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Wow! These messages I'm reading about your experiences while seeing GOOD DEEDS are amazing to me.
I knew this movie was powerful and would speak to so many. Thank you. Life is so short and we have to live it to the fullest. That's the message I wanted people to take away from GOOD DEEDS. I also wanted to see that you not only enjoyed the movie but that you are taking steps to live your life to its fullest potential, which is so moving to me. I love when art inspires us to be our best. That's the only reason I do movies and plays. I want us to grow and prosper even as our souls prosper.

To all of you who went to the movies and saw GOOD DEEDS and to all of you who have encouraged many to go to the movies to see it, let me just say thank you.

If it wasn't for you, the bootleggers would have put me out of business a long time ago. I'm so grateful that you pay to see the movies. You are keeping a lot of people employed when you show up. Thanks again.

And If you haven't seen the movie, it's playing now in theaters across the country.

Only going to the theater counts.

God bless you. Speak soon,



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  • #1 FAN

    I loved this movie, it truly inspired me to live out my dreams and be the best at whatever I am DOING. ;0) I love you!

  • Sue-Ellin Trinidad

    I had the pleasure of watching Good Deeds for the first time this morning and boi oh boi was I impressed. It touched my heart. I am also going through a tough time in my life, but God! Great work Tyler.......... Hope you come to Trinidad soon. Much Love....... :) <3

  • Sheri United States

    Louisiana girl sending love ur way Mr. Perry! Love, love, love, "Good Deeds" and "Madea's Witness Protetion"...me and my 15 yr. old went together and laughed so hard, out loud belly laughing...we had a great time...Thanks for making clean movies with the most meaningful messages...i fell in love with Wesley Deeds...i love ur work...me and my family support all u do!

  • Sean Maryland

    Mr. Tyler, I have enjoyed every one of your movies but Good Deeds, was by far one of the best. This is due to my current situation. I am looking at a possible foreclosure. I am at the end of my military career and have been studying theology to become a pastor. It is hard but when I saw Good Deeds, it strengthen me. I am falling God's will but sometimes I doubt if I should continue this path and once I doubt God shows me wonderful things. Thank you for showing the world what people are going through and the joy people can find if they look. May God continue to bless you with great works.

  • Nthabiseng South Africa Johannesburg

    I watched this movie over and over again, and i have learned that you must love yourself before you love the next person. Living and trying to impress other people will put you down. I was in a relation for eight years, have a five year old daughter ..very cute ..we got engaged then stacked. i lived to please that man because i loved his so much BUT after i watched good deeds Tyler...it was a wake up call to do what i had to do..leave that relationship because it wasn't taking me anyway but rather bring me hurt and negative thinking about myself... Your movie tough me to fall my heart and please myself ...i am sure if i didn't watch it i would have been in this relationship that was destroying me emotionally..... I thank you for being such a n inspiration Tyler, i have never seen such a humble Gentleman like you...Keep on inspiring us with you movies.....Thank you Lots of Love

  • Evon Athens, Ga

    WOW! I now just have seen Good Deeds and I tell you it was so wonderful Mr. Perry! I really enjoyed myself. I loved it, loved it, I loved it!!! I am so glad that GOD had you in mind when HE created you! To GOD be th glory! Keep doing what you are doing for the people! I will always support you not because you are black but because I understand you message through the message! With always love for you Mr Perry! Waiting for the next one!!!

  • Clare detroit

    Hi Tyler: I am so excited about you coming to Detroit. This city really needs madea to come make us laugh in person. Ive been to your other plays but this is my first madea play. Thank you for making affordable tickets so everybody can come out:) My friend,her mom and myself will be there friday night. Keep up the good work cause you are so inspirational:) Clare

  • shearee Windsor Ontario Canada

    Hello Tyler I have not seen Good Deeds yet because where i live in Windsor Canada they don't play any black own production movies here. Why? you ask that's a good question. I have called and every person i call claims they don't handle that and forwards me off to someone else. Let me give u a history on Windsor Canada we hold the underground railroad the one the slaves used when they escape to freedom they took the railroad and ended up here in Canada. We have a lot of black heritage and history here along with majority of Windsor is Black.If we want to see a movie that you produce we have to go to Detroit Mi and let me tell you it's not easy crossing into Michigan with the new law changes along with home land security they turn a lot of people away or some people cant cross due to minor legal issues.So i am praying and asking the lord to bless us Tyler Perry Windsor Fans to see 1 of your plays and movies in Windsor Ontario Canada lol now i don't want to sound greedy Mr Perry and my heavenly father but it cant be just a 1 time blessing we would like to have more Black own production movies played here along with plays we have the halls and theatre's to hold it along with movie theatre's so please help us get your movies here so we can enjoy them when they come out as well. Tyler i buy all you movies but i know a lot of people boot leg them because they want to see them when they come out but cant because it does not play here in Windsor. I love everything thing that you do and even if nothing comes from the millions of messages i sent i will still always be ur #1BiggestCanadianFan

  • Leigh Dunlap Gastonia, NC

    I watched Good Deeds and it touched my heart. I have been a single mother of 5 children for 4 years and saw myself in her. I am about to graduate in May with a degree in AFA. I have been able to do this only by the grace of God and want to tell my story. It says that by our testimony we will over come and I would not have wrote this if I didn't feel like it was a waste of time. I read a little about your story and it helped me when I needed it. So if you could help me out with it will not be in vain. God Bless You in Your Life because you have been a blessing to others!

  • MinnetteP Tucson Az

    I loved the Good Deeds movie!

  • Nicolle Session Hollis, NY

    I very rarely go to the movies, let alone on opening day/night. I went and invited my mother and friend along. We thoroughly enjoyed the movie. It brought tears and laughter. Thank you for the experience.

  • Agatha Zambia

    U leave me speechless. The only other person who ever touched my heart and soul that way was Michael Jackson-MHSRIP. U are so good at what u do and am very positive that your benevolence is not cosmetic. Love all the way from Zambia. If u ever replied to my comment then i would cherish it like an autograph.

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