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Truth Be Told

When I first saw this video that someone sent to me, I was a little annoyed.  Why? It starts out so negatively and I'm allergic to negativity and negative people. I avoid them, or it, like I avoid the flu. But as it went on I saw the intent, and my heart began to smile. It really inspired me to keep going. It made me feel good! What I would say to you is what this video says to me:
Number 1.   Stay true to what you believe, no matter what anyone says.

Number 2.   Don't let anybody talk you out of your blessing. Stay your course!

Number 3.  The voices of positivity will always prevail, and that should always be your focus.

Number 4.  Hope floats. So in order to reach it, you have to rise above negativity.

If you have a little time, check it out…


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  • Sonja Cottrello Greggs Miami Beach, Florida

    Hi Tyler, I'm proud of you and I'm thankful for all the lessons you have taught me and many of us. There always going to be haters and thats good because, you know you doing something special. You make a difference for many people. GOD himself made you and thats amazing! If more people do what you do for others, to make a difference, this world could be a better place to live in. You keep doing what you do and I will keep watching, listening and learning from you.Just be you and be happy and enjoy yourself. But most of all LOVE yourself. You make me laugh and sometimes cry, but it renews me to do better. I don't even write too often to anything, but had to this time. May god continue to strenghten your talent with his love.

  • Aisha

    Tyler, Let the negative folks wallow in their negativity; positivity will always over-ride. We are here to support you and always will do. Our entire household - 8 members + siblings & families go out in group to support you - every single time. We can't wait for the 24th and will always be here waiting for your movies to come out - even in this recession. You are such an inspiration

  • Ms. Love Califorina

    Tyler, Bless those who speak against you. And always remember Ephesians 1:4-6-God knew you before he formed this EARTH. God choose you, and that is all that matters. Love you Ms. Love

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