few what those if I can live comfortably and at peace sir good thing you're done in the movie industry are remarkable you're provided a lot jobs for a lot of people who was in need of help and trying to get a start in the movie industry I feel you about some of the disturbing things people have said about you but that's just hatred and jealousy (spike) madia is my girl we all have one in the family the problem is you tell the truth and show black people in a different light can nobody black ever say nothing negative about a Tyler Perry all your movies have had something that Pertains someone black or even white has endured in history a family haters hate successful people what is they just didn't see you coming now that you're here doing your thing They don't know what to do hate on greatness if they are not hating then you worry as long as they are keep doing what you been making hit movies as for as black movies becoming extinct as long as you writing them that will never happen the good lord has given you a beautiful talent my brother hide it from no one shared with the world let the world know madia and Tyler. It's here to stay I was always told never let no one steal your joy in your case stop you showing the world your gift like I always say Love Thou brother as thou Love thyself and that's the name of my movie Love thou brother sir I have alot of great ideas I mean a lot keep your head up and moving forward and God bless your true fans got your back Earnest Mcintosh

  • charlene evans camden .nj. 08104

    Tyler you are a blessing no matter what the say you are a wonderful writer an awesome actor so you keep doing what your doing god got you back just wrap yourself in thw lord and he will see you through and will be looking for you nexr film or play God Bless you Charlene

  • joy United States

    Not sure if this will be read by you Mr. Perry, but there is a book called KMT In the House of Life by Ayi Kwei Armah ..it's an historical novel....it would be a great new road for you to travel on...his books are amazing and would make great films.....I love your work and would love to see you explore one of Armah's works....Would also be great if you created venue for new screenwriters to showcase their work...Looking forward to your soon to be released movie......

  • Mary Lou West Lafayette, Ohio

    I just wanted to tell you that in 2008 we came across Why did I get married!This was the first time we had seen your work. We have been enjoying your work ever since. The funny thing is we were somewhere for the weekend to work through some past baggage. Well we went to town to rent a movie to watch together in our spare time! No it wasn't by accident that we came across that particular movie at a time when we had just experienced some major healing in ourselves and marriage!! Yup JOY rising right now at this memory!LOL!! I wanted to say God bless and we love you!!! Oh LOLOL we are one of your "white" friends who enjoy all your actors deeply! So to the false media reports I say haaa haaa you're SO clueless. LOL

  • Patricia Johnson Omaha, NE

    Tyler, Your work is like the Bible. One's heart and mind have to be in the right place to get the true sense of the message being conveyed. It's those people who truly appreciate your work and its value in their lives. You keep doing what you're doing. God is using you in ways to bring his glory to light. I'm so glad you are following your passion and that voice that is guiding you to do great things in this world.

  • Terrie Henry Baltimore, Maryland

    "We are hard pressed on every side, yet not crushed; we are perplexed but not in despair, PERSECUTED, but NOT FORSAKEN, struck down, but not destroyed" 2 Cor. 4:8-9 JESUS IS STILL LORD, no matter what people may say, think or do. Take care.

  • Johnny Johnson Brookings South Dakota

    Hay Tyler, thats a awsome video.. And i want to say thank you for doing what your doing. I'm exited about your new movies coming out especially Madea's Witness Protection, Madea's working with White people lol. God that is to funny that comment Madea said. I'm still laughing about that so i know the movie will be great.. Good Deeds looks like another great movie. You have a gift God gave you and thats exactly how you are so sucsesfull. YOU ROCK!!!!!!

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