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What Do You Do When Thank You Is Not Enough?


I can’t even find the proper words to tell you how much I appreciate you. Last night, millions of you watched The Haves And The Have Nots. Out of all of the choices you have, you are still standing with me. I wish you could see me smiling right now. It humbles me and brings water to my eyes when I think about what God has done in my life through you... JESUS!!! WOW!
If I could tell you the stories of this cast, the struggles, the fights, the worry and the difficulity that they have had in this business trying to get a break, it would blow your mind. I am so happy that you are standing with them. I knew you would love The Haves And The Have Nots but I didn’t know you would love it this much. Thank you to all of you who posted on Facebook, Twitter and my message board last night... I read until I fell asleep. And I slept with a smile on my face... just wait until next week.
So last night we brought you my first drama, The Haves And The Have Nots and tonight we bring you my new comedy, Love Thy Neighbor. Come on back to OWN tonight at 9/8c and laugh a little while with Floyd (Palmer Williams, Jr.) and Mamma Hattie (Patrice Lovely). I’ll be tweeting and reading tonight as well. Ok, talk to you tonight.
Love you and thank you.

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  • cynthia los angeles,ca

    Tyler keep it coming baby!!! that was a good show last night can't wait until tonight GOD BLESS YOU!!!

  • colette virginia

    Tyler thank you for not giving up despite the competition in the industry you continue to strive and present us with stories we can identify with. Keep up the good work!!! You are really making it hard for me to choose which shows to watch, thank goodness for dvr!

  • Yolanda Briggs NC

    I enjoyed both shows last night. One of the things I like was that old time back drop scene. I am looking foward to next..#tylerperryhasdoneitagain

  • carol herring north carolina

    The have and have nots was the best show i have seen in a long time. Can't wait for the comedy tonite. Keep making them and i will keep watching.

  • Neighbor next door

    I guess I have to wait even though I can't for the next door of opened opportunity for me. Love you, too and my pleasure.

  • CarSandra Indianapolis

    So inspired.. Loved last nights show.. TIVO set for #lovethyneighbor So happy for you and OWN!! Here's to continued success.

  • Howard E-town, KY

    Man, you humbly accept, graciously give, and never stop smiling.

  • dee san diego

    I watched both runs of the haves and have nots the morning thankful for the DVR it is a good drama i love good dramatic shows my DVR is set for the rest of the season. Thank yoy

  • Howard T. Robinson

    Man, you humbly accept, graciously give, and never stop smiling. Proud of you...

  • Lori

    Awesome work!! I will always be a supporter:) a lot of your stories hit home for me, keep it coming!! Such positivity is so rewarding... God is Good!! Enjoyed last nites episodes and looking forward to tonight's!! Thanks:)

  • Pamela Forte' Texas

    I am one of the "original fans" so take it from one of many that is out there... Keep doing what God leads you to do!!! WE LOVE YOU TYLER!!

  • Darriell Palmer Durham NC

    MR. PERRY, YOU ARE AWESOME. I watched your interview, and you story is very encouraging and powerful. Thank you for not giving up, because there are plenty of men in this world who need you and your support to make it through, cause many of them are at a stopping point. Keep up the good work! I will support you to the end, because I know you said you aren't going to stop until you die. That is awesome. Love your spirit! Love Madea! Love You! LOVE your work!

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