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Whitney. Still Praying.

For many years, I couldn’t turn my ringer off on my phones because my mother was very ill.  My phone would be on all night. This is tough for me because I’m the type of man who loves to be in pure quiet when I’m home. No TV, no radio, no nothing. Just quiet. Mainly because there is so much noise in my life.

After my mother died in 2009, I started turning my ringer off without the fear of missing a very important call. After you lose someone you love, nothing seems very important. So I was at my house in L.A. last year on February 11th, dreading facing February 12th. That would have been my mother’s 67th birthday. I’m always a little sad around that time but that morning started out okay. I thought I wouldn’t be able to get through the 12th. All I had to do was protect my spirit, let me just leave the TV off and turn the ringer off so that I could not be reminded of the grief that I had been enduring.

I decided to turn in early. I was getting in the bed and my cell kept lighting up. So I finally looked at my phone and I had text about Whitney. The one that was most shocking was a friend who said, “Tell me it’s not true.” I immediately knew what that meant. I tried to call Pat, her sister-in-law, but couldn’t reach her. Within a few minutes Pat called me back and asked me to come down to the hotel.

I went to the Beverly Hilton Hotel, got out of the car and I thought it was some kind of sick joke. There were hundreds of people standing around, laughing, drinking and screaming for autographs from celebrities as they arrived for a Grammy party. People were screaming my name and taking pictures as I pushed through the crowd. I went up to the floor and saw the police and coroners outside of the room. I went into the room and Whitney’s family was broken down, inconsolable. We must have been right above the party because there was a glass of water on the nightstand that was vibrating from the bass and the screams below. It was so surreal. Such a juxtaposed position to see this family breaking down and hear laughter and cheers from below us. It really made me think about her life. While her voice brought so much joy, there was so much sadness inside of her.

As I am seeing all these tributes to her on this one-year anniversary of her death, I want you to know something: Whitney was a fighter. She really tried to get herself together. She really tried to overcome. She really wanted to, and I also know that, like me, a lot of you were praying and rooting for her. So, for all of us that were praying for Whitney’s full recovery, for all of us who cared that she was on this planet, for all of us who loved her, I just want you to know that even though she is gone, there are still things that we can do for her. We can keep her daughter and her family lifted up in prayer. We can also pray for other people in this business, especially these young people who come in so bright eyed and eager, only to have it tear at their very souls.

I thank God I didn’t become successful until I was older. The younger you are when you start in this business, the more at risk you are.  Speaking of that, we can also pray for the children of these people. If you only knew what people in this business have to endure to sit in their seat. I’m not asking you to feel sorry for anyone. I’m simply asking you to pray for us all.

God bless. Miss you Whitney.

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  • Mary T Smile : ) You Are Helping God Change Lives.

    Hey Tyler u up ? I'm watching Alex Cross. And I must say the producer of Alex Cross study you. I mean all the way down to how you closely Observe Every little detail about a person or thing. leaving nothing out. WOW ENOUGH SAID. I love that. (Amazing) I'm 44:11min into the movie and so far I'm in. Kudo to you My Favorite writer. (Tyler Perry ) I'll hit you up later about the entire movie. OH by the way when a person takes out the time to smell the Roses. I want to know how does it feel to have time. I know my time will come. I Thank God for you Man Of God. : )

  • Wanda Woods Greensboro NC

    Mr. Perry, After reading your comment about your mother and Whitney, I too relive the day my mother passed March 9, 2005 and then my husband March 11, 2008. Both were taken without a spoken goodbye. I emotionally dread March because I can't heal my sadness and loneliness. My 15 year old son is the one thing that I hold onto...trying to raise a young black male to be a strong, respectful black male. Just to say, your words were an inspiration to me, and to know that it's ok to miss someone because it means they were truly special in your life. If I could, I would have wished for one hour before their time to tell them again and again...I love you so much and thank you for everything you brought into my life!!!!

  • Temptation Georgia

    Tyler, I am still praying for you and your family that God continues to bring healing, peace and comfort for your loss. Know that your mother and Whitney are in a far better place than we are because they both loved the Lord. I will continue to pray for those children that are coming up that they learn from their ancestors.

