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Why Did I Put All My Money Into This?

Why did I put all my money into this? Is this going to work? God, do you hear me? Where are the people? I’m so scared. How will I pay these people? Why did I do this? I can’t pay my rent, they are going to repossess my car…

The year was 1992, July 8th-12th. All these questions were crowding my mind.  I was a 22-year old wannabe... but what I wanted to be I didn’t know. All I knew was that I had written this play about adult survivors of child abuse and I wanted the world to see it. I was so sure that it was going to work that I put my own money into the show.

I had worked as a used car salesman and a bill collector and saved my income tax check and my bonuses. I took that money and hired a cast and built a set and rented a very small theater in Atlanta called the 14th Street Playhouse. I had done all the math in my head: I was going to perform 6 shows, 200 people a show, for a total of 1,200 people. The tickets were $12 and I was going to make $14,000 and be rich… LOL. I was going to give my tithe to the church, give my mother some money, pay my rent (that was two months behind), get my car payment caught up and live happily ever after. I knew as sure as I am sitting here that it was all going to be all right. I had prayed that thang out, as they say in the Baptist church… LOL. Looking back on it now I can laugh, but back then it wasn’t so funny. What I quickly realized is that prayer alone will not always get the results you want. As much work as I did, I didn’t do enough to promote the show. More work was needed to go along with my faith.

I was expecting 1,200 people but only 30 showed up. I was devastated. I thought my dreams were dead. Based off this one thing I thought my life was over. Based on this one failure (what I thought was a failure but it clearly wasn’t), I thought that the rest of my life would be ruined. Needless to say, looking back on it, it was all a part of God’s plan and amazing design for my life. And God has a plan for all of our lives.

Today I celebrate my 20th anniversary in show business. It’s been an amazing journey, one that I will detail in my autobiography one day. You would be surprised, inspired, angry and blown away with what I’ve endured to be here, but until then I’d like to share a little inspiration with you. So many times we think that because one thing didn’t go as planned we should give up on it. So many people leave their dreams dying on the floor, gasping for air because it didn’t work out the first time. Be it marriage, business, children, faith, whatever your dream is, you can't give up because it didn’t go as planned. If I had walked away because it didn’t work you wouldn’t be reading this. I had to keep moving. Yes, there were setbacks. Yes, it was difficult, but I got to see my dreams come to pass because I never stopped moving forward, I never stopped praying and most of all I never stopped believing. DON’T STOP BELIEVING!!!! PLEASE DON’T STOP BELIEVING!!! Say this to yourself out loud right now: “DON’T STOP BELIEVING”, and repeat it to yourself whenever you doubt that you can make it.

What you must understand is that everything, all of it, the good the bad and the ugly, it all works together for your good. If you love the Lord you are called according to His purpose. What’s His purpose for you? If you’re not sure, seek it and all your dreams will come true.

To all my dreamers, to all the people who have invested in themselves, to all the people who have the same questions that I did, hear me when I say this: YOU CAN DO IT!!


God Bless you, in Jesus' name, AMEN!


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  • Shaun Baccus ohio

    Amen! To that. Anyhow Tyler yur story is very common to many others as well as myself. I have so many wonderful ideas on the inside of me that needs to be unleashed I've tried alot of positive ways of doing things i really need a better way to help me put it 2gether i need another way out Ty. can u help please?

  • kymberley memphis,tn.

    Congratulations. Tyler and as I pray for my family,friends,and myself. I will pray for you as well my friend may God continue to bless you...

  • Goddess Drew Los Angeles

    Mr. Perry, Today's message was right on time for me and my bestfriend/business partner. We realized our God given purpose when we saw an episode of Oprah about homeless female veterans and decided to work towards providing transitional housing, programs and services for these veterans and their children. We became a nonprofit, did our research and the Lord began to move. As we stepped out in faith we saw movement and favor. We know that He is with us but we are human and sometimes we get discouraged. Today we are preparing to sell many of our wordly possessions in order to keep it moving. Your words were right on time and we know that the Lord used you to encourage us. God bless you! P.S. I am so thrilled that you have been cast as Alex Cross. I am a serious fan of James Patterson's books. Congratulations!

