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WOW! OK I hear you!

WOW!! I saw all of the messages about For Better or Worse being “REAL.” I saw the messages from some of you saying that it hit close to home. “Just what I was trying to do,” YOU AIN'T SEEN NOTHING YET!
I see a lot of you saying Angela should be patient, pray and wait to find out the truth. Some of you say she should lose it on Marcus.
And surprisingly, a lot of women believe Marcus!
So, I got a question, now that she has the letter, how do you think she's handling it?
By all accounts, Angela has been doing a good job at staying calm…Well, UNTIL NOW!!!
This Friday, Angela is going to LOOOSE IT!!!!  WAITING TO EXHALE STYLE!!!
Nothing more to say about this… You’ll see and be back on the message board! Only 2 more weeks of For Better OR Worse. Friday nights at 10pm on TBS.

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  • Wilma Atlanta GA

    Sorry about your lost, prayers were sent to you and yours, but i am glad you continue to do your perfect work. Ugh, A BLACK SOAP OPERA, go figure, and a good one at that. WOW.!!!!....you beat me at this one. I always wanted to be the first to write the perfect black sope, but you did it and I tip my hair to you, my brother in Christ, and my sista Medea. My name is Wilma, I am a outreach case manager for Community Friendship, I work with the homeless w/ Mental Illiness, but back 2 you, keep this sope opera on the air, if you need some pointers, come 2 me.For now u-r doing a great job.KEEP IT UP, BUT KNOW I AM THE SHOULDER.....

  • Sandra Grand Blanc, Mi

    These are educated peolpe, why have they not asked for a DNA test to prove if the baby is or is not his? Hopefully the baby is not his and she learns to give him some rope. My friend and I are debating the outcome. We love all of your shows, plays and movie. Keep up the great work...

  • rose kentucky

    Hi Tyler, tonight was my first time watching your new sitcom. I'm saddened to say that I wasn't impressed with the contents of the show. It lacked compassion and communication. The acting was a bit toooooo dramatic for real life situations. I love Angela and Marcus best out of all the actors you've casted. The story line really didn't hold my attention, the volumptutious hair stylist was trying to act like Ms. Ella. She wasn't funny nor fun to watch. I will continue to watch the next episodes because I love there the messages you convey to society as a whole.

  • Tanaka

    Uh oh...Tyriq might be MJ's daddy and not Marcus! Hmmm! And for Angela, speechless now..."ain't no fun when the rabbit got the gun!" Can't wait to see more...Love you & your work Mr. Perry!!!

  • Dawn Moss Charleston ,WV

    Just watch for better or worse, could we say beyonce lyrics WHAT GOES AROUND COMES BACK AROUND,LOL, I love it!!!!!!!!Cant wait to next weekend and the new movie

  • Erika Chesterfield VA

    lol oooo wow she just had a Marcus drunk sex moment LOL!! TP love all your work man still love the plays the most and then FOR COLORED GIRLS!! I am so happy Marcus stood his ground. been there done that bought the T Shirt. Cant wait to see whats to come!!! Happy Holidays if I dont be on much.

  • Joy D Glendale, Arizona

    Mr Perry, I have been watching this show since the beginning and sadly, I must say tonight's episode was very disturbing. I know that Angela is tired of Marcus and his excuses, but I believe this went beyond her taking the time to compassionately listen to his plea. I think this was a bit over the top. This is not at all what I expected to see tonight and it pains my heart. I was in a marriage that repeatedly exhibited signs of infidelity but never thought it would help to resort to the behavior Angela did tonight. There are many answers one can find to "working" things out in a marriage especially when infidelity occurs, but to go to the extreme Angela did tonight I believe is not one of the answers. I just hope that this is not the beginning of a cycle that we need to see with this series.