  • Joni White Covington, GA

    Hello Mr.Tyler Perry, God is blessing you because you have put your trust in Him. Please read Psalms 112 and you can encourage others with these words. You work so hard and try to please so many people and make others laugh. I hope you have people to do the same for you. I would like to give you a hug from my heart to your heart to encourage you to keep trusting in Jesus Christ and helping others. God and I love you and will do you no harm!!

  • Kim Bonner With 4 dogs in the creek..:)

    Dear Mr.Perry...Sorry for the loss of your friend.Truly a great loss for All.Thank you for the lessons in your films .These lessons of perseverance in doing the right things.No matter what the struggle,with God, friends and family.We can overcome............Be kind..........Thank you God Bless Kim

  • Rose Chika Nigeria

    Goodday, Mr Tyler,I happen to come across your write-up on Whitney and I was touched. I liked and respected Whitney as a person I saw on the screen and her so wonderful voice. It was not so painful to me when I heard of her death. This was because I did not know her as a person and I did not appreciate her pains and addiction. I believed that it was a price of celebrity and she had a choice and she made one. I never prayed for her when I read of challenges. I believed that celebrities live for the news every second of their lives and it was all part of the show. However I hope her last moments were true. Her fights against her vices true. And I God to give her family, and especially her daughter the grace to live above it all; all the glamour, attractions and addictions of celebrity. And to live for Christ. As for you, since my brother introduced me to Madea goes to jail, I am always looking out for her and your other films. I love the messages of hope, forgiveness and faith and the humour!!. I never get tired of watching them and I never get tired of laughing. I want to see Madea in Church!!! Keep it up and dont be distracted by your genteel critics. May God strengthen you, Man. May His grace and peace be with you. You are really a christian in Hollywood? Wow!!! I shall try to remember you in my prayers. Remain strong in the Lord. Remain blessed.

  • Shakita Monroe Richmond, VA

    Good Evening, Mr. Perry: I hope this message find you in good spirit and well-being. I received an email that you were in a car accident, and later found out it was a hoax. How dare people print such offending information. My heart was on FAAAR! I just pray the best for you, and I am glad to hear you are doing well. Have a wonderful month of March, I will see you at the movies on March 29th. God bless.

  • Janeiro Madden Valley, Al

    Hello Tyler, I read your messages from time to time and really enjoy the inspiration I get when I do. I basically go to work, church, grocery store and home which has burned me out. My daughter sent me on a weekend retreat alone to relax and enjoy me. After jumping up and down on the bed, laughing for no reason, writing in my journal and eating some of the edible arrangements she had sent to my room; I decided to visit your page. I read the post you wrote about Whitney Houston and it really touched me. As I was preparing for my weekend get away, a young lady I've known all my life was dying on Friday. I almost canceled my plans. I decided to come anyway because the deepth of my retreat was to figure out why I continue to deal with a certain fear & depression that set in when I lost my Mother twenty-one years ago. Just like Whitney, and so many of us, there is sadness underneath the smiles and day to adversities life may bring. BUT GOD has brought us all this way so let us keep leaning on Him! I will continue to pray for her family and you also. It's amazing to know how humble you remain. God Bless You!

  • Andrea Knox United States

    Hello Tyler, I work at night and o matter how busy I keep my self those last two hours seem to take forever. I still pray and I listen to Whitney Houston sing songs that keeps me strong her morals was all about love or telling how you treated her wrong. I miss her. I am listening too " you're all the man I need" I love you. You are a special man to Many woman and I will always love you for who God says you are! May God input into us no sin add peace unto is daily with his divine love. Yours truly, Andrea

  • Jamaila ohio

    I remember being in Cleveland for my birthday and heard she had passed my bday was February 9th. I was in shock I couldn't believe it, I simply thought it was a joke. Music died in 2009 when Michael Jackson was killed, and 2012 when Whitney passed. King and Queen of Music both gone... my heart was so hurt... why did this happen? Why? I began to question God because I didnt understand why such a talented person could have so many things haunting her and God not helping her? I loved her voice it made me smile, it made me cry it was powerful and unique. Till this day my hear is often heavy.... sometimes depressed trying to make sure I dont give into temptation. I've lost alot of loved ones in my short time of living....I only pray and hope that the ones I love is in heaven with God. Even if I dont make it there myself just to know that they are at peace makes me happy.