  • Tascha Samuel - Avelooo Paramaribo, Suriname

    Well beloved brother, May have never heard of this side of the earth but ya'll got some mayor fans up in here. South America about 2 hours flying from Miami that's where we at. Sorry to say we cant afford teh real DVD's so we do with cheap bootlegged ones ...BUT.. we lovess you. WE's learneth a lot frommeth thee. So May the Lord God bless, keep, strengthen, empower and inspire you to keep going yet another 20 years and another and another... we be waiting on More Brown, more Madea and more of the wisdom your movies bring. But above alllll the laughter and joy they bring. I be down think of Madea and I'd be laughin or my hubby would say a 'mr. brown' thing and i start laughin' immediately. My friends say I watch ya'll so much I start talking like her.. whateveaaaaa. Love ya still!!!

  • Erica Saint Louis, MO

    Congratulations Mr. Perry on 20 years in the business! You have been a blessing and you are so loved. Thank you for all of your inspiration and thank you for all of the work you have provided to fellow actors, actresses, producers and everyone! May GOD continue to keep you in the palm of his hand and keep up the good works!

  • Nikita Carter Arlington, TX

    Congratulations on pulling yourself through the struggle and being able to see your success twenty years later and be grateful. I really needed to hear this today and I want you to know you have been helpful in me observing myself in your movies and plays. Life has no remorse of our feelings and what we would like to happen. Its hard when everything looks bad to stay positive. Thank you.

  • Naomi

    Your opening line made me nervous! I was like, Oh nooo!!! Tyler Perry, lost his 'mojo, ahhhh!' lol! But seriously, your success is so heart warming. There have been/are many times when I am guilty of 'giving up', due to lack of patience, fear, restlessness or not understanding the 'real work and strategy' that is/was needed to have made my 'dreams' come true. I'm at a point in my life now, where once I do 'get back up', it will be all, or nothing. I thank you for your words of wisdom, and hope to meet you one day, and tell you personally, 'how I got ovah'.

  • Shanda Ellenwood, Ga

    I don't know what to say. I just feel an urge to acknowledge that I am so moved by your words of inspiration. I pray the best for you in your future endeavors, dreams both past and present. I know that you are gifted for bringing joy into the world...my world. My birthday is Friday the 13th, July. Lol...my father just past on June 29th (the day Madea's Witness Protection came out). Needless to say my heart is broken right now. But my father loved your work so it was necessary for me to be stand in the gap for him that day. So, I think for my birthday, I will go see you in the theater (again)...just to laugh with my father one last time. I loved the movie. I admire your work. You deserve every blessing God has for you because it was your hard work and the hand of God that got you here. We can't always explain why our dreams come true the way they do, we are just grateful that dreams do come true. I love you, Mr. Perry. Best regards to you and Congrats!

  • Linda Cole Chicago, Ill

    Mr Perry, I want to say Thank You for every stage play and every movie that you came out with, I'm one of many many fans that you have. I have suported you everysince you came out and your stage plays came to chicago. I have a dream and I'm trying to make it come true it's so hard to make your dreams come true, but after reading how you got started and not letting nothing get you down I'm going to keep on trying. Your story's that you e-mail to your fans about your mother and your life has made me cry for you, I can say that you are truly Bless. You have made me to be a stronger woman and to go on with my dreams in life, and to keep on living. I have beaten breast cancer twice when the doctors had told me that I wasn't going to live, but only God knows when my time is up. I want to say to you keep on doing what you are doing and that I know your mother is looking down from heavn and she is proud of you. I do pray that you have read this e-mail and that it put a smile on you face and warm your heart to know that you do have some really good fans out there and I'm one of them...... May God Keep on Blessing You...... Ms. Cole from Chi......

  • sherik wilkesboro,n.c.

    To find God. Once again and let him lead me. Thank uou!I've been lost and alone for sometime now. I'm struggling everyday to put my faith back in God. Its hard. But thank u so much for helping motivate me. God bless you.

  • Sheneith Hawkins Dallas,Tx.


  • Cari Mathews San Francisco

    Tyler, reading this post has given me so much motivation to continue striving towards my own dreams. I have been living my life the way OTHER people have wanted me to for so long and I am ready to break free from it all. When I finally say what "I" want to do, I always hear how it is such a bad idea and that I should not do it. People frequently tell me that I better prepare for failure. I will admit that it is very disheartening to hear how unsupportive people around you can be however; I will not allow that to hinder my progress. These words came at such a critical point in my life and I am glad I read your post. I wish you continued success in your future endeavors as I diligently work towards my own dreams of finishing college as a single mother. Thank you, thank you, thank you for inspiring me to do better. I see you as a wonderful role model for the black community and I strive to be as dedicated, passionate, and successful as you have been throughout your journey. Good luck to you.

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