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Wow! These messages I'm reading about your experiences while seeing GOOD DEEDS are amazing to me.
I knew this movie was powerful and would speak to so many. Thank you. Life is so short and we have to live it to the fullest. That's the message I wanted people to take away from GOOD DEEDS. I also wanted to see that you not only enjoyed the movie but that you are taking steps to live your life to its fullest potential, which is so moving to me. I love when art inspires us to be our best. That's the only reason I do movies and plays. I want us to grow and prosper even as our souls prosper.

To all of you who went to the movies and saw GOOD DEEDS and to all of you who have encouraged many to go to the movies to see it, let me just say thank you.

If it wasn't for you, the bootleggers would have put me out of business a long time ago. I'm so grateful that you pay to see the movies. You are keeping a lot of people employed when you show up. Thanks again.

And If you haven't seen the movie, it's playing now in theaters across the country.

Only going to the theater counts.

God bless you. Speak soon,


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  • KATHY puerto rico


  • Zack Witbank South Africa

    Good Deeds only hits South Africa on March 30th. Am so looking forward to this movie. The good thing is that the movie hasnt hit the streets yet, Tyler, we goota work on international release dates to be a lot closer if not simultaneous globally. Thank you for your work and teachings. God has no limits, just wondering what he'll have you do next. Keep rising. God bless.

  • Maryjae New Orleans LA

    Hi Tyler, I thank God for you! Everything you put your hands to is impacting, thought provoking and life-changing! I always seem to find a part of me in your scripts. Good Deeds was interesting because strangely enough I saw myself as both persons; Lindsey and (you) Mr. Deeds. It was amazing! I cried my eyes out and had to get my face together before leaving the theater! Lol!!! I love you Tyler, keep doing what you doing for God, you are changing lives and reaching souls. Maryjae

  • Chiquita Maria Jacksonville, Florida

    The movie was nothing less than phenomenal! Thank you for your constant messages of encouragement. I will be going to see it again because you know you always miss something the first time. Saturday is my birthday so I'll take myself to the movies!

  • Debra Bradedngton florida 34205

    Mr. Tyleri would like to know if you had room for one more good deed! I am working with someone. Whom has been working with me with a short sale. He refuse to give me any paper work from the bank. Only work paper from his office . His investment cop. He won't. Loan me the money that he promise me on the on set. The closing is march. Marh 26' 2012 . I don"t want to losed my home I raised my childrden in and grandaughter for $ 10.350 . Please help if not please pray for me and my family! P.s. the movie was the best movie ever what a great job. A lady whom put 3 kids thru college. I have 1 granddaughter in college her mother died when she was 14 years oldv yes I taken good care of her. Don"t have anyone to help out. I don"t date both of parents or sisters 1 brother whom is in college full time he has no money. With much love .Debra Neal.

  • Daphne Rancho Cucamonga, California

    Hello Tyler Perry, Blessings to you. I'm stopping by to say, "Job well done." I saw Good Deeds and was pleased with every aspect of the movie. As a playwrighter/producer and director, I too, appreciate a refreshing and captivating story-line. The entire story was engaging and realistic. What a cast! God has gifted and blessed you to do what you do, I pray that the years ahead hold enve greater heights and deeper depths for your gifts and talents. God Speed.

  • Ana Houston,Tx

    Saw your movie and want to let you know that I support your endeavors, especially "Madea". Thank you for appreciated us movie-goers because we seldom get appreciated by those oscar winners who should be mentioning us as they receive their oscars. Last year I experienced a personal tragedy but movies kept me from sinking into a terrible place. I appreciate movies with an inspirational message but romantic comedy was my uplift during my horrible experience. Thanks for adding a romantic storyline to "Good Deeds".

  • lisa bronxny

    Just keep on making good movies and never stop.Your fans really love your work and all off your movies and your plays.Your the best so please keep your fans happy.

  • Jason Cannon Kankakee, Il

    I was just joking, on the the last post. You're movies are, very inspirational. I love the way, the characters are flawed, very realistically, in all your films. They always hit home, in a good way. I feel like I always see myself, and my friends in your films. I can't wait to see Good Deeds, defintely be going to see it, in theaters. Keep up the awesome inspirational work! God Bless, Jason

  • Jason Cannon Kankakee, Il

    So, going to the Redbox or Blockbuster Express, in a few mints to see your movie, doesn't count. That's legit, that's Too Legit To Quit hey! Hey!......Hey! Hey!

  • Lynda Fulton New York

    Thank-you for being the man of God that you are! Someone once told me love is an action verb...you certainly demonstrate the love of Jesus in all that you do!!!! (P.S. You don't have to e-mail me back.) Love in Jesus, Lynda

  • Renee Blackwell Jackson Tn.

    Hello, Good to see that you are pleased at how many of us are supporting you. And for those that are only here to criticize, well they will be alright. But what is very sad to me is..... those of us that are wishing that we may one day hear from you " Personally are just riding on a dream. Keep doing what you do and may God continue to keep you covered.

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