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The Upside and the Downside

Hello there,

Merry Christmas to all! Sorry I haven't written in a while, but these holidays are tough for me since my mother died last year. But I'm getting through it. Thank God!

I wanted to write today to ask you a question: If someone said to you, "Go and get anything that you want free of charge!", what would it be?

Well, listen to this: Every year I do a lot of Christmas giving to battered women shelters, feed the hungry organizations, homeless shelters and so on. Well, this year, Cassi Davis, who runs my foundation, found an orphanage. I didn't even know they had orphanages in the US. Anyway, this place is amazing and these kids' stories really show you how strong the human spirit is. They are from the ages of 14 to 18. It is unfortunate, but as kids get between these ages the probability of them being adopted is highly unlikely. Hence this great orphanage that houses them until they're adults. This place has so much history it should be a movie.

Anyway, I took all of these children to a Target. I gave each one a shopping cart and told them to go and fill it with whatever they "WANTED". Now I thought this would be easy. I had no idea that these kids had a different idea of wants and needs than most kids in this country. I'm thinking they are going to go for the video games, toys, make-up and things that teenagers are into. Well, they didn't!!

I was shocked because most of them went for cases of water and juice. I thought, "Water and juice?" Then they went on to undershirts, underwear, deodorant, soap, etc. You get my point. All the things we take for granted were huge for them. HUGE!

As they shopped, my staff from the studio escorted them through the store. A lot of us were tearful watching these kids. They were happy, but so confused. They couldn't wrap their brains around being able to have anything they wanted. How sad is that? They didn't know that they could have it all. One child sat in front of two shirts for a long time. One was 10 dollars the other was 30. He was wondering which one to get. It took one of my folks a long time to explain to him that he can have them both. After a lot of cajoling and pushing, he finally got it and so did the other 23 kids. To see their little minds start to believe was a powerful thing. To go from one level of belief to believing you can have it all in moments was something to see.

They came to the checkout with their red Target baskets looking like overloaded Santa sleighs. Boy that did my heart good! I could see my mother smiling in my mind about this. They were so happy. I wish you could have seen the joy on these kids faces. It was contagious. I caught it, and it helped brighten up these rough days for me. It was just wonderful. I left them on a high BIG TIME! It made me remember to be thankful for the little things. I hope it does the same for you...

You, too can have it all...


When I built my house three years ago, I remember having an argument with my security team because I thought what they were doing was overkill. After listening to their side, I gave in and let them do what they wanted. So, on my property there are cameras everywhere, night vision cameras, sensor lighting, laser sensors, underground laser sensors, a guard dog, 24-hour armed bodyguards and a few other things that I can't mention. When it was done, I was thinking, "This is ridiculous, I don't need all of this crap!" That was until tonight. Last night I was home in bed on a high from these kids. At about 3am my phone rings. This special line never rings in my house, so I knew something was wrong. I answered and I hear this voice say, "Sir, I need you to be alert. There are three intruders on the property." It was my security. I sat straight up thinking, "You have got to be kidding me!"

The phone rings again a short time later and it was my security team saying that they had apprehended the intruder and the police were talking to the person now. When the police asked the person what they were doing, the answer was they were looking for money. He also recognized this person from another attempted home invasion down the street from me. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT? I was so mad! I have worked my entire life being homeless, broke, struggling and hungry, but I would never rob anybody. What happened to making your own way? What happened to honesty and integrity? What happened to doing the right thing so that God can bless you? Man oh man, this made me upset!

I will be on the phone with the D.A.'s office and the Chief of Police in a little bit to make sure that these other people are caught and that all of them are prosecuted to the fullest. I will give 'till I can't give anymore. That's my heart, but to try and rob, or steal from me! If all three of them were looking for trouble they found it!

To anyone who may be thinking about doing the wrong thing. To anyone who may have been in crime, but is trying to go straight--doing the wrong thing is easy and for cowards! To walk upright when everything is going wrong is the only true way to success. That takes a real man or woman. There were many times I could have done the wrong thing--gotten easy money. But because I chose to do the right thing, God honored that and blessed me. Choose the blessing and not the curse. It's for your own good.

