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As I sit here in Atlanta, it's raining an abundant rain. It makes me think of my mother. She loved the rain and I do too. It is befitting that this announcement would be made on a day like today. Yes it's true, Oprah and I have joined forces. We've formed a partnership for OWN and I'm super excited about it. I'll fill you in more as we get closer to the airing of my shows. I have a lot of questions for you about this, so stay close, OK? I need your help.

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  • Mary Baltimore, Md.

    Hi Tyler So glad to hear of the joint venture. The sky is the limit to what the two of you can and will accomplish. There is aways strength in numbers so hopefully your brothers and sisters will give you 100% support. Receiving your letters is like getting mail from my brother. I love it.

  • Della GA

    I love the WHOLE idea of that connection with nothing but positivity to follow I am sure. I am a part of that list as well. I will be eagerly awaiting the reveal. Feel free to let me know how I can be of service. :-)

  • Chris Stephens Athens Area, GA

    I know this is a long shot but I have to ask. My name is Chris. On Halloween night 1992 I had a massive stroke. I was 17 years old. Doctors told my parents that I wouldn't last the night. As you can see the doctors were wrong. I was in a coma for three weeks after my stroke and I couldn't talk for three months. Life has been hard every day but I keep waking up smiling. I love my life and am thanking God for each day I'm alive. On October 2 2004 I married a true Angel. Her name is Rita. She is a true blessing. Two and a half years ago we bought a used conversion van with a lift. It is a 2002 Chrysler Town & Country minivan. I love the minivan but it has nearly 120,000 miles on it. My dream is to purchase a NEW minivan so my wife won't worry about it tearing up all the time. If you find it in your heart is there anything you can do to help my dream a reality?? Thank you for reading this and God bless your family. Sincerely Yours, Chris

  • April Pradier Washington DC

    As I sit and read your messages, I am discontented by my passions of "paying it forward". I am so humbled to be living during th his time in history. I wish to offer my creativity for free to educate and empower people in health, wellness and personal growth. I have several show ideas that I would appreciate the opportunity to present. They all contribute to inspiring people to give back and to recognize thier greater good. If you are curious in hearing more, please feel free to contact me. Peace.

  • Lisa J.-M. Griffith, IN

    I think if someone did a modeling showcasr for African American men aspiring to get in the business would be awesome. Casting calls for Modeling should take place in Tyler and Oprah's hometown especially. I know a lot of young men that are interested in pursuing a career in acting or modeling but their are a lack of opportunities for males; especially African American males.

    • Lisa J.-M. Griffith, IN #1750276


  • Dee Dallas, TX

    Listening to Bill Clinton, Michelle, Barack, Biden, Patrick Deval and others at the Democratic National Convention made me proud to be a Democrat. You teaming up with Oprah.... Y'all making black sexy again.

  • CHERYL SINCLAIR Jamaica Queens

    You & Oprah on the same will be a force to be reckoned with. I can just imagine the uplifting shows your about to add to OWN. Skies the limit for you. Waiting patiently for Alex Cross.

  • Amani Florida

    Hey Mr. Perry I'm so happy for you and I pray that if you want it you will get a network of your own! Blessings! I'm sorry I havnt been on here the last 2 days we were moving. :-) You can do anything with God's help! Have a wonderful day! Let God continue to bless you as he already has! Ohhhh! Wait! Yesterday my mom was coming to pick me up from school 10 mins after the time she normally does so I text her and said where are you it's 3:54! Then she says sorry running a little lait give me grace. I text back saying ok see you soon. So when she pulled up in front of the school a little girl Grace and her mother (who we had known for a while) come walking out of the building at almost the same time! When you heard this (or read it) you would think it was a coincidence but with all the things that have been going on like this month no way could it be coincidental it had to mean something! Anyway luv u much thanks again for reading! A fan!

  • Temi LA-NG

    Congratulations! !!..About time

  • Marva Wilson-Harrison Strood, Kent, England

    Hi Tyler I am soooo happy for you both. This was a union waiting to happen. When you and Oprah did the abused men show, knew this was an idea in motion. We need other strong black men who have been through this situation to stand up and say ' we can be, and we are - conquerors!'. Hope your show is along those lines as it will not only help black men but all nationalities to talk about their experience and to help others. Let us bring back the pride in everyman, young and old. God bless you both

  • Charlene Gatewood Atlanta, GA

    I would say this strategic partnership is one to watch. I see greatness! I look forward to hearing more in the future. Wishing you both much success in your endeavors! Charlene

  • Kahlil White Leesburg,Florida

    Do a Madea sitcom!on OWN coming up please

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