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Oh Hello!!

Where you been? LOL...

I've been getting all the messages on the message board about where am I. Thank you for that. I'm fine! I did leave the desert. I was only there three weeks. I came back to Atlanta and shot another movie, MADEA GOES TO JAIL. It is off the hook! Y'all ain't ready!

Oh, by the way, can I just tell you thank you for watching House of Payne? The ratings on this show are higher than a lot of shows on some major networks. I thank you for that. God's favor is something else. I told you that this show would get better and you still have not seen the best of it yet.

By the way, I want you all to watch an episode coming up. I'm not sure when it will air but it's coming up soon. It's about teenagers and sex, and YOUR KIDS NEED TO SEE IT. You are going to burn up the board when it airs. It's coming on soon. Don't worry, it's safe. It will help you to talk to them.

Can I talk about giving for a second? It was reported that I left a huge tip at a Red Lobster. A lot of people had something to say about that. It's not about me trying to show people what I can do. It's about me trying to show kindness to people--especially people that may be going through.

I remember in '96 I think it was, I was standing in a supermarket. It was a Winn Dixie in Atlanta. I was starving. I had looked through every crevice in my car (that they were trying to find to repossess) trying to find enough change to buy a pack of cookies. They were called the Big 60. That was my meal for the week. Sixty cookies for a dollar, I think it was. Anyway, I got up to the counter with all these pennies. The cashier was frustrated. The people in line were frustrated. But there was one woman in line who said, "Go ahead, I'll pay for it". I took my cookies and cried all the way to my car. Sometimes people just need a little kindness. So, when I left this tip for this woman, it wasn't about me flirting with her. It wasn't about me trying to get anything from her. It was about the kindness that someone had showed me, and how I wanted to pass it on. I was a little offended that someone would report that.

Lots of people do things so that they can get something out of it. That's not me. I'm not the kind of person that does something and then calls the news to say, "Look what I've done!"

One woman left on the message board, "What are you doing to give back. I never hear about you giving back!" Well, you don't hear about it because I don't report it, but just so you will know--I've dug wells in Africa for thousands of people. I've privately paid medical bills for people who couldn't afford it. I've paid for the funerals of children and parents where there families couldn't afford it. I've supported living centers for the elderly, bought gifts for hundreds of children and people in shelters, fed thousands of homeless people, and built 20 houses for Katrina victims. I've paid the back taxes to help elderly folks keep their homes, given away vacations and cars and houses to my employees, built and started churches. And the list goes on.... and I know that many of you have never heard of any of this stuff and that's because I give in secret and God rewards me openly. Now today trust me--the only reason that I'm sharing this with you is so that you will know. When I give I'm being led, not trying to be seen.

So please pass it on. Give a little today and watch God multiply it and give it back to you. If I didn't give then I wouldn't be in the position that I'm in now. There is a law to giving. When you give from your heart, not expecting anything in return, you open yourself up to receive many blessing from God.



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  • Amy Floyd Mesa, Az

    Tyler, I just love your work. I would love to audition for a movie or show for you. Have you ever thought about doing a movie, documentary of what it is like to have both legs amputated if so that's me. And I'm very open minded. Fun loving and funny. Please let's talk because it's so not easy between managing your sugar getting care givers to do their job and watching over the rest of your life family and health it is a full time job. Please believe me.

  • Linda Grand Rapids, MI

    My family and I enjoyed your play H*** Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned.....here in Grand Rapids, MI it was so heartfelt and very truthful. I was once that chick LOL !!!!!! I so very much wish that you could have been there in person an Madea also.....but I understand that your very busy gentleman and working hard. I LOVE YOU ALL......GOD BLESS cant wait to see whats next..........

  • Thank you

    I see your halo. I love you.

  • My Atl

    Dang we are more alike then I could even Imagine..I don't know what God is doing but I am sure going to listen:)

  • Chris Richmond, CA

    I love that you understand the happiness that giving brings. It's not about looking important or puffing yourself up with pride. It makes you feel good inside and helps to heal the pain that we have experienced in life. If other people don't get that, it is their loss. A personal experience I had last week is a good example. I had one of the worst days I've had in a while. I was extremely frustrated at dealing with bureaucratic issues at work. I was ready to scream. Then comes the call from the mechanic saying that I needed a new transmission and brakes and rotors. (I live paycheck-to-paycheck.) I needed to stop at the store on my way to picking up my son from school and was given the opportunity to brighten my day. The older gentleman in front of me in line (had to be in his late 80's) was short a little money to pay his bill. (remarkably $1) I was so glad to pay the balance! When he thanked me I told him that was the highlight of my day and thanked him for allowing me to help him. As it turns out, it was the highlight of my week. I thank God for the ray of sunshine! Thank you Mr. Perry for reminding people of the important things in life.

  • Stella Nairobi, Kenya

    Oh I keep saying one more message then I go and continue later but each message is interesting to read… and inspirational too. Yes, I like what you are saying that true giving is not about being seen.

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