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Wow! These messages I'm reading about your experiences while seeing GOOD DEEDS are amazing to me.
I knew this movie was powerful and would speak to so many. Thank you. Life is so short and we have to live it to the fullest. That's the message I wanted people to take away from GOOD DEEDS. I also wanted to see that you not only enjoyed the movie but that you are taking steps to live your life to its fullest potential, which is so moving to me. I love when art inspires us to be our best. That's the only reason I do movies and plays. I want us to grow and prosper even as our souls prosper.

To all of you who went to the movies and saw GOOD DEEDS and to all of you who have encouraged many to go to the movies to see it, let me just say thank you.

If it wasn't for you, the bootleggers would have put me out of business a long time ago. I'm so grateful that you pay to see the movies. You are keeping a lot of people employed when you show up. Thanks again.

And If you haven't seen the movie, it's playing now in theaters across the country.

Only going to the theater counts.

God bless you. Speak soon,


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  • Renee Here

    Do you all agree that most black artist turn to white audience only after climbing up on the backs of blacks? If so then why do they! What happened on their journey that made them turn away from racism? Cuz we do agree that having a black cast only for all those years was racism do we?

  • King B. Johnson Blythewood, South Carolina

    אנחנו יוצרים/WE ARE CREATORS!

  • cheryl irving washington, dc

    Hello Mr. Perry, I love your plays and I enjoyed Good Deeds when me and my husband went to see it, but how come you are going to the verizon center in washington, dc. the sound sucks there, also the price is crazy.. I love to be up close and inperson when it comes to your plays but I cant do 178.00 for two tickests . So could you consider bringing it back home to the warner in washington DC. sure would feel right.

  • monjahnique philadephia,pa

    hey Tyler- um ima girl a tom boyish girl but im amNOT g** i play drums on a drill team im the only girl drummer on ma drill team.im the best popper in ma family i sing rapp play basketball and football im 13 and i luv mindless behavoir if u eva heard of them sooo HOLLA

  • Tammy Lewis Belleville, MI

    Hi Tyler- Check out a video on Youtube called "Love is Greater" by Tammy Lewis. Music and lyrics are by me and my 14 year old son is on durms. the song is dedicaed to Pres. Obama Re-election and the message of Love. I would like for all who read this post to check it out! God Bless. Keep the dream alive!



  • Marletta Georgia

    Hey Ty That last message spoke directly to me. I am pretty sure that that direct approach in speaking with your messages will touch other people like it has touched me. Not what you said but how you word your sentences. Speak to you soon. LOVE & LIGHT IS I! P.S I am on my spirtual path and the spirit speaks to me and I am starting to notice things that are of our father that speaks directly to my spirit, don't want to air to much but maybe one day soon we can talk about it. A pause for now, waiting on your response.

  • Beate Swiitzerland

    Open your eyes to the beauty around you, open your mind to the wonders of life, open your heart to those who love you and always be true to yourself. Thank you Tyler for reminding us through Good Deeds. Simply beautiful.

  • Michelle Toronto, Canada

    Hello Tyler Perry, I really enjoyed watching Good Deeds and I realized one thing, sometimes you need to get out of your own way to find your way. I often say that being a good girl has ruined my life. I remember growing up as a teenager at 14 or 15 when you start being curious about boys, the reaction of my parents was not that it was something natural and the natural progression of a healthy young lady, it was something that was bad or wrong. you were being fast if you are seen talking to a boy at that age. I remember once or twice getting a beating because of that. So I decided that I would be a good girl. Mind you I didn't have an example of a normal healthy relationship at home because my parents were divorced by then and while my father found a woman who obeys him completely for that last 17 years, to this day my mom is looking for love where it doesn't exist. Seems like the only requirement is the male gender. Jobless and with no ambitions, welcome. So in trying not to follow in either of their footsteps, here I am at 36, no husband no kids, lots of hope. I am trying really hard to get out of my own way, so that I can fulfill my purpose as a woman to make a home and family and share that with someone who thinks I am as fantastic as I am. Stay Blessed and Divinely Inspired

    • rosemary lagos, Nigeria #1677680

      Michelle, I sympathise with the type of parenting that mislead you about certain aspects of life but there is absolutely NOTHING WRONG WITH BEING A GOOD GIRL. Obviously, you got the short end of the s**** with the way your parents handled your curiosity. Bad girls never win no matter how attractive their lives may seem. What you need is to discover your self worth as a person and live the life God has purposed for you and you will find self fulfillment. As for your parents, learn to forgive them for they really did not know how to give you the best counsel that you needed at the time. Hope this is helpful to you.

  • Jessica Hernando MS

    OMG!!!!!! Good Deeds.......I love every movie, play and t.v show that u do, but Good Deeds......WOW!!!!!! That was-----I don't have any words to describe it but WOW!!!!!! God is continuesly blessing u everytime u turn around.At the same time, ur be a blessing to other families..God bless u.....

  • maria lawrence, massachusetts

    Good Deeds is not playing in my area yet. How can that be? You are such a positive person. I was watching a funny clip when the lights went out while you were filming. it was so funny that you were calling and the maching kept repeating things all the time you were trying to get a live person. Part of my work involves calling companies and I spend more than 1/2 hour literally before I get live assistance. It is sooo hilarious but at the same time annoying cause you need live help, not a machine. Anyway, my prayer for u is that you continue spreading positive messages; truly we all need it. Keep it up. Don't change for nothing or no-one. Its what I love about you--your honesty.

  • Kathie Lee Texas

    OMGosh!! My husband and I love your plays and movies and he bought us two tickets last night for May 12th 8 p.m. show in Grand Prairie, Tx. !!!!!! I just can't wait. We are going to be directly in front of the stage in 103 R, we wanted row A so bad to be on the front row, but it was already sold out and when we bought our tickets it sold out the whole 103 section!!!! Please pray for me. I have been sick and I'm so scared I will not be well by then, and then I will be so disappointed! Pray!

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