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WOW! OK I hear you!

WOW!! I saw all of the messages about For Better or Worse being “REAL.” I saw the messages from some of you saying that it hit close to home. “Just what I was trying to do,” YOU AIN'T SEEN NOTHING YET!
I see a lot of you saying Angela should be patient, pray and wait to find out the truth. Some of you say she should lose it on Marcus.
And surprisingly, a lot of women believe Marcus!
So, I got a question, now that she has the letter, how do you think she's handling it?
By all accounts, Angela has been doing a good job at staying calm…Well, UNTIL NOW!!!
This Friday, Angela is going to LOOOSE IT!!!!  WAITING TO EXHALE STYLE!!!
Nothing more to say about this… You’ll see and be back on the message board! Only 2 more weeks of For Better OR Worse. Friday nights at 10pm on TBS.

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  • AskJema Texas

    My husband and I love watching For Better. The first night, we hosted a show on blogtalk radio to discuss it. (www.blogtalkradio.com/currentevents) I find Angela to be refreshing, but she has to learn to take a step back sometimes. I think the characters are timely since the media would have us to believe that people of color don't marry or even want to get married for that matter. If possible, maybe next season there can be a studio audience. I find myself waiting for the audience to react. Thanks and stay blessed

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