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What Do You Do When Thank You Is Not Enough?


I can’t even find the proper words to tell you how much I appreciate you. Last night, millions of you watched The Haves And The Have Nots. Out of all of the choices you have, you are still standing with me. I wish you could see me smiling right now. It humbles me and brings water to my eyes when I think about what God has done in my life through you... JESUS!!! WOW!
If I could tell you the stories of this cast, the struggles, the fights, the worry and the difficulity that they have had in this business trying to get a break, it would blow your mind. I am so happy that you are standing with them. I knew you would love The Haves And The Have Nots but I didn’t know you would love it this much. Thank you to all of you who posted on Facebook, Twitter and my message board last night... I read until I fell asleep. And I slept with a smile on my face... just wait until next week.
So last night we brought you my first drama, The Haves And The Have Nots and tonight we bring you my new comedy, Love Thy Neighbor. Come on back to OWN tonight at 9/8c and laugh a little while with Floyd (Palmer Williams, Jr.) and Mamma Hattie (Patrice Lovely). I’ll be tweeting and reading tonight as well. Ok, talk to you tonight.
Love you and thank you.

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  • Aletha home

    Tyler I injoyed Love thy neighbor last night I thought it was very funny That will be my tv comedy every Wednesday night & the haves & the have not will be my other tv series on Tuesday night you are great your fan Aletha

  • Marsha Gomez Isabela, Puerto Rico

    I love 2 new shows..here in Puerto Rico I totally devour everything you do. Keep up the good work & the glory you're giving to GOD. We need more people like you on TV......Thanks!!

  • Rahel Dallas(TX)

    When thank you is not ennough for you. What you should do pick your most supporter and do like Oprah did take us SYDNEY(AUSTRALIA) my dream place. Make our dream come ture. Pick some people and i hope me is one of them and make our WILDEST DREAM COME TRUE! I think that is the best to do for your followers. It might not be big for you but will be big for us and our family. Like husband and kids. Just an i dea:)

  • anthony nc

    When thank you is not ennough for me I guess ill do what you had done to that guy who said you where gay. D*** I guess the truth really hurts. Everybody can see you are h*** tyler accept it!

    • Marsha Gomez Isabela, Puerto Rico #1837002

      What is your problem???? He has has opened up about everything in his life.......now we can to get inside his "bed"...he has proven his sincerity...LEAVE HIM ALONE!!!!!

    • Marsha Gomez Isabela, Puerto Rico #1837003

      What I meant to say is.......he has given us everything & we still want to get inside his "bed" (privacy)? WHY is everyone so desperate about his love life?

  • Rahel Dallas(TX)

    Dear Tyler. Just like my son say WOW he said you are a true example of success. He was asking me about the Have and Have Notes and i told him how excellent it was and more to come. He said Tyler is a true God work example. Amen to that. I love both show and God bless you. I always tell my boys if the use God as a tool they will rise up and sure you always use his name just look back how much people love you. Great work and congradulation!

  • sonya sofya

    Excellence......i'm not surprised, I mean after all it's TP!

  • paulette harris jamaica

    Both the haves and the have nots and love thy neighbor are brilliant as usual. i will be watching .

  • Diva Florida

    The show was awesom!!! What to do when words aren't enought. Get to me you and take a photo with you for my wall of Fame. Next time i'm in ATL, I will wont to do that. ;-).

  • Brite-I Oregon via Angola

    My comment last night was not intended to be a put down yet something to keep in mind in the future. I admire the passion and experiences of the cast. I missed the show tonight because shopping took precident :(. but I am sure I will catch is soon.. (East Coast Dish/ West Coast Time) I know its gonna be funny for humor is the vessel that warms my heart and soothes my soul.. I am certain I will be a follower... Keep smiling, and know it is not over until God says its over. I attemped to figure out your foundation process yet completed your application, not understanding 1000 characters. :) Please be on the lookout; Regardless of the outcome I will continue to be a rider with you to God's grace. Be Blessed and obsurb Gods Gift - For Your Gift will make room for you @))-----

  • Lesa R Texas

    Is there anyway you can provide a link for those of us who don't have cable? Congratulations on another successful production. "If God be for us, who can be against us?"

  • Diane Browne Philadelphia pa

    I really love Mr. Perry work, I am inspired by it.I am physically ill and picked many things to do in my life one day I dreamed that I would be one Broadway but being s young single parent with a sick child I had to put on hold well when he came a adult I thought I could persue my life buy did work that way. I truly love Mr.Perry work it helps me to keep the faith. It help me to stay focused on the future. Thank You fot being and inspiration and given me something positive to do with my time. Be Blessed. Diane Browne

  • Angel

    Thank you for letting the Lord use you for His glory. God bless you.

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