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As I sit here in Atlanta, it's raining an abundant rain. It makes me think of my mother. She loved the rain and I do too. It is befitting that this announcement would be made on a day like today. Yes it's true, Oprah and I have joined forces. We've formed a partnership for OWN and I'm super excited about it. I'll fill you in more as we get closer to the airing of my shows. I have a lot of questions for you about this, so stay close, OK? I need your help.

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  • LaTonya McCarroll Greenville, SC

    Tyler, I'm so happy to hear about the fact that you and Oprah are joining forces, and I know it will be a success. Would you please tell Oprah I said congratulations? P.S. I love rain too. LaTonya

  • Aretha F. Pensacola, FL

    I'm just a click away. U have been a blessing in my life. So, I'm right here. Lord, I hope I know what 1 of your shows will be. Once again genius. Man u amaze me in all ur awesomenessness.

  • Teresa

    Congratulations to you and Oprah. Wishes nothing but the very best to you all. Can't wait to see what you have in store for us. we need more people like you Tyler.

  • MsM BigD

    Wow! What a powerful combination! Congrats to you both! So excited for you two! Hope to work with you two one day real soon! God bless! Call me now! I'm already in your database because of the contest you said we would be! Thanks Mr. P!

  • Irene california


  • TeresaRodiquez atlanta,ga

    Tyler I would like to say to you CONGRADULATION on your. Morning forces with Oprah. She is a wonderful and very sucessful Lady as you are a very sucessful Man and what a Match of two african black american doing a wonderful thing.... My hat go to both of you .

  • Vera Jernigan Norfolk, VA

    D ear Mr. Perry: Congratulations!!! But it doesn't surprise me that you and Oprah would get together on something like this. Anyway, would love to watch whatever you have on OWN but can't because the cable company I subscribe to (Cox Cable, Norfolk, VA) has discontinued the OWN channel for viewers that don't have digital cable. I am very disappointed because I enjoyed watching this channel, and digital cable isn't an option I can choose at this time. Unless I can watch full episodes (not clips) on OWN's website, I'm out back. Do you have any suggestions? Congratulations again and God bless you.


    I know that you giv a lot of credit to Oprah for your success, so its only fitting that you would join forces with her. You are two very powerful African Americans and I think that this partnership will be good for both of you. I know that you are led by a higher power and your Mother is watching over you so you will be okay. Best wishes to you and Oprah.

  • Lulu Atlanta

    I have a bad feeling about this. She's going to convert you to her new age religion nonsense with those so called "gurus" of hers Tony Robbins, Deepak Chopra etc. I don't like it. Her network wasn't doing so well, half the time it's showing discovery health network stuff or repeats. I don't want her to drag you downhill with her.

  • Angela T Dallas

    I hope this will help to bring House of Payne back. I really miss that show. I was ready to see the what happens next for everyone.

  • Andrea Clinton New Jersey

    Well, I can't say everything that I want to say, but I can say, It's about time! Lol. I had been thinking about something like this happening. It's a good move. Tyler has uplifted the people in the south, so much, everything I see & hear seems to hve a LARGE southern support system. So, it's good Oprah tapped into that. I'm excited to see where this goes. As a journalist/editor in chief, I look forward to hearing their success story

  • kevin FL

    The best news of the day! Progress! Progress! Porgres!

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