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WOW! OK I hear you!

WOW!! I saw all of the messages about For Better or Worse being “REAL.” I saw the messages from some of you saying that it hit close to home. “Just what I was trying to do,” YOU AIN'T SEEN NOTHING YET!
I see a lot of you saying Angela should be patient, pray and wait to find out the truth. Some of you say she should lose it on Marcus.
And surprisingly, a lot of women believe Marcus!
So, I got a question, now that she has the letter, how do you think she's handling it?
By all accounts, Angela has been doing a good job at staying calm…Well, UNTIL NOW!!!
This Friday, Angela is going to LOOOSE IT!!!!  WAITING TO EXHALE STYLE!!!
Nothing more to say about this… You’ll see and be back on the message board! Only 2 more weeks of For Better OR Worse. Friday nights at 10pm on TBS.

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  • Denaysha Bowen Maryland

    Mr. Tyler perry first I would like to say that I was sad to see "Meet the browns" leave in a blink of an eye. I believe we should have had a full season and a one t two hour series finale. It seems like all of our african american tv shows get slighted when it comes to a series finale for our shows. I am also sad to hear that "House of payne will be leaving us I kind of figured it was ending when Jazmine- "China" was not on most of the episodes then I saw her on A.N.T. Farm. When it is time for "House of Payne to end can you make it the best episode as possible and maybe an hour instead of the half and hour really more like twenty minutes we get including commercials. I am a huge fan of all of your work. I have and seen every movie and play. I adore you and I see that God is doing tremendous things in your life. Your new tv show "for better or worse" I like the show to a certain extant. I think that Angela- "Tasha Smith" character is a little too ghetto more ghetto than she was in the movies. I not quite sure about the actors who play leslie and joseph. Overall it is a good tv show. Just make sure it has a story line because at times meet the browns would confuse me because there was no consistancy.

  • MeTasha Murchison Atlanta, Georgia

    I really enjoyed For Better or For Worse and is so sad that Friday was the last two episodes. My aunt and I feel that Marcus should have went off on Angela just one good time because she is always just so mean to him. I know he hurt her in the past but she just went to far. Her cheating with the other guy before they got married needs to come to light. We are waiting to see whats next and if there is going to be a new season. BRING IT BACK MR. PERRY!!! My auntie said if Angela cant get it right he needs to serve Angela with divorce papers, get custody of his son, and get his own place like Terry did Diane on Why Did I Get Married! No more Mr. Nice Marcus, Enough is Enough! The guys at his job wrongness needs to be brought to the light. I believe the people job is the ones that is setting him up.

  • M. Burgess NJ

    Ok, I really like the show, "For Better or Worse" more than I thought I would. It is inticing, provocative and intense. I'm not a fan of all the characters but they do mesh well to create a strong show. But, honestly Angela is getting on my nerves! She's uncompromising and irrational, in my opinion. I hope she grows up.

  • Willa Mae Hawthorne Frisco, Texas

    Tyler, Read your "The greatest gift" email and I want you to know that I am so delighted that I was so very blessed to be a part of this event in your life. What a great feeling to know that I played a small but important part of a promise that a little boy made to his Mother and was able to keep. Wish my Mom had been here when I graduated from High School and even College (I was 12 years old when she died). Her wished that I would finish College and she would been there smiling, and when I waked across the stage I was thinking "Mom we did it. Love you Tyler and have a Happy New Years.

  • elizabeth London England

    From over the pond I think Angela is handling the situation very badly with the help of her friends and the powerful influence of television. If Angela could just take a bit of time out cool down and study the facts she might just be able to give Marcus the benefit of the doubt ie would this woman really wait for so long before she decided to contact him. On the other hand Angela obviously didn't trust Marcus so the slightest thing that would cause suspiscioun would be enough see the way she reacted with her girlfriend!!

  • Sheila Ezeaputa Lenexa ks,66219

    Wow tp I hate to see the show ending we need some more of ur show. But thank you for all you do for us.God Bless you. Love you Sheila E

  • Patricia Sacramento, CA

    I show almost all of the shows. I think you need to decide if this is going to be a comedy or drama. It doesn't work well combining the to. Those 2 people that you have in it who are suppose to be bring humor don't. They humor does not fit the seriousness of the issues. Everybody else is serious and then these 2 have lines that are over the top and not funny. Why don't you try just make it a drama about real life issues. That in itself can often times be humorous. That's my honest opinion. I was turned off by those 2 seemingly outsiders.

  • Shauna Fayetteville,NC

    Tyler I just bought Madea's Christmas and Laugh to keep from Crying, I loved them both and like you do best, has a really good meaning behind them, Please keep doing what you do best and the way the Lord wants you to bring the message. I enjoy everyone of your movies and plays, I would love to see one live but have not made it yet, please please come back to Fayetteville, NC for one more.

  • wanda lacrosse va

    It saddens me to say, but I don't have cable and I did not have the great fortune of watching the show. Tried tbs.com (that's how I watch House of Payne) but contingencies are now in place (have to be "hooked up with a cable/satellite network). Never the less, I am hearing what I expected: Huge Success. Continue to walk in YOUR season Mr. "T" lol God Bless and have a glorious Christmas and unmeasureable favored New Year

  • India Li,ny

    Ok Mr.Perry loving the show. I missed the first couple of weeks. But it's all good. I need to how long will I have to wait to know how it all turns out. Alot of the issues really hit home on so many levels for me but my Biggest is trust. Keep up the great job and allow God to keep on blessing you

  • Junior chicago, il

    First off that's one old looking 12 year old. second what's the boys name "son". People dont talk like that in the "real" world. I've tried to watch this show but it's an epicfail. Comdey? Drama? Dramdey? I give up. One more thing not depiction of successful black family. Whatever happened to Clare & Cliff Hustcable? Or the positivity of A Different World? Sad!!!!

  • Sharon Boston

    Ok Please end this with Angela and Marcus already its gotten to far out of control. Please reveal the truth asap so we can move on this show is suppose to be a comedy and I am not laughing.

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