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Warning! Be Careful How You Treat Your Children!

In my prayer and quiet time at 5am, I was praying about how to (one day) be the best father that I can be. I have no doubt that I will be a great dad, but as I looked back in my life for an example, all I could remember were all of the horrible things that were said and done to me as a kid. But before I could get sad about it, I remembered something I wrote a while back about "learning in reverse".

If you are like me and had no good examples, then your lesson is in reverse. I learned many years ago that if I do the opposite of what was done and said to me then I have learned how to be a good father some day. Which lead my mind to a line in one of my favorite songs of all time. It's called “Mary Did You Know”. I've written about this before, but I think it's worth sharing again.

The song is about Mary, the mother of Jesus, and in the song the lyrics ask the question, “Mary, did you know that the child that you delivered will soon deliver you?” Such a powerful question. I want to ask parents this question today. Do you know how special your child is? Do you know who God has put into your house? I know sometimes you think it's just your child but I'm sure many parents of children who went on to change this world had no idea who was sleeping down the hall from them. Be careful, because the child that you delivered may one day have to deliver you. Meaning, the very child that you gave birth to and you took care of in your youth may be the child that has to take care of you as you age. If my mother was alive she would testify, I'm sure.

My prayer for us today:

I pray this morning, oh God, for every parent of children born and yet to be born to have a clearer understanding of the blessing that their child is. I also pray for the safe return of the Nigerian girls. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Have a beautiful day.

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  • Karen United States

    "As for you, you meant evil against me, but God meant it for good in order to bring about this present result..." Genesis 50:20 "And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God..." Romans 8:28 There is nothing the nearness of Christ can't overcome. If I focus on my problems, they get me. If I focus on Jesus, my problems don't go away, but they are put in a proper perspective.

  • Gillian Patella United States

    Tyler what a powerful message, thank you for sharing:)

  • Life Intuitions Detroit,Mi

    Children are a precious gift from GOD. Sometimes parents don't realize this as well as the children who are birthed by these people. One thing I've learned is sometimes your parent may be the person GOD has assigned you for the good qualities that person has. A lot of times we go through life saying I wonder how my life could've been IF I were born to someone else. A lot of times, your blessings come from that person such as your good looks, height, wisdom and overall spiritual and healthy well being. So instead of looking at being a victim of circumstance, realize you a a victor over the circumstance.

  • Rosetta Albany, New York


  • Karen na

    Yes our children are a blessing. The children of the world are special and unique in their own way. I am sure you would be an excellent Father some day when you are ready. Stay encouraged. I will give you a couple of quotes: Releasing anger lets the beauty come back into your life. Until you heal the wounds of your past you will continue to bleed. And finally this one that I wrote in my journal and my daughter went through my journal and wrote next to it "I see"---Love does not hurt. What does love look like and does it match the reality of your life. I know. Blessings Karen

  • audrey Little Rock, AR


  • Lisa SE GA

    Thank you for the reminder! I go throughout my day praying for my children and also for clarity for my life. My children ARE my future. Their attitude, demeanor and daily walk with God on this day, will predicate their testimonies as adults. Each day, I look forward to ALLOWING God's Grace and Mercy to shower in abundance over our lives! Thanks again, Mr. Perry

  • Cordelia Dwn Twn Detroit, Mi


  • alonzina johnson houma, louisiana

    Mr. Perry, I needed this today! You see I live at home with my mother, aunt and 3 yrs old child. My aunt and I had a fuss last night because I combed her hair. Now I am sitting on my hair and always have since a child. I have cut it to a fade several times but it just grows back. Well her and my mother's argument is that I will take my child's hair out when I comb it. I combs my own every day and it's not out. So I told her that if it breaks off or fall out so be it. She says that I need to stop being mean to her by not letting my mom comb her hair. Her and my mom be gone all day long or laying around not doing anything and I ask nothing be done. So I do it. But yes my child may have caused me to come home but she will deliver me out of this h*** hole. But the craziest part to this is I will be 40 in June. Go figure!

  • Ms Proverbs NC

    Great Morning and God Bless You Tyler You are such a "Sweetheart" I so agree with you about how you treat your children they too are "Precious Gifts from God" Have A Beautiful Day as well Ms Proverbs :-) :-)

  • Tim Galax va

    Thank you so much for these inspiring words and for inspiring so meant through what you do! I am a pastor and I love the messages that come across loud and clear through not only your work, but through the way you live your life!

  • Beat Louisville KY

    Good morning, Tyler. Your messages continue to inspire me. I often remind folk that we need to be careful about how we treat one another. We just never know who may be there for us someday during our hour of need. And I am thankful that my late parents taught me to place The Most High God first, respect myself and others, and to perform honest work. We each have a purpose for being. And I think making this world a better place for all people is included in The Most High God's purpose for our existence. Thank you, Tyler, for reminding us to follow our dreams and for showing us how to Rise above the negative challenges life may throw our way. Blessings and Shalom, beat~

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