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As I sit here in Atlanta, it's raining an abundant rain. It makes me think of my mother. She loved the rain and I do too. It is befitting that this announcement would be made on a day like today. Yes it's true, Oprah and I have joined forces. We've formed a partnership for OWN and I'm super excited about it. I'll fill you in more as we get closer to the airing of my shows. I have a lot of questions for you about this, so stay close, OK? I need your help.

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  • leader:gem99801 907

    planning on publishing an auto biograhy book and make a movie,give to third world countries: immunizations,civil rights leader,help single moms and children.plan to adopt my people who are being sent to out of the state of Alaska. Native of Alaska.Applied to work to assist Dis aabled people

    • Tiff Jennings La, #1763895

      Oh tha Alex Cross movie If ican't go see it at tha movies I'll buy tha DVD ok sugar?

  • Shayla Kent, WA 98031

    Hello Mr. Perry! I just wanted to say that I loved the movie, you did an awesome job as Alex Cross. Keep spreading your wings and sharing on the screen. Remember not everyone is going to like what you do, and at those moments stop and remember from where you have come. Never forget what you had to go through and endure to stand in this place in time. When you are being talked about-know you are being thought about. Jesus endured and we shall to until he brings us home. For where much is given much is required. Many, many blessings to you. -Shayla Smart

  • Tiffany Tulsa,Oklahoma

    Mr.Perry, i saw Alex Cross last night, i must say you did an amazing job. It was good seeing you playing a different character as an actor, don't get me wrong i still love Madea- seeing how diverse you are becoming as an actor is an amazing thing. Congrats on your partnership with Oprah-both of you coming together i know God will work wonders. Thanks for letting God use to bring laughter, and great lessons through your movies, plays, and TV shows. May God continue to richly bless you and your entire team. I look forward to meeting you soon!!

  • Sandra Detroit

    So glad to hear that you and Oprah have formed a partnership, Gods blessings to you both

  • Lila Indpls, IN

    I am so happy for the both of you...I know you guys will work well together. My engine just went out on my car....I need a second income...do you have a postion were I can work from home...

  • ketha New York

    Congratulations, I know you and her would work together again soon enough. Like always very proud of you. Keep up the good work.



  • Rosa Jax, Fl

    I love all of your pic, I admired you, Congrat!!!!!

  • Debbie Fruits Cleveland, Ohio

    Hi Tyler, I just finish watching Alex Cross! As usual you were awesome! I love to see you when your not playing Madea! Don't get me wrong Madea makes me laugh, and I love her wisdon, but Tyler, Tyler, Tyler. I saw you, and Oprah together at The Potter's House, when she was interviewing T.D. Jakes. I wondered why the two of you never joined voices. I was so elated when you announced that the two of you would be joining forces. God has big plans for the both you! I'm looking forward to the great things to come! God Bless! Much Love, Debbie

  • Tramell New York

    I wanna say God bless you and will continue to and I pray that when this reaches you you'll understand that there's alot that I must speak to you about and only God will clear the communication to make it so! Continue to do what you do and I know I'll continue to pray for you. God Bless!

  • " V" {-2-sir-wit-love-} south carolina

    Hey Mr. Perry! Congrats!! is sent your way with - partnering up- with Ms. Winfrey (OPRAH) I will be waiting -2- hear more about it ............ I LOVE IT when it rains also.... as long as its not LIGHTENING........ i saw you on the cover of the essence magazine? YES! Tyler you R rocking those jeans..... Mr. P. :0) {that's from one friend -2- the-other- go- T!} as always..... hugs, & SMOOCHES!!!!! Big-Guy....... & peace, love, PRAYERS, & blessings also dude...... " V"

  • Sandra Grindstaff

    Saw you on CNN last night and it is the first time I backed up to CNN and watched it in a long time. I am glad to see you becoming more and more successful. The scenes from Alex Cross were magnificent, but then I knew they would be. I just hate to hear you will be going to OWN with Oprah. Funny, enjoyable movies and programs such as you produce are all I look at anymore. I have cancer and with treatments I have to hibernate quite a bit to keep from being in public when my white counts are bottoming out. The viewers like me who can't afford the digital and higher channels will be the losers. I can get channel TBS and up to occasional channels to 99. I am glad to see you prosper and grow, but I am not looking at news, deep crime mysterys, etc. now because as my son told me, "Mom you have got to laugh more, try to be upbeat, look at comedy, sit coms and stay positive. Don't get me wrong because Oprah is a fine lady but haven't been able to see her programs since she left the channel she was previously on. Just know me and others like me will surely miss you when you are on the upper channels we can't pick up. God bless and pray for me.

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