Merry Christmas,



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  • M.H

    Do you know when crystal hits light how it shines? How to get a call?

  • M.H

    I love you,Perry.

  • BRITE-I Calming Spirits

    How did you quickly go from the blessing of giving,the children, and your mothers smile.. to the curse of prosecuting them under the fullest extent of the law... From something so beautiful and warm to something so bleak and dark... I am slowly becoming convinced that regardless of your success that emotions will flow from the left to the right until inner peace and forgiveness is found. If I had one wish: I would wish for world peace or should I say a sense of peace about the world.. That would be a need, but I also have wants... yet I have enough sense to know if I get all of my wants, there will yet be a void because my need will be missing. My need, my purpose, my passion - Is greater than me... Yet as you said it will make room for me.. I have been reaching out to you through this mode of communication for years now both in the attempt to give and receive.. gaging your temperature by turning negatives into positives, and utilizing your words to calm my soul and remind me of God Grace, and sometimes just to say AMEN :) Being snowed has become more calming, The ground is still covered with snow and ice, yet there is a calming in the blue sky and hearing the birds and the dogs.. This is a sign that my physical storm has come to an end... What Next??? I have to assume that I have not been alone and that you have heard my words, for believing that bring me peace. What are your intention? is the question that the old folks usta ask... My intentions are to feed and be fed the word of the Lord, with no expectations. If I had one thing to ask of you, Id ask for a safe place.. There that word safe goes again.. I would never want for anything that was intended to be of God to be tainted, I have prayed and shared thought in privacy now I am sprawled over the internet.. I can give all of the why not, but I cant even think about the whys?? Be blessed and have a wonderful day, I would ask for prayers but I know if you are hearing my you are already praying.. lol

  • Lucy Velez Georgia

    I'm reaching out I need help. I lost my mother this year March 03, 2013 list my job in June 2013 , my husband and I are having financial difficulties paying our bills trying too get are driving licenses taking care of with the amount of the tickets I can't afford too pay my fines I've tried looking for another job but can't seem too find one and without a car it's very hard, because where I live theirs no public transportation if you can extend a helping hand it would be greatly appreciate. Also I wasn't able to buy any CHRISTMAS gifts for any of my family including my grandchildren and I really fell bad about that it's a hurtful feeling not to give your grandchildren anything.

  • Varonika Griffin austell.ga

    Iam writing you for two reasons.one because ive invited you out to my church .its small and very few in number.but our hearts are full if love for God And we love all of your movies plays .I was lost in knowing any thing about you until 2002 .I was a drug abuser for over 15 years.iam 44but I was 16when I was ibtroduced to crack cocaine.I have a stiey to tell I want to tell it to you.its real and I want to help so many with my story.How God Brought me out March 2092 ...I know you have many oeople to come to you .I hope that you want to hear and write produce this story you dont want to miss.

  • I

    wish I could have seen the joys on the kids faces, too. It helps you to keep things in proper prospective and not sweat the small stuff to appreciate the little stuff and focus on the major things such as the Kingdom of God. God bless you, stay safe. I love you!

  • Sherita Hill 514 N. Lake Street Aurora, IL 60506

    That was such a great letter! I lost my mom to cancer in 2009 and I want you to know your testimonies have inspired me to dream bigger and think wiser. I am currently opening my second salon and I would love for you to come to my grand opening. It will be Saturday November 23, 2013 at Hair Studio 369 inc. 514 Lake street Aurora, IL 60506. www.hairstudio369.com. New website coming soon please email me so I can send a formal invitation. May God continue to bless and prosper you mighty man of God. Your sister in Christ, Sherita N. Hill CEO/ Transformation Specialist

  • M.H

    Amazing. I want to say so much. But I'll just read cause I talked enough.lol. ♥♡☆

  • Eboni King Chicago


  • Norma Sloan Pennsylvania

    Tyler, i love that part, choose the blessing and not the curse...

  • Jessica Abbott Vinemont

    I love me some aunt bam , know something of holly springing...........

  • Rhonda Raleigh Nc

    Thank you for helping those children Bless you Tyler.

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