    • Ms. Proverbs Owings Mills, Maryland #1800383

      Replying to Jamilia (Ohio) Hi sweetie I pray that you will have faith and believe in God knowing that one day you will make it to heaven too...In the bible in John 10:10 Jesus says" ..I am come that they might have life and that they might have it more abundantly...None of us are perfect God loves you unconditionally flaws and all When God created us he said that we are fearfully and wonderfully made... Always remember that God is with you...Ok He is waiting on you talk to him I promise you that he will listen to your heart,,He loves and cares about you so much more than you will ever know....I don't know you but God knows you and that is what matters...Stay Blessed and Never Give Up On God..He loves You He really do (*_*)

  • Sheneith Hawkins Dallas,Tx.

    Good Morning, Good SUNDAY Morning Love, :-) Tyler, yesterday mom called. Her Uncle James passed away. And guess whose brother Uncle James was? Madea! :-) LoL! He was the oldest brother and he passed away on Friday at the age of 93yrs old. He was still get around. Just before Christmas he fell & hurt himself while at home & his wife was away. Since that time he has been in the hospital. My mother being the oldest of her sisters & 1brother; she was raised by Madea's parents; not Madea. All the rest of my aunts & uncle were raised together in the household with Madea & their dad. :-) Which means my mother was the only one who had a different father. She enjoyed being raised by her grandparents. She called her grandmother: Big Momma! :-) I personally, never met them. They both had passed away before my time. Well, Uncle James was their son. Kinda like Kay & Crystal & I. They were raised in my household which makes us rather close. Once I got older, I looked back & kinda seen why & how my mother could raise her own oldest daughter kids. Being she, herself was raised by her grand parents. I just felt like sharing that bit of family history with you. All is well. Madea she passed in 99 & her husband, he passed after her, in 2007. They both were living in Dallas,Tx by that time. But were both from Port City. Oh, my mother's youngest sister was murdered at a young age. A month or so after her being missing. Her bones were founded in the woods & they were able to I.d. her by her dental work. She had 1 baby daughter; who is about 3-4yrs younger than myself. She, my cousin left at 5yrs old to go live with my uncle. And it was until that picture, that says my mom's nieces is when she returned to Port City. And I got to see her & her children & her husband. She had brought her family to try & locate her mother's grave site, etc. Lord Jesus! This took place during the time of the making of WDIGM2, MJ's passing. Cause I remember showing them the DVD from what had taken place with Bishop them just weeks before. Do u know that was actually the 1st Sunday we were combining 2 services into one? I remember that Sunday's message was entitled, "Safe". More history than I thought I was sharing. Anyway, have a good day T. And my family is well. Oh, let me tell u this: the very 1st day I went back to work after my father's funeral in 2003. That Monday at work, the guy from Daddy's Little Guy, which was in Wire at the time was there taking pictures with us for some reason or another. I believe promoting the show. I was at Comcast at the time. I still have that picture of he & I, from 91/2 yrs ago. I'll show u it. LOL! Ttyl... I love you, T!

  • Tasha

    Good Morning Tyler, I know that you read many messages on your message board of people wanting to be seen, heard, and noticed. Some use this as an outlet to let others know what they're thinking or feeling. They talk about their journey, their hurts, and pains; their fears, worries, and stresses. I think that it's amazing that God gave you the idea to create something such as this to minister to others and yourself. We all have a story, a script, or are part of some play that we never even knew we were in, ha ha ha...it's kind of funny when you stop and really think about it! Life is an outward script of an inward story being played by you (not you specifically) and it's being produced and directed by our heavenly father God, our Savior Christ and His precious Spirit, The Holy Spirit:) I sometimes wonder what on earth would I do without His Spirit. I can tell you many things the Spirit has lead me to do. Wheather trembling with fear or believing I've heard from Him I've done them. I know that you too have had instances in your life where the Spirit of God has told you to do things you didn't understand. Yet you did them:) I don't really know why I'm on this board writing this, but God knows. I just want to encourage everyone that will read this..... I want to tell you to be lead by the Spirit of God! He has the best plan for your life. You may not understand all of what He's telling you to do. Heck ...I'm even for certain that it probably won't make any sense. But jusg do it...Go....Trust Him!!! He sees the whole picture and His plan is to give you the desires of your heart. Allow Him to guide you into your destiny:) Praying for you...God Bless every reader. Tasha

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