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Wow! These messages I'm reading about your experiences while seeing GOOD DEEDS are amazing to me.
I knew this movie was powerful and would speak to so many. Thank you. Life is so short and we have to live it to the fullest. That's the message I wanted people to take away from GOOD DEEDS. I also wanted to see that you not only enjoyed the movie but that you are taking steps to live your life to its fullest potential, which is so moving to me. I love when art inspires us to be our best. That's the only reason I do movies and plays. I want us to grow and prosper even as our souls prosper.

To all of you who went to the movies and saw GOOD DEEDS and to all of you who have encouraged many to go to the movies to see it, let me just say thank you.

If it wasn't for you, the bootleggers would have put me out of business a long time ago. I'm so grateful that you pay to see the movies. You are keeping a lot of people employed when you show up. Thanks again.

And If you haven't seen the movie, it's playing now in theaters across the country.

Only going to the theater counts.

God bless you. Speak soon,


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  • Paula United States

    Hey Tyler. Okay so I got a chance to check out Good Deeds last Thursday. It was breath taking. I went to a theater in Marrow during the middle of the day. I tell you it was good to be able enjoy the movie without a lot of interruptions. The children were in school and adults at work. Two girlfriends, a couple and myself, that's it five people in a theater it felt like I was watching it in the privacy of my own home. I agree this one of your best movie yet. At times I was on the edge of my seat. It was funny at times, sad, but most of all it was real. You are truly a blessing to me. Thank you and keep up the good work.

  • Will Columbus, Ohio

    I am a 26 year old African American male currently with a MBA, BS, CPHT and a Pharmacy Manager at Ohio State University Medical Center. Some may say that statistics alone could warrant me a success, as I've come from the desolated roots of inner-city Cleveland. One thing that many of your plays, as well as films, especially Good Deeds, have shown me is that success is in the eye of the beholder. Faith is the strongest life-force and happiness can be willed through passion and persistence. Good Deeds is by far one of the finest films of the year. It exemplifies the human condition and how it relates, or should relate, to life’s daily routine. I’ve been inspired by your career for a number of years. Ever since I say one of your plays in which Madea instructed someone to get ready to "taste the Rainbow", alluding to her being dressed as a "king sized bag of skittles". Your story is truly remarkable and inspirational for a young African American male such as me. I've seen many telecasts and read many articles on the therapeutic nature of writing. Gathering your thoughts in a different medium instead of letting them reside in your mind has taken me by surprise. I have comprised many stories, short and long, and even scripts that relate to African American communities and how we can ultimately overcome anything through prayer and creativity. Some of my close kept titles are "Gay Men Hate Brides", "Her Little Black Book", "Best Served Cold", "Last flight For Boston", "Color Me Dark" and "Comfortable Love". I hope that one day you will have the opportunity to see my visions spread across multi-media as they represent the very essence of our culture and recognize the defects that can easily be overcome by prayer, laughter, creativity and ambition. Thank you so much for crafting Good Deeds and I sincerely look forward to seeing your next film!

  • Sandra Atlanta

    I am 41 with three awesome kids , a beautiful home and well the "american dream" ,today. But it wasn't always like that--I grew up homeless in all places--yes California so watching Good Deeds this week brought up alot pain in me. Tyler I have not cried like that in ...I can't even remember. I loved the way the movie ends and there are so many parts I related to, even the way me and my husband met (no I was not a janitor) but I was so mean to him and he was so kind to me. Anyway I loved the movie and I could go on and on. Well done!

  • Miss P. USA

    Hello Mr. Perry: In response to your experience with the po po, I'm glad you are safe from the potential harm that situation could have caused you. You know you are in Gods hands...lol..Just wanted to send my greetings and well wishes to you on our continued success on and off the screen..be blessed..Have a good day..This is not the first time nor situation these incidences occur and remain unannounced/accounted for..

  • Mary Moore AL

    I really enjoyed this movie. I laughed and cried. Mr. Perry you out did yourself on this one. I can't wait to see what's next. May God continue to bless you and keep you.

  • Ms. Proverbs Owings Mills, Maryland USA

    Blessings to you Tyler, "Good Deeds" was an excellent movie I am going to see it all over again..I absolutely positively LOVED IT!!! Your message displayed in this movie was very powerful in soooooooooooooooooooooo many ways...LOL!!! For real though...Thank You Thank You Thank You!!! Stay Blessed, Ms. Proverbs

    • LAKEIA ATLANTA 1 #1677524


  • Jacquelene Willingham McKinney Mount Dora, Florida 32757

    Hi Tyler, I lived in Sanford for 20 years, just moved last September. I am only 30 minutes East of Sanford now and I'm in Sanford at least twice a week because my Mom, sister and daughter still reside there. It is very scary, the tension and unrest that hoovers when I get in the city limits. Something is going to happen, I don't know when, but It's very obvious to anyone with a thimble full of common sense. I pray daily for my family and Sanford residents. The news media is camped out across the street from the police department waiting for the "crash" (they even know, something is about to happen). I was raised during segregation and the civil rights movement. I know the sense of civil unrest and impending evil forebodings. This is not good.... I'm very pleased that God sent one of his Angels (in the person of another Black Officer, a Brother.) to intercede on your behalf. As I have said many, many times, "You Are A Blessed Man". Love You Tyler and Please Pray For Sanford... Jacque

  • Bridgett Martin Ft Lauderdale Florida

    Mr Perry, Good Deeds is a very inspiring movie. Hats off to u. Listen, can I be in your next play or movie. Give me a call...Thank u and GOD bless...

  • Marjorie Merrill 5140 S Hyde Park Blvd. Suite 17E Chgo, IL 60615

    I just read the comment of criticism on your popular comment section. I personally think that you are a genius. By casting K.K. at the time she was extremely popular if she had not made that fopah and lost her some of her leverage a whole new audience becomes a part of your market. The new movie is also a genius move. I AM sooooooo proud of you...And I Love Me Some Tyler Perry! You have mastered the industry as an independant, now go get Hollywood!

  • Jodi Collins Syracuse NY

    I have tweeted this but I feel the need to tell you again if you read this. I have loved your writing and acting for so long! I have seen all your movies and always looking forward to new ones. Good Deeds Is YOUR BEST Movie yet. You made me laugh and go through a box of tissues all at the same time! I am in aww by you and the person that you are. This movie really resinates who you really are! I was in love with your work before but by the end of this movie I was in love with you! Thank you for the moments of reflection that you gave me while watching this movie. You did it! Simply amazing....Thank you! You touched my Soul!

  • Tina Salters Mount Dora, Fl

    Mr. Perry is going to do a tribute for Whitney Houston on one of your plays anytime soon. I just read a few minutes ago that her daughter Bobbi Kristina is going to be on your show for better or worse. I thank that is very nice of you to do that for her. I loce all your plays and movies but I haven't seen Good Deeds yet but I will buy it on DVD when come out.

  • marcia palm beach

    Mr Tyler Perry, I respected you so much since I ever heard about you.I really and truly believe that God has sent you in so many people lives to make them laugh, smile and have a good time. God bless you for been their for people like me. you have been my secret admirer for a long time now . I know, I know, but I will never be attracted to you. any how I have been watching you movies and they are really great. I just can't wait to see good deed. as I said God bless you for been their for so many people. and people every where LOVE you Tyler Perry.

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