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Where Is Your Dress, Tyler?

"You’re not wearing a dress in this movie. Do you think your audience will come and see it? Where is your dress, Tyler?"
I was in a press conference and a reporter asked me this question. You know I had to take a deep breath... LOL. It is so funny how people want you to be in a box. They always want you to do and be one thing. God forbid you try and show them that you can do more than comedy.
I said this to him, "Just because my audience likes one thing, it doesn’t mean that they won't accept me in another. Dress or no dress. I mean, we don’t just like comedies, we like thrillers, dramas, action movies and science fiction as well. Am I right? I went on to explain to this reporter that you all have always stood with me. You not only stand with me but you celebrate me and want to see me do my very best. That’s all you ever ask of me and all I ask of myself. While I am sure that a lot of you will love and support this movie, I also know that thrillers and action is not for everybody. But remember, this movie is still PG-13 and given a chance, I think you will enjoy it so much.
Can you tell how excited I am about Alex Cross? I told James Patterson very early on that if I thought that I couldn’t do it, I would have turned the role down when it was offered to me. I didn’t want to let him down, the Alex Cross fans down, or let you down. Now, with all that said, I JUST WANT YOU TO GO TO THE MOVIES AND SEE IT FOR YOURSELF!!! Alex Cross is a thrill ride from beginning to end. With movies, a lot of times the trailer is better than the movie. Not in this case. Alex Cross delivers on so many levels. You won't be disappointed. I can't wait for you to see it! You be the judge! YOU BE THE JUDGE!!
ALEX CROSS is in theaters October 19th. Are you planning on going?


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  • M.H

    It's a great movie. You always tried to bring out the beauty in people.

  • Felicia Baker Fresno, California

    Hello Tyler, When I first read about the dress issue I thought to myself, they have got to be the most thoughtless people in the world, because if they were really paying any attention most of your movies, Tyler have always played many characters. Many of these commentators don't think before they speak. Please follow me @ check out my Instrument Beats, (graphic designs), @bakerfelicia (twitter), and (fashion graphic designs)

  • Melissa Davis montgomery, alabama

    Tyler Perry, I know I'm late on seeing for the first time your play "I don't want to do wrong", but I had to leave you this comment....GENIUS! I enjoyed every minute of it! Don't ever stop giving us- your fans- your movies or plays, bless you for giving some of us the laughter and homespun wisdom that only you can give.

  • Annmarie Anderson Hartford CT 06112

    Hello I have watching your show and I would like a shot in life to do a true story about me and my sister the way we was grow up in Jamaica as young children it was not a good site. and I all way want to do this but I do not know how to go about it or were to turn to ask for help I has no money please help me if you can I would glad if I get this help. Thank you Annmarie.

  • Lakeisha N.Hemphill Austin Tx

    I loved the new movie....keep it up! I look forward to seeing you without the dress, and the whole angry black woman syndrome.LOL Not to say I dont like Madea...I love her crazy character.... I just find it stange the world preferrs to see you in a dress. Relatability I guess, We all know a Madea in our lives. But seeing you in your own zone...SEXY I'm....I mean We all looking forward to more of your work Truly Blessed, Lakeisha

  • Raquel Hernandez san jose ca

    Hi !!Tyler Movie was great!!! It was nice seeing you in action, would love to see more of it. God Bless you to continue to think and soar outside the box.

  • Regina New York

    My hubby to be , daughter and myself had movie night on Saturday! We saw the movie! It was definitely an exciting, sad, crazy movie. All of us, watched waiting for the next thing to happen. I work 18 hours a day and usually fall asleep while watching a movie but it didn't happen. We all enjoyed the movie and hope the is more to come! Great job Tyler! Do your thing!

  • Alex Atlanta


  • Alex Atlanta


  • Jessie LA

    I was in Atlanta celebrating my birthday, and per my husband's demand the first thing we did Friday was catch Alex Cross @ Atlantic Station. I was prepared to go to sleep, because I'm not a fan of suspense, thriller, action movies (went to sleep at the theater while watching Transformers :) ~ I must report that I did not fall asleep! I was drawn in from start!! I even hated to go to the bathroom; it was indeed a good movie. Mr. Perry you did a fantastic job; there was NO sign of you in terms of your own movies; YOU were YOU like I have never seen. Many people asked my opinion of the movie prior to deciding if they would go (we caught the first showing), I told them, it would be worth going. There's definitely more to you than meets the eye; great job! Oh, Matthew Fox played the part too . . . purely PSYCHOTIC!!

  • Cynthia Philly, PA

    Good morning, Tyler! I saw Alex Cross yesterday and really enjoyed it! You did a great job and I look forward to seeing you play more serious characters. The industry doesn't dictate what you can accomplish because God has you covered with His blessings! I will continue to support your endeavors and wish you all the blessings set aside for you!

  • Michelle Bakersfield,CA

    Yes indeed! I'm going today can't wait!

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