  • Marilyn Sacramento

    I enjoy watching For Better or Worse because I am a HUGE fan of Angela and Marcus. Marcus tries so hard and he truly loves Angela. I BELIEVE HE'S INNOCENT PERIOD! And Angela even though you're my girl................ if you dont want Marcus.......PLEASE send him my way. I would love to have Marcus as my man. (Q:

  • Ora Dotson Port Gibson, Ms. 39150

    Tyler, you can performed just as good without your costume as you can with it. It makes up your character, but it is your personality that shine inside and out to draw the attention of a crowd. I know truthfully that you are wonderful with costume and without. I say, because in the play class reunion, before you came into the scene of madea you played the character of Mr. Leroy Jones. You go on and do your thing, being the lead role with costume and think you are in costume and you will be love by me without costume during your thing as well as being in costume. This is to show the true identity of Tyler perry, or Emmitt perry. I met one of your football friend, I get back with his name soon. Tyler he wrote his name on a envelope and I put it in my jeep, right now I'm in another location, my daughters' apartment. This gentlemen was driving a 18 wheelers from atlanta across town.To end Tyler with a word of encouragement. You was go0d then in your costume you are just as good without. Love You My Brother in Christ and my pen pal in show biz and my friend in person.

  • Apostle, Dr. Thelma Brown P.O. Box 891 Locust Grove, GA 30248

    Greetings and I wish you a Merry Christmas! I enjoy all of your programs. Be encouraged and continue working for the Lord. I will bless The Lord at all times and His praises shall continually be in my mouth. Oh magnefy the Lord with me and lets exalt His name together. Pray that I will soon be able to get these plays together. My family is anscious for us to get started (lol) they forget I'm 74 years young. Love you! Your Mother In Christ!

  • Rosslyn Michelle Crestline, california

    I watched the trailer for your movie "Good Deeds" , and I thought you did fine without the cover-up of Madea Character etc. You are a fine man, and really have a message to get out to the people and this movie did a good job of getting the message out: "IT'S NOT ABOUT YOU OR US"; It's all about getting God's message of Love and compassion for your fellow man and helping one another. Tyler, just like the main character (the man) in the movie did'nt let nothing stop him from doing that good deed towards the woman and her child (in the movie), I feel you did just fine being yourself in the movie. The main message of the movie far overshadows the little stuff ( although you did look nice, and portrayed the character very well). I can't wait to go see this movie when it comes out in February! God is using you and you can tell your Mother did a good job of instilling Godly character in you, and I know she would be proud. Tyler, your movies inspire me very much. Much of what you write ( in your plays, movies, & sitcoms) I have either been through, am going through, or know somebody that is going through what is depicted in your characters. Sometimes it strengthens me in my trials, and makes me feel that I can go on through, and be victorious with Jesus Christ. What can I say you simply inspire me, uplift me and give me the courage that I need to go through my fiery trials. Tyler, keep on making all these wonderful faith based plays, movies, and sitcoms; they are super good! However I favor your plays the most; they inspire and touch me on a deeper level. Also I love the movies because they are very funny. I am a christian writer, and I always try to portray the character of Christ in my writings. So Mr. Tyler, you are somewhat of a mentor to me. This is a dark world we kive in, and people need to laugh, people need to be inspired, and uplifted. Last but most importantly; people need God, and your material seems to introduce it in the most benign way. Truly like Proverbs 17: 22 states " A merry heart doeth good like a medicine", you are doing people a world of good. May God Richly Bless you for all that you have done, and I'll gladly pay money to see any one of your movies, or plays. Thank You!

    • Patrice H Dallas, TX #1602237

      I just viewed the trailor for Good Deeds...and I say that in front of the camera is where you belong, and is a definate must see. I love the story line and I believe that you are a sta

  • Belinda

    Mr. Perry, I really like the show however, why does Jennifer have to be so over the top all the time? If u can tone her down in the future it would be great. Also, why isn't there a laugh track at least? A lot my friends and I as well, feel like that's the biggest thing missing. Anyhoo, no matter what we'll keep watching. Be blessed